Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Radical Decision

I have come to what some might consider a radical decision! As you may know, I have so many blogs right now that it's sometimes hard to keep track of what's going on and where. So, I am bringing all my current blogs to a halt. I'm not deleting them. But, I am folding them as of today. In their place, I have set up a new blog titled Nick Redfern's Fortean World. Yeah, I know: it's hardly the most original or imaginative title, but it is accurate and to the point! So, from now on, while all my existing blogs will remain archived, here's the address for the new blog, Nick Redfern's Fortean World. As you'll see, the design and style has not been completed yet, and there's no content yet either. But, bear with me, and over the next few days you'll see it start to develop its life and character!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beast of Boggy Creek: Reviewed

Over at Cryptomundo, you can find a new review from me of Lyle Blackburn's excellent book, The Beast of Boggy Creek. This is truly a great read that I definitely recommend to one and all!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weird Places and Monsters

In September, New Page Books will publish my book, The World's Weirdest Places, which will include a significant body of cryptozoological data and which is described as follows in the blurb accompanying the book:

"Just in time for that most mysterious and macabre of all nights--Halloween, of course--Nick Redfern unleashes The World's Weirdest Places, his latest darkly entertaining supernatural title.

"In its mysterious pages, you will find Redfern's personal top 25 paranormal-themed locales, and the strange, amazing, and diabolical things that lurk within them.

"From the legendary Loch Ness, Scotland, to the slopes of Mount Shasta, California; from the dark depths of the Solomon Islands to the heart of the Kremlin; and from the magical landscape of Sedona, Arizona, to the turbulent waters of the Devil's Sea of Japan, The World's Weirdest Places reveals the sheer astonishing scale of strangeness that dominates our planet.

"Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, vampires, UFOs, lake monsters, strange energies, enigmatic vortexes, werewolves, and terrifying demons are just some of the bizarre things that populate these parts of our planet, which provoke as much fascination and intrigue as they do fear and horror."

The Blue Dogs of Texas

Over at Cryptomundo, I have a new post on Jon Downes' quest to unravel the truth about the "Blue Dogs" of Texas. And more good news: Jon is working on a full-length book on this very subject! I'll keep you posted when more info becomes available on the publication date of Jon's book.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Denton Goatman

Just a few days ago, I was interviewed on a radio show here in Texas on the subject of the legendary Goatman of the Lone Star State. When the host asked me for my thoughts on the affair, I replied: “Which one?”

This momentarily flummoxed him, since he wanted to speak about what is undeniably the most famous Goatman of Texas: that of Lake Worth, which burst onto the scene in the summer of 1969.

But, being Texas’ most well-known Goatman, doesn’t mean it’s the only one, I told the host. It actually isn’t.

Read on...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shadows in the Sky - Buy, Buy, Buy!

Creature-seeker and author Neil Arnold has an excellent new book out right now that you really need to get hold of, since it contains a significant body of Cryptozoological data - as well as mountains of material on other Fortean puzzles.

Its title is Shadows in the Sky: The Haunted Airways of Britain, and here's the official press-release on the book:


(Published by The History Press)

Press Release

For centuries mankind has reported unusual phenomena in the skies of Britain. From reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), strange winged creatures, and aerial ghosts. Now, for the first time ever, monster-hunter and author Neil Arnold has collated a vast amount of bizarre tales pertaining to those not only dark and stormy skies, but clear blue heavens which for many years have spat out all manner of anomalies.

With so many books being written about UFOs, Neil has decided to concentrate on the more unusual reports of unexplained aerial lights, such as aircraft encounters with peculiar objects, phantom flares, ghost lights, will-o-the-wisp’s and fairy lights.

The book also features a chapter on spectral aircraft – mainly war-planes which continue to be seen on foggy moors long after they’ve been shot down. There is also coverage of ghostly airmen, phantasmal helicopters and ghost rockets, and not forgetting haunted airports and airfield’s.

However, if you thought these chapters were weird (or not weird enough!) then wait until you read about the winged monsters said to have plagued British skies for many centuries. Fantastic tales of dragons, said to have appeared all over the UK, from the cattle-plucking beasts of Welsh lore to London’s flying serpents. Winged, red-eyed humanoids also sneak into the pages, coverage given to classic aerial anomalies such as the Owlman of Cornwall, the Hythe monster, and the lesser known Hertfordshire ‘Mothman’ and the like. Griffins, giant birds, leather-winged batmen, flying jellyfish and sky-bound horses and dogs, occupy a surreal Ark also inhabited by spectral birds and feathery omens of death….and don’t forget a few tales of harmonious angels

When you’ve escaped the ethereal menagerie, you’ll be scratching your head at tales of all manner of bizarre items and objects that have fallen from the sky. Whilst pennies, fish and frogs may be known to many Fortean’s, obscure cases in relation to falls of snails, slime, metal, wheat, clothes, blood and even excrement may be more unknown! And let’s not forget a chapter on those pesky phantom airships, aerial roads and buildings, flying boats, and yep, you’ve guessed it, even a flying pig!

This is a book for monster hunters, UFO spotters, ghost investigators, and the insane.

With a foreword by author Nick Redfern, SHADOWS IN THE SKY: THE HAUNTED AIRWAYS OF BRITAIN is one book that’ll have you reaching for your umbrella. Those who dare pull their eyes away from the skies, can purchase the book from Amazon, and all good bookshops.

Neil Arnold is the author of several books, such as MONSTER! THE A-Z OF ZOOFORM PHENOMENA, MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: LONDON, and MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: KENT. He is a full-time lecturer on mystery animals.

ISBN – 9780752465630.

For enquiries contact The History Press on 01453 883300.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Cross Timbers Creature Conference

If you're in the area, I'll be speaking about "British Bigfoot" reports at the Cross Timbers Creature Conference in Oklahoma on April 14. Maybe I'll see you there! If you do want to attend, you can find more information right here.

The Creature of Bala Lake

My latest Lair of the Beasts post - on the creature of Lake Bala, Wales...

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Weird World...

Nessie, Mothman, the Chupacabra and more...

Catching Up

Well, after lecturing outside of Houston and then spending a week in San Antonio with good friend Ken Gerhard (who I co-authored Monsters of Texas with), it's finally time to catch up with a bit of blogging!

Here's a few new posts from me of a Crypto nature:

1. The latest news on Lyle Blackburn's excellent new book, The Beast of Boggy Creek;

2. A strange tale of the legendary Thunderbird...;

3. A ghostly black dog of the Lone Star State...

4. And, finally...An island of Vampires...

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Disappearing Bigfoot

Over at his Gralien Report site, Micah Hanks has an excellent new post on the one angle - more than any other - that many Cryptozoologists don't want to have to deal with when it comes to Bigfoot - the "high-strangeness" cases, such as those where the giant hairy thing seemingly vanishes in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, Micah does deal with them, and offers an intriguing theory to explain such events...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Beast of Boggy Creek - Published!

Now, you know you HAVE to buy this book! Yep, Lyle Blackburn's The Beast of Boggy Creek is now among us, and an excellent, atmospheric read it is, too!

I'll be reviewing it shortly, but, in the meantime, here's what the publisher - Anomalist Books - has to say about Lyle's book:

For more than a century, reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. Described as a large, hairy man-like creature, it’s said to haunt the vast Sulphur River Bottoms as it travels the secluded waterway known as Boggy Creek.

Over the years, the creature has been seen by numerous witnesses including respected citizens, experienced hunters, famous musicians, and even a police officer. The encounters were often so shocking, they served as inspiration for the classic horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek, by Charles B. Pierce.

Tales of the creature have long existed in scattered pieces across news clippings, memoirs, police reports, and movies, but it is only now that the complete history of the Fouke Monster has been assembled in one place. This book collects all the facts, theories, and amazing sighting reports, and weaves them into a fascinating tale about this undeniable southern mystery, one that lives on, as frightening encounters with the Beast of Boggy Creek are still being reported today!

About the Author:

Growing up in Texas, LYLE BLACKBURN became fascinated with the legends, lore, and sighting reports of alleged real-life monsters. He is a frequent contributor and cryptozoology advisor to Rue Morgue magazine, one of the leading horror media publications in print today. He is also the founder and frontman for the rock band Ghoultown. Over the last decade, Ghoultown has released six albums, toured extensively in both the U.S. and Europe, and has appeared on several horror movie soundtracks. Lyle currently lives near Dallas, Texas, where he enjoys a day off now and then.

(Note from Nick: The accompanying photo of Lyle was taken by me last September at the Oklahoma-based Cryptid Fest.)

The Morar Monster

An excellent new post on the monster of Loch Morar, Scotland...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ghost Finder London

As many of you will know, Richard Holland used to be editor of Britain's Paranormal Magazine before it very unfortunately closed down last year. And it was also a publication that covered Cryptozoology to a very significant degree.

Well, Richard is now back with a new venture, and here he is to tell you all about it!

Over to Richard...

There’s an app(arition) for that!

Ghost Finder London iPhone app plots hundreds of haunted sites on detailed maps of the capital, with information researched and written by journalist and ghost expert Richard Holland.

Ghost Finder London is the new application for iPhone that allows users to locate and read about more than 300 haunted locations throughout Central and Greater London. Each site has been meticulously plotted on Google maps, tied in with the individual phone’s GPS. The database has been researched and written by Richard Holland, former editor of Paranormal Magazine, author of five books about ghosts and editor of, a website devoted to ghosts and folklore in Britain.

The database has been arranged alphabetically by district but can also be searched for key words and location name. The user can also access the information on each site one at a time by pressing the location-finding ‘pins’ on the map. By pressing the compass symbol, they can find the nearest spooky site to their own position. The detailed maps can then be used to hone in on the precise co-ordinates or expanded to show the number of haunted locations in the chosen area.

This is the most comprehensive gazetteer of haunted sites in London available digitally or in print. You’d have to buy a good many books to gather the same information. Ghost Finder London is available for download at just £1.99, less than the price of a pint in a haunted pub.

Many of London’s major attractions are haunted but so too are hundreds of less well-known locations, including pubs, parks, theatres, churches, roads and railway stations, to say nothing of the many obscure houses in quiet back streets. All have been precisely mapped on Ghost Finder London, making it a frighteningly good resource for Londoners and tourists alike.

Operation is intuitive and easily navigated. The application has been developed by iflowstudios. Ghost Finder London is also enhanced by the fun graphics provided by one of the UK’s most sought-after illustrators, Jonathan Edwards (

The app is available at:

For more information please contact:
Richard Holland

The BBC & "Bownessie"

"Bownessie" catches the eyes and ears of the BBC (with footage and interviews)...

A Couple Of New Posts...

There's a couple of new posts from me that may be of interest. The first is on the Green Children of Woolpit, and the second is on the possibility that Britain's Man-Monkey of the Shropshire Union Canal maybe a Tulpa.

Yep, two totally different topics, but in their own ways, both being relevant to the weirder sides of Cryptozoology!