Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blogging The Black Dog

In a very intriguing and notable post, good mate and fellow cryptid-hunter Neil Arnold digs into the subject of one of Britain's most ancient of all creepy-critters: the Black Dog.

As Neil says in part:

"Miriam Carroll recalled in ’63 how, whilst driving to Alton, she saw a terrifying black dog clasp a lamb through a barbed-wire fence. The monstrous hound tore at the victim, ripping its head off through the fence, leaving the witness shaken, as she drove to the nearby farm to report the incident. A year later a policeman, whilst chatting to two Irish tourists at 1:15 pm, saw a massive black dog heading their way. Without warning the beast leapt at them, pinning all three of them up against a bus shelter. One of the Irishmen could only react by swiping at the hideous form with his bag, which passed through the creature. The monster dog then vanished, leaving all three men stunned with disbelief."

And if that extract has got you interested in reading Neil's article in full, here's the link!

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