Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is Weird...

Here's a weird little story brought to my attention today by good friend, Kithra. It basically deals with a strange-looking beast (there is a drawing that accompanies the article in the link below) seen recently in the English county of Cornwall. What is it? I have no idea; although a few ideas and theories are suggested within the article. Here's the link. Thoughts, anyone?!

And here's what the CFZ's Jon Downes has to say on the matter:

"This story is very peculiar, not only because I have absolutely no idea what this creature could be, but because the aforesaid footpath is right in the middle of Owlman country.

"There have been no Owlman sightings reported to us since 2002, but as we know from our own experience over many years it is a particularly strange bit of woodland.

"Richard Freeman, our Zoological Director suggests that it looks like a springhaire or springhaas, a south African rodent that looks superficially like a small kangaroo. They are kept in several British zoos, and as they are not in the slightest bit endangered, and not covered by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act it would not surprise us at all if they were kept locally by a private collector.

"We know someone in the Falmouth area has a taste for exotic rodents because, a few years ago, we had a report of a jerboa turning up at Falmouth Art College.

"Richard Freeman is contacting The Falmouth Packet as we speak, and will be getting in touch with the original witness. Ain't Fortean Zoology grand!"


Kithra said...

Many thanks for the mention, Nick.

I'm putting the story up on my blog today as I was just too busy yesterday to get around to doing it.

I checked out The Packet again this morning, as I do every day, but there's no more news about what the creature might be. However, I'll keep looking and give people a "heads-up" if I find anything.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks for the update, Liz!

cryptidsrus said...

Mutant Squirrel??? Maybe a Faeire???

Doesn't surpise me it was in Owlman country. Probably on top of ley lines.

Pastor Swope had a report of a creature similar to that some months ago. It happened in a haunted house that happened to also contain a critter similar to that. That one ended up being eaten by the family dog, but not before terrorising a family for some weeks. Overall, weird.

cryptidsrus said...

Mutant squirrel, Nick!!! :) :) :)

Whatever it is, it's probably a supernaturally-related entity. I wouldn't be surpised if it is somehow "faerie."

Pastor Swope had a post a couple of months ago about a somewhat similar creature terrorising a family in their home---until it was eaten by the family dog. Plus, they had to deal with ghosts on top of everything else!!! Ultimately, I have no idea what it is.