Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Britain's big-cats are once again out in force, as The Anomalist tells us today:

New Panther Sightings in North Norfolk North Norfolk News. Big cat sightings are becoming almost as commonplace as sightings of Chinese lanterns in the United Kingdom. Reports of large out-of-place felines stretch throughout the British countryside, and the latest report comes from a housewife in Hevingham, Norfolk, who spotted a "black panther" just 25 feet from her house. Elsewhere in the UK, 87-year-old John Bradley thinks he has come across the Beast of the Bay, a large black cat, for the second time, as explained in Man Sees Fabled Beast - Not for the First Time, and the A38 highway was the site when a motorist reported a 'Large Black Cat' Sighting in Stone.

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cryptidsrus said...

It's time for the somebody to go on the telly and make an appeal to the authorities to take this seriously, Nick...Hopefully.