Friday, January 30, 2009

From Today's Anomalist...

More good stuff at The Anomalist today:

Something Wicked This Way Flaps: Anomalous Bats and Cryptozoology TGR. Micah Hanks, following up on Stan Gordon's report of a giant batlike creature observed by Pennsylvania motorists last year, examines the featuring of bats in the legends of people around the world. He then relates an adventure reported by the great Fortean investigator Ivan T. Sanderson in which Sanderson and his sidekick were accosted by a giant batlike creature in Africa. Elsewhere, Dr. Karl Shuker's new blog offers Western Daily Press January 2009 - Review: Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals on Stamps. Meanwhile, at CFI Gordon Rutter notes a strange sculpture, with photo, in Of Vampire Rabbits and observes the scientific claim Basis of Disbelief Discovered.

Crypto in Paranormal

The new issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine is - I'm very pleased to say - absolutely packed with cryptozoological features! First, there is an article from well-known author Janet Bord titled Monstrous Man-Birds, and which covers such beasties as Mothman and Batsquatch. Then, there's Jon Downes dissecting the Owlman of England. Paranormal editor Richard Holland looks at the issue of ghostly-birds and birds of ill-omen. Karl Shuker poses the intriguing question: "Are UFOs living creatures - weird, luminous things drifting in the upper atmosphere?" And then there's a feature from me titled Man Into Monster - which is a study of legends of supernatural shape-shifting from man into an assortment of animals, including big-cats and hyenas. And, finally, there's a one-page rant from me explaining why I loathe those skeptical types who never actually get out into the field - but who prefer instead to pontificate from the comfort of their office or home on why they are so sure that Bigfoot, etc, do not exist. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CFZ Archives

As this new post shows, the CFZ-UK Office has begun an ambitious project to make all its old archived material available to one and all.

Today's Anomalist

Once again, The Anomalist cites some good new crypto material:

Surgeon's Photos, Again Cryptomundo. The "secretive" nature of two Loch Ness Monster photos comes under scrutiny by Loren Coleman following some aspersions being bruited about the Internet. What did gynecologist Kenneth Wilson's tryst with his mistress at Loch Ness have to do with these two photos? Elsewhere, a report from a California newspaper, supposedly originating with United Press International, takes you back 74 years for Sasquatch, 1935.

Schreber's Cat of Many Colours ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker examines the histories of some very colorful cats, comparing the serval with the servaline, the golden cat with the silver cat,Temminck's golden cat with Fontanier's cat and the jaguarundi with the eyra. The serval and servaline are the same cat, and in each of the other pairings, the two species turned out to be one and the same, differing only in color or markings. Elsewhere, the February 2009 edition of Fortean Times reviews two books from Dr. Shuker's archives, Dr. Shuker's Casebook and Extraordinary Animals Revisited, in Cryptozoological Inexplicable.

A Sea-Serpent Sighting?

Here's a fascinating new account over at Fortean Times magazine from a man whose father may very well have see a sea-serpent. Check it out!

Crocodile Cults: Part-3

CFZ zoologist Richard Freeman continues his exploration of crocodile cults.

Richard Holland: Man-Monkeys

Over at the British CFZ blog, there's an excellent new post from Richard Holland (pictured), the editor of Paranormal Magazine. Richard is a good bloke, and he does a fine job of editing the magazine. And if you don't subscribe to it, well you should! (Here's the details)

And with that said, here's an extract from Richard's post, and below it is the link to the complete post:

"Of the many hobbies I inflict on my ever-dwindling bank balance is my enthusiasm for bound volumes of wonderful Victorian/Edwardian magazines like The Strand, Pearson’s and Pall Mall, stuffed full as they are of Golden Age illustration, crime and spook stories and contemporary commentary.

"One of my favourites is Wide World, which first started publishing in the 1890s. Wide World was packed with adventure stories from the exploration (and exploitation) days of the British Empire, as sterling chaps with enormous moustaches forged their way through jungle, desert and mountainous wastes encountering indigenous peoples and, yes, monsters on their way.

"I’ve republished several edited highlights from my Wide World collection in the ‘Unearthed’ section of Paranormal Magazine, many of a cryptozoological nature (or supernature). Two of these were devoted to what the editorial chaps of the early 1900s liked to refer to as ‘Man-Monkeys’. ‘The Hunt for the Man-Monkey’ retold an expedition to Borneo, which included the celebrated Rajah Brooke, to capture a Mai-as, described as an ‘extraordinary animal emphatically distinct from any other variety of the ape family [and] gifted with a really high degree of intelligence’."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giant Winged-Things

The legendary cryptozoologist Ivan Mackerle has posted an excellent guest-article at the CFZ's British blog - on the subject of the equally legendary Elephant-Bird. Great stuff!

Animal House!

Exotic animals - home-style!

British Beasts On The Rise?

Here's a very interesting new article on the possible reintroduction of a whole batch of beasts that have long been absent (officially, at least!) from the British countryside, including the Lynx.

Animal Anomalies

Today's crypto-posts at the always-reliable Anomalist:

Mystery Creatures, UFO Sightings Baffle Pennsylvanians During 2008 SGUFOAZ.
Pennsylvania UFO and paranormal researcher Stan Gordon releases a compendium of weird sightings that took place across Pennsylvania last year.

Wivenhoe: Policeman Bumps Into 'Beast of Essex' Braintree and Witham Times. The large panther-like cat dubbed the "Beast of Essex" has been spotted by a policeman next to the Wivenhoe police station in England. Meanwhile, following a story last week that a robbery suspect had turned himself into a goat, a follow-up report says Kwara Police Refute Report on Robber-turned Sheep. There must have been an error in translation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tonight on the Radio...

Tonight you'll be able to hear me on the radio discussing my crypto research on both Night Watch Radio and After Twlight Radio. Nope, I'm not secretly some weird cryptid creature that has the ability to be in two locations at once! The reality is far more down to earth, unfortunately! Both of the shows are pre-records, but will probably surface on-air around the same time, which is slightly weird LOL!

CFZ Blogging

Check out the blog of the main CFZ-UK Office: there is a mountain of new articles, posts, and commentaries on all-things of a crypto nature!

Animal Oddities

And 2 more animal-based stories from today's Anomalist:

Fans Alarmed as World-Famous Petra Disappears Spiegel. A search is underway around Germany in an attempt to locate the famous black swan dubbed "Petra" that became notorious for her infatuation with a swan-shaped pedal boat. With photos. Meanwhile, at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman notes a gruesome fate for another less famous bird than Petra, in Did Mystery Cat Decapitate Olivia?.

Weird! Weird! Weird!

A truly odd story profiled at The Anomalist today. In fact, it's almost Lovecraftian!!

Benjamin Fulford's 'Creature' (?) An email to the Jeff Rense Program Friday, January 23, 2009, claims the removal of what appears to be a salamander-like organism from a man's spine. The "host" of this organism, Benjamin Fulford, claims surgeons removed the life form, and that they were shocked by what they found. Brad Steiger, noted author of many books examining high strangeness, was on the program when the claim and photograph of the "creature" arrived. Here is what Steiger's research into the matter revealed from an anonymous source. With photo.

Mothman Updates

Andy Colvin - author of the Mothman's Photographer series of books - updates us on his work in the field of all things mothy:


I hope you are having a happy 2009.

I just returned from a field trip to the mound fields of southern Ohio, principally Cincinnati, and also to the TNT area of WV. I was traveling in Ohio with Dave Scott of Passing Lane Paranormal Investigations, who is well-versed in local Native history:

Dave and I investigated a number of haunted sites, including Buell Rd. (which has a ghost bicyclist who visage can potentially kill you within seven days of seeing it), Lick Rd. (where ghostly messages from a murdered woman appear on driver's windshields), Oxford's ghost light site (where the lights from the bike of motorcyclist killed at the scene appear), Pond's Run (where the "Hook Man" haunts drivers passing crossing a bridge where people were murdered), Hangman's Hollow (where the ghost of a murdered man haunts the woods), and the town of Amelia's formerly dangerous deadman's curve (where a ghost car and a hooded, faceless shadowman are seen). By coincidence, relatives of Dave recently saw what appeared to be Mothman, not long after Hurricane Ike.

You can hear Dave and I on episode 37 of Beyond the Grassy Knoll's Mothman series by clicking here and scrolling down to Jan. 22nd:

All in all, it was a productive trip. The videotape has been processed, too, so we now have another segment added to The Mothman's Photographer reality series, which now stands at 36 hrs. long (33 regular episodes, plus 3 hrs. of bonus material). Anyone wanting to add the 6th DVD to their collection can do so by emailing. The 6th disc will only be available as a standalone until the new packaging comes out, which will see the collection broken into two parts (2 sets of 3 DVDs). The two sets will correspond to The Mothman's Photographer II and III books, respectively.

Speaking of books, I am just finishing up the first editing pass on the fourth book in The Mothman's Photographer series, tentatively called The Mothman Code: The Politics of the Supernatural. This book features further visits and interviews with particular Ohio, WV, and West Coast witnesses. It will contain selections of artwork and writings by witnesses, along with the usual examination (in Grassy Knoll episodes 24-37, and on other radio programs) of links between parapolitics, spirituality, symbolism, and synchronicity.

On the media front, I just received a copy of RAI's Voyager special about Mothman and other American mysteries, which apparently showed all over Europe. The show featured Jim Marrs and Linda Moulton Howe as the main experts. The show was taped on top of a skyscraper in New York, and must have cost a lot of money to produce. It has lots of historical photos, dramatic reenactments, commentary, and glitzy effects.

The key mysteries investigated were: 1) What happened on 9/11 (which featured comparisons with an earlier NYC bombing plot by the Nazis in 1942), 2) Mothman, 3) Marconi and the fight over his radio patents (not sure what the mystery is since I don't speak Italian), and 4) the suspicious death of Marilyn Monroe. Although I am personally aware of a few odd connections between all these events, I'm not sure how much of a connection is made between them on the show. If anyone knows an Italian interpreter, please pass their name on.

Voyager is a very snazzy production. The trailer shows the host of show traveling the world. He is in a helicopter, then in a temple, trudging through snow, in the desert... He goes from climbing the pyramids to investigating Dracula's castle (right after reporting from the White House, no less). Very dramatic, visually... I appear for a minute or two in the Mothman section.

They chose to use the part of my (1hr.) interview that focused on the fact that Mothman seemed to be relaying prophecies about 9/11 as far back as 1967. They also did some reenactments, examined the photo below (which appears to show a birdman flying around the falling towers), and spoke with Jeff Wamsley (of the Mothman Museum) as well as famous witness Linda


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Check Out The Blogsquatcher

The Blogsquatcher has a number of interesting new posts at his site:

1. Hunters swapping Bigfoot stories;

2. Bigfoot theories & beliefs;

3. Why did Bigfoot cross the road?

Over at The Anomalist...

As today's Anomalist tell us:

The Sinister Shadhahvar - Persia's Siren of the Sands ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker offers an excerpt from Unicorns: A Natural History, his work-in-progress that follows his acclaimed Dragons: A Natural History. The lovely image of the unicorn of myth and legend takes a different form in the Shadhavar, a mythical beast with none of the gentle nature so often attributed to the unicorn. Did this Persian legend arise from the sighting of an actual animal?

CFZ-UK: Still Blogging Massively!

Check out today's new posts at the CFZ-UK Blog:

1. Richard Freeman on Crocodile Cults;

2. Cat Attack!

3. A profile on Dr. Karl Shuker's new book;

4. Information on the new CFZ Yearbook 2009;

5. A profile on Jon Downes' Island of Paradise book (which tells the strange and surreal story of the expedition Jon and I went on in 2004 to seek out the Chupacabras of Puerto Rico).

6. And, finally, Oll Lewis on Reds on the Sea-Beds.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kent Monsters Coming Soon

England''s Bexley Times newspaper highlights Neil Arnold's forthcoming book: Mystery Animals of Kent. Personally speaking, Neil's book is going to be one of 2009's major cryptozoological highlights for me.

CFZ UK Posts

The CFZ-UK Blog Blitz continues at a rollercoaster pace with the following new stories. I'm not sure what's fueling the gang right now, but they're definitely working on blog-overload - and long may it continue!

1. Catfish Questions.

2. Cellar Surprises.

3. Mystery Parrots.

Mystery Cats, Wolves & More

The Anomalist yet again has some cool new crypto stories to relate:

Big Cats on Prowl? Peebleshire News. Scotland's Tweed Valley continues to be one of the United Kingdom's hot spots for large cat sightings. Add to the mix a report of "two black wolf-like creatures" and the reports become somewhat stranger. What's prowling the forests of Tweed Valley? There's also wonderment concerning big cat appearances in another British forest area, as detailed in Residential Sightings of Cannock Chase Panther. Meanwhile, in the US, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports a rare encounter, as a Bobcat Attacks Florida Man and is Killed with a Hammer.

A Texan Goat-Man

In one of those weird little synchronicities that seem to dominate certain aspects of cryptozoology, earlier this week I wrote an article on the Texan Goat-Man for my weekly Lair of the Beasts column over at that has just been published today (click here to read the article), and then, in the same time frame, the Nigerian story (directly below this one) pops up. It's a weird world!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

CFZ Blogs

The CFZ-UK Office continues to increase its daily output of blog-posts on all-things-cryptozoological. And here are today's posts!

1. The monsters of the north of England. I warn you: if you're not a Brit, you may wonder what the hell all this is about! But you will be entertained if you can get your head around some of the unique local terminology!

2. Oll Lewis on giant-squids.


Regan Lee delves into the strange phenomenon known as the pull of Mothman.

Raven & Tulpas

Check out Raven's new post on Cryptozoology & Tulpas - interesting material!

Crypto Squad USA

As many of you know, I run the US Office of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology. And, with that in mind, I have just set up a new blog to highlight the work of the regional US representatives of the CFZ.

As I have only set the blog up this morning, there is still quite a bit of material to add.

But here's the link that shows the completed work so far:

And here's my blurb about the site, below. If you're interested in being a CFZ-USA rep, let me know!


Well, that's a very good question!

No, Crypto Squad USA is not a bunch of super-heroes - but they are pretty close!

Established in 1992 by Jonathan Downes, the Center for Fortean Zoology is the world's largest group dedicated to the study of unknown animals.

When I moved to the US to live in 2001, Jon asked me to take on the task of opening, running, and coordinating a US office of the CFZ - which I was pleased to do!

But, as CFZ-USA began to grow, it quickly became apparent that regional representatives were needed to cope with the huge amount of field-work and investigations that were required.

So, that's precisely what Crypto Squad USA is: namely, a dedicated band of people seeking out all-things strange and monstrous on behalf of the CFZ-USA Office, and making the data available to one and all.

And you'll get to learn all about those same people and their work right here.


Also: if you're interested in becoming a regional investigator for the US Office of the CFZ, let me know! We're always looking to get new people involved.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cryptid Chronicles 3

Issue 3 of David Acord's The Cryptid Chronicles is now available. If you haven't yet subscribed to this excellent new publication, WHY NOT???!!!! Here's the link to all the info.

Derek Grebner: CFZ Illinois

Last night, I had a lengthy chat with Derek Grebner, who is the newly-appointed CFZ rep for the state of Illinois. Derek has a deep passion for cryptozoology, and has a lot of good plans, ideas, and articles looming on the horizon. For those who may want to check out Derek's new CFZ-Illinois blog (titled Cryptozoology Online: The CFZ Illinois Project), here's the link.

And on the issue of CFZ reps in the US, I'll have news over the next couple of days of other newly-appointed regional reps. Keep watching this space!

CFZ Blogs

Well the CFZ-UK's blog-blitz continues at a steady pace, with several new stories today. And here they are:

Story 1;

Story 2;

Story 3.

Blogging Shuker Style

Good news: Dr. Karl Shuker - arguably Britain's leading cryptozoologist - has just entered the world of blogging. Here's his first post: Wolves of the Weird.

News of the Anomalist Kind

Today at The Anomalist:

Hobbit: Definitely New Species Cryptomundo. New confirmation has come forth from Stony Brook University that we humans have remarkably, in our recent past, shared the Earth with another hominid species. Loren Coleman puts the breaking news in a broader cryptozoological and hominological context. With images. There's more in the reports: "Hobbit" Skull Study: Species Not Human and Researchers Say "Hobbit" People Were Not Human.

Shadow Talk Paranormal Radio: Tonight

Tonight, I'll be on Shadow Talk Paranormal Radio discussing all-things of a crypto nature. Here's the details, and hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Animal Oddities in Argentina

From today's Anomalist:

Argentina: Strange Creature Lurks in Moreno's National Park Inexplicata. UFO and paranormal investigators never seem to get a chance to rest in South America, particularly those working on the phenomena in Argentina. Take the case of those investigating the strange happenings that continue at the Reserva Natural Los Robles, a park administered by the municipality of Moreno. The park and the Roggero Dam, a hydroelectric faciltiy, are connected. According to three investigators, the area has experienced enough incidents to "suggest an otherworldly presence." One of the features of the spate of events is the presence of an unknown creature preying on small livestock around the area and within the park. The investigation is ongoing.

CFZ Working Overtime

Once again, the official blog of the CFZ-UK Office is quite literally shovelling a wealth of new crypto stories into cyberspace - which is, of course, great news!

Here's story one - on Jungle Cats;

Number Two is an excellent article from the eerily Rubeus Hagrid-like Jonathan Downes himself, who was asked to write an article on the recent "Beast of the Beach Fiasco" (as I like to call it) for England's Western Daily Press newspaper. You even get to see a photo of CFZ stalwart Graham Inglis fiddling with the skull of the beast!

Story three is a whale of a tale.

And finally, Richard Freeman, the Goth-Lord himself, delves deep into the world of mystery wolves both here and here.

The Wild Man of the Hall

The latest issue of TAPS Paramagazine includes a feature from me on the weird story of the hairy wild-man of the ancient Shugborough Hall, which can be found deep in the heart of Staffordshire, England. With stories of Bigfoot-like creatures on the loose, animal mutilations, and dark rites and rituals undertaken in local woods, it's truly one of the oddest "British Bigfoot"-style stories I've ever encountered. (That's me hanging out at Shugborough on a wintry day about 2 years ago.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

And A Few More I Missed...

Here's a few more new stories I missed:

1. Loren Coleman on a mystery big cat of the Himalayas known, somewhat intriguingly, as "the cat who comes and goes with the mist."

2. The Blogsquatcher on (a) new Bigfoot blogs; (b) the Mount Vernon Monster; and (c) the famous Uniontown case of 1973.

3. The London crocodile.

4. A fascinating Mothman-related article.

Yeah, I know I've posted a lot of links today - but you won't be disappointed!

Big Cats in the News Again

Here's a couple of stories I forgot to add to my bigger post of earlier today: so many monsters to try and account for!

Story one is on yet another sighting of big-cats in the woods of England's Cannock Chase;

And story two is by Neil Arnold on mystery cats of Philly.

Monday's Crypto

Well, for a change, I thought I'd do one big-post of what has been afoot in the crypto world over the weekend and today, rather than a bunch of small posts. So, here goes:

1. It's late-notice, but I'll be on X-Zone Radio tonight. We'll be talking about a wide-range of subjects, but crypto will be included.

2. The main CFZ office seems to be running on steroids right now, as the number of blog-posts they have been writing over the last week or so has been reaching ridiculous levels! New posts include: Richard Freeman on Thunderbirds; the sad passing of a character that I briefly got to know a couple of years ago and with who Jon Downes worked closely; another one from Richard Freeman: on Killer-Crocs; Oll Lewis's take on the Kraken; mystery cats; and the newest addition to the CFZ: Derek Grebner, who is doing great thing on both a research level, and to highlight the work of the CFZ in Illinois.

3. From today's Anomalist: Akkorokamui Cryptomundo. "Mystery Man" pens a guest blog: The striking red marine cryptid is said to be an enormous octopus-like or squid-like creature, reaching sizes of up to 110 meters in length. With multiple images. Meanwhile, from Australia, there's the report, Big Cat Mystery Latest in State's Creature Sightings. And, at Tetrapod Zoology, Darren Naish discusses many little known animals from a mystery steeped portion of India, including The Pogeyan, a New Mystery Cat. With multiple images and a link to view the BBC documentary Mountains of the Monsoon.

4. This from yesterday's Anomalist: New Nahuelito Mystery Photo Cryptomundo. The legendary South American lake monster dubbed "Nahuelito" has surfaced once again, after a reader submitted a photograph reportedly taken on Argentina's Mascardi Lake. The creature draws its name from where legend says it lives, Nahuel Huapi Lake in Argentina. Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Monsters of the Deep by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe outlines the history of this South American legend. With photos. In other cryptozoology news, the third season of a popular television show is set to get underway soon, as explained in MQ3, and there will soon be a new item for collectors and small fry on the shelves of the nation's toy stores, as shown in Cryptozoological Gift Toy Set.

5. And from Friday's Anomalist: Big Cat Terrorizes Tweeddale Peebleshire News. Attacks on sheep in the Tweed Valley of Scotland have led some to believe the perpetrators were dogs. But the discovery of a sheep carcass Monday with large prints in the snow only a couple of miles away have turned attention to the possible presence of a large cat in the area. Meanwhile, the subject of big cats in the United Kingdom countryside will fill the agenda at the upcoming Big Cats in Britain: 3rd Annual Conference. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman has good words for a new appointee in Friend of Cryptozoology Named PMA Director. With images.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'll be offline from now until Monday, but will be back then with much more of a monstrous nature!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Neil Arnold digs into the very bizarre tale of the London Mermaid.

CFZ Posts

There are several interesting new blog-posts over at the main CFZ blog in England, and here's the links. Enjoy!
(There's no actual crypto-data in the above-post. Rather, it's a profile on the local pub in the village where CFZ-HQ is located, and where a host of weirdness has been experienced. And no, I'm not referring to Jon!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weird Weekend 2009

Here's the very latest from Jon Downes on this year's Weird Weekend gig:

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the year again - the time of the year when work starts in earnest on preparing the grooviest weekend in the Cryptozoological calendar: the CFZ Weird Weekend.

As Oll Lewis wrote recently:"Once a year in Woolsery something magical happens. A quiet village turns into a meeting place for monster hunters for the weekend when the CFZ hosts the weird weekend. The monster hunters are joined by experts from other fields in Forteana for a weekend of talks, where they present their latest findings. Unlike other conferences though the weird weekend is not all talk; it also includes lectures, events and cake eating competitions aimed at (mainly) at children to entertain the younger generation at the same time as their parents."

The Weird Weekend is, indeed, a magical three days. For one weekend in the year the little North Devon village of Woolsery becomes the weirdest place in England, if not the whole planet. The Villagers enter wholeheartedly into the fun, and many of them get involved in organising what has become the largest Cryptozoological Conference in the English-speaking world.

Now in its tenth year, the convention attracts speakers and visitors from all over the world and showcases the findings of investigators into strange phenomena. Cryptozoologists, parapsychologists, ufologists, and folklorists are descending on Woolfardisworthy Community Centre to share their findings and insights.

Unlike other events, the Weird Weekend will also include workshops giving tips to budding paranormal investigators, and even a programme of special events for children. The Weird Weekend is the only fortean conference in the world that is truly a family event, although those veterans of previous events should be reassured that it is still as anarchically silly as ever!

This year I think that we have surpassed ourselves with our choice of guests. There are still two more major guests whom we are waiting to confirm, but so far, the following speakers are confirmed:

ANDY ROBERTS: The big grey man of Ben McDhui
NEIL ARNOLD: Zooform Phenomena - monsters amongst us
MAX BLAKE: Unknown animals in pet shops
PAUL ROSE: My life with the cryptozoologists
ALAN MURDIE: Forteana from Colombia
NICK REDFERN: Planet of the Apemen - Stalin's hybrid army
TIM MATTHEWS: Crop Circle Confusion
PAUL VELLA: The Minnesota Iceman
Dr KARL SHUKER: Book launch
RICHARD FREEMAN: Expedition report
OLL LEWIS: Welsh dragons and the gwiber
MICHAEL WOODLEY: A proposed system of taxonomy for cryptozoology

It is - we think - a pleasantly eccentric mixture of academia and entertainment, of old guard and young turks. The oldest speaker is in his sixties, and the youngest isn't out of his teens.

Nick Redfern is flying in all the way from Dallas, and Oll Lewis is walking less than a quarter of a mile to get there. There will be theatre, music, films, art exhibitions, and comedy as well as the lectures. There are stalls, workshops, a children's play area, a sumptious menu and cheap drinks. It is a place to see old friends and meet new ones.

And, as long as you book in advance, it is only £20 per head for the whole weekend. Kids under 16 are free, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

I would seriously suggest that you buy your tickets well in advance from The Weird Weekend Website as well as booking your accomodation equally well in advance.

Last year there were no B&B rooms available for love or money within a five mile radius of the village by the time that the beginning of August came around.....

So, this year it is the 14th-16th August...see you there.

Mothman Latest

A few new words from Andy Colvin about his Mothman research:

Word has it that RAI's Mothman special, for which I was interviewed, was very well received in Europe. I don't have a link to the episode yet, but will send when available. The show, Voyager, is known for its glitzy live audience presentation, taped interviews with witnesses, and passionate gesticulation by the Italian host:,,239,00.html

Here is a recent interview I did with Nightsearch Radio out of Tennessee. My phone connection wasn't working too well early on, but it was quickly fixed. I was able to have a nice interchange with Dennis Day, Prof. of Psychology at Penn. State, about those aspects of "Mothman" having to do with human consciousness. Day seemed to agree that Mothman is a benevolent being linked to emotional events in our lives:

From The Anomalist

From today's Anomalist:

Genetic Sameness and Tasmanian Tiger Extinction ScienceNews. Carnivorous marsupials known as thylacines and popularly referred to as Tasmanian Tigers appear to have been on their genetic "last legs" at the time they became extinct. An international team of researchers, studying mitochondrial DNA from museum specimens, has released the report of the genetic threat the thylacines faced at the time the animals are believed to have become extinct in 1936. Meanwhile, there's more about the recent story of a mystery creature in Australia reported in Man Gets Plaster Cast of Giant Cat Prints Found Near Gympie. With photo.

Coleman Comments on Cryptids

Loren Coleman comments on an ambitious new search for the Yeti; and here's another interesting one from Loren concerning a weird looking winged-thing.

Monday, January 12, 2009


In the wake of his post suggesting a possible crypto connection to a recent UFO event in England, good friend Micah Hanks delves further into the world of mysterious, airborne beasts...

Cryptid Chronicles 2

As you may recall, I recently gave some publicity to a good, new venture titled Cryptid Chronicles - a weekly PDF-format document on all the latest news in the world of cryptozoology. Here's my original link. Well, the second edition has just been published, and an excellent edition it is, too! So, if you haven't subscribed yet, I certainly recommend you do!


As my latest Lair of the Beasts column over at demonstrates, strange and monstrous beasts may be lurking in the winding canals of the English city of Birmingham...

Monstrous Anomalies

Once again, it's to The Anomalist we must turn for all the latest news in the field of cryptozoology:

New Cryptozoology Journal Cryptomundo. Lausanne, Switzerland's Musee Cantonal de Zoologie, the museum that displays the archives and collections of famed cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, has released a new journal dedicated to cryptozoology. Here Loren Coleman, who sits on the editorial board of the new publication, reviews the journal Kraken. Meanwhile, one of our favorite birds, while not being a "cryptid," certainly seems to be having a "cryptic" experience as Pelicans Fall Out of Sky From Mexico to Ore.

Luminous Feline Creature Seen in Northern Venezuela Inexplicata. The witness described the feline like being, "which stood at approximately two or 3 meters tall, was brilliant white and transparent like a hologram. It ran swiftly over the water's surface..."

Strange Rats Invade Ondo Morgue, Feast on Corpses The Punch. Akure, capital of Ondo State, Nigeria, is the center point of a macabre report. The governor and commissioner of health have tried to allay fears among the populace after a body in the morgue of the State Specialist Hospital was discovered to be missing parts. Did rats nibble Nigerian Deaconess Grace Ebun Gbiri? A better question might be, what makes this sort of activity by one of the world's most reviled vermin "strange"?

Big Cat Tale Giving Us Paws for Thought The Gympie Times. Evidence of a large animal, thought by some to be a panther-sized cat, has supposedly been found near Glenwood in Australia's Queensland. A cast of large tracks ave not yet been identified and could actually be from a large canine. Are panther-sized felines occupying the territory's national park forests?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tonight on the Radio

This just in from Eric Altman:

It was almost a year ago when the "CryptoKeeper" Chester Moore Jr. joined us on BTE Radio. He was coming to us live from the deep dark woods of Louisiana and due to technical difficulties and circumstances beyond our control, we were only able to talk with Chester for a portion of the program.

After almost a year in the making, Chester is coming back to BTE Radio to join us once again. Tune in tonight 9:00 pm est. as your hosts Sean "The Forkchop" Forker and Eric Altman go one on one with the CryptoKeeper, Chester Moore Jr. Chester Moore Jr. is an award-winning wildlife writer and photographer. He is Executive Editor of Texas Fish and Game magazine, Outdoors Editor of the Port Arthur News and Orange Leader newspapers and currently writes for more than two dozen publications around the world.

Chester is also a very well respected cryptozoological researcher and one of the most widely recognized wildlife journalists, lecturers, and adventurers in North America. He is a lifelong outdoorsman that has logged adventures everywhere from Canada to South America. Chester has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and has written more than 300 freelance magazine articles on outdoors subjects.

He is the host of "Chester Moore Outdoors" on Newstalk AM 560 KLVI. Chester is also host and founder of the annual Southern Crypto Conference.Chester Moore is the founder of Team Cryptokeeper and has author of three books on the subject of cryptozoology.

Visit his Wildlife blog site at

Join us for yet another exciting show tonight 9 pm est. as the Cryptokeeper is back once again, as we prepart to take you on another trip......Beyond The Edge.

"Lock your doors, open your minds and Join us if you dare!"

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From Today's Anomalist...

Where The Wild Things Are Boston Phoenix. A well-done article that asks: "Can it be a coincidence that the field of cryptozoology — literally, the study of "hidden animals" — has evolved from a discipline cloaked in shadows and pooh-poohed by science into a full-fledged pop-cultural explosion?" Loren Coleman, who is interviewed and profiled, corrects one minor detail in the story in a Cryptomundo post. And don't miss the Museum Mystery Tour.

The Natural History Of Unicorns Telegraph. A review of a new book by Chris Lavers, who, in a scholarly history of unicorns, traces our fascination with the idea of a one-horned horse back 2,000 years. "The last expeditions launched in search of the unicorn went to Africa at the end of the 19th century, inspired by Stanley’s mention of a donkey called an 'atti.' And while the final adventure didn’t find its quarry, it did reveal the okapi." A review of the same book in the Spectator calls it a "whimsical, scholarly and continually absorbing book."

If you don't regularly check-out The Anomalist, then I definitely recommend you do so; they are a great source for all the latest news on everything weird! Here's their link.

A Beast No More...

Some of you might have seen the story that surfaced a couple of days ago to the effect that the remains of a big-cat - or some other weird beast - had been found washed-up on one of England's beaches.

Well, the reality was somewhat more down-to-earth, as the CFZ found out when a team was quickly dispatched to the area.

And here's CFZ Director Jonny himself to tell you more, via a load of new stories that he has just posted to his own blog.

Here's the links:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Crypto-UFO?

Over at The Gralien Report, Micah Hanks has a very intriguing article that places a new UFO incident in England possibly in the realm of cryptozoology. And very interesting Micah's ideas are, too!

As Micah says: "...this new description of the UFO seen over Lincolnshire, England, has been described as something very similar to a 'real' Sky-Squid; or perhaps more appropriately in this case, an 'Unidentified Flying Octopus'. Could this object have been something bizarre along the lines of Trevor James Constable’s 'critters', which he long ago supposed might inhabit our atmosphere? Would the late Ivan Sanderson, with his notions of 'atmospheric lifeforms' that could inhabit the skies, approve of the same?"

Here's the link for the full story.

Radio Reminder

As a reminder, I'll be on Uncanny Radio tonight at 8PM Central Time with hosts Linda Godfrey & Steve Sullivan, talking about the mysteries of Loch Ness. Here's the details. Listen in or call in, if you get the chance!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More on Mothman 3

As you'll recall, over the last few days, I have been promoting Andy Colvin's third-volume in his Mothman's Photographer series of books. Well, Andy has today put out his own release on the book. which I have pasted below my text. This is definitely one I recommend - as well as volumes I and II, of course!

And here's Andy:

Dear Skywalkers:

My latest, The Mothman's Photograper III: Meetings With Remarkable West Coast Witnesses Touched by the Anomalous Activities of Interdimensional Entities, Archetypal Avatars, and the Eerie Yet Enlightening Phenomenon Known Infamously as "Mothman," is now available on Amazon:

Here's the blurbage from the back of the book:

Spurred in 2001 by the realization that the 9/11 attacks were accurately predicted - in 1967 - by a friend who was seeing Mothman, Seattle artist Andrew Colvin began filming a reality series, "The Mothman's Photographer," documenting his experiences growing up in Mound, WV. "The Mothman's Photographer III" is a book of oral history based on the 2nd half of that series, where Colvin travels afield in search of Mothman-related avatars like Thunderbird, Bigfoot, and Garuda. As the synchronicities pile up, Colvin shocks listeners to one of America's top conspiracy shows, The Grassy Knoll, by explaining that Mothman is not a demon but an avenging angel - an archetypal protector deity sending dreams, visions, and prophecies to psychically enhanced experiencers. In his interviews and encounters with these experiencers, Colvin uniquely blends historical research, parapolitical theory, and spiritual wisdom to reveal valuable techniques for increasing one’s happiness, creativity, and self-knowledge.

“One of the most compelling takes on the Mothman story…” –Greg Bishop, UFO Mystic
“Interesting and complex...” –James Moseley, editor, Saucer Smear
“Riveting, unusual, and thought-provoking...” – Nick Redfern,
“Intelligent… Sensitive… Uniquely genuine…” –Eugenia Macer-Story, The Magick Mirror
“The premiere voice on Mothman…” –Phil Reynolds, Invisible College Press
“Inspired...” –Allen Greenfield, author, "Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts"
“Awesome work…” –Joan D’Arc, editor, Paranoia Magazine
“Alluring and mysterious… Dizzying… Immense…” –Vyz, The Grassy Knoll
“Carries John Keel’s torch into the 21st Century…” –Bill Darmon

Thanks to all the West Coasters who gave their time to make this book happen. Thanks to Nick Redfern for writing an awesome introduction. Here is a recent clip of Nick giving a talk about the Men in Black:

In addition to interviews with experiencers in the West, the book also includes transcripts of shows 11 through 24 that I did on Grassy Knoll, as well as interesting interviews with Charles Manson, David Lynch, and the late Walter Bowart, author of the famous book Operation Mind Control, which informed the world that our military had perfected the art of creating assassins. In this recent interview, Bowart alludes to the possibility that the UFO "abduction" phenomenon may have come from the military as well, which is something we have been discussing in The Mothman's Photographer series for some time.

Stay warm,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Loch Ness News

Loch Ness: a wonder of nature? Maybe!

The Cats of Kent

Neil Arnold's research into sightings of big-cats in his native county of Kent, England is profiled in this new article. Nice one, Neil!

The Cryptid Chronicles

I had an email yesterday from David Acord, a veteran Washington D.C. reporter and editor, who has just launched an exciting and excellent new venture: a weekly newsletter on cryptozoology titled The Cryptid Chronicles.

As you'll see from the press release below, you can log on to David's website and download the first issue for free, thereby giving you a great taster of what is to come.

David sent me the first issue, and I can say for certain that you won't be disappointed. It contains a wide and varied range of articles, including ones on (a) whistling snakes; (b) an intriguing mystery animal from Dakota that dates back to 1971; (c) anomalous reptiles of North America; and (d) an Idaho lake-monster. And there are also reviews of a couple of new crypto books in there, too.

All in all, a great start to what I hope will be a long lasting venture! And here's David to tell you more:

Only Weekly Newsletter Focusing on Cryptozoology

ARLINGTON, VA, Jan. 5 -- Bigfoot. Sea serpents. Lake monsters. Black panthers and mysterious big cats. Chupacabra. Strange reptiles.

Chances are you won't find in-depth articles on these and other crypto-creatures in your local newspaper or in academic journals. Blogs do a great job of keeping enthusiasts up-to-date on the latest sightings, but what's been missing from the crypto field is a regular weekly publication that brings readers more analytical, in-depth articles on cryptid-related phenomena -- a newsletter that goes beyond hyperlinks and daily headlines to bring readers information they simply can't find anywhere else.

Enter The Cryptid Chronicles, the new weekly newsletter written by David Acord, a veteran Washington D.C. reporter and editor who brings more than a dozen years of experience to his true passion -- cryptozoology.

Each week subscribers receive 12 pages' worth of investigative reporting and analysis on the hottest crypto topics from ancient times to the present delivered straight to their e-mail inboxes in PDF format.

“The best thing about The Cryptid Chronicles is that it also brings you stories on cryptozoological phenomena that you've never heard of, broadening your knowledge of the field,” Acord said.

“We delve deep into the archives to discover long-lost stories of strange critters roaming America and the world. Anyone who’s interested can log on to our Web site and download a free sample issue. You’ll find stories about the whistling snakes of the eastern United States, the ‘whatsit’ from North Dakota and anomalous lizard sightings going all the way back to 1900.

“The free issue is a great example of what The Cryptid Chronicles is all about,” Acord added.

“There’s so much more to learn about cryptozoology. Our newsletter is the missing link for anyone interested in strange creatures.”

The Cryptid Chronicles is a weekly electronic newsletter. Each issue is sent to your e-mail address in PDF format, so you can print it out (if you want) or read it straight from your computer screen. And the best part is the price -- you get an entire year (52 weekly 12-page issues) for the low price of just $29.95. That works out to just 57 cents an issue -- less than the price of a candy bar or pack of gum. We guarantee it's the best cryptozoological value you'll find in today's economy!

To download a free sample issue or subscribe, log on to

Contact Editor David Acord with any questions at:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mothman 3

The third volume in Andy Colvin's massively-paged Mothman's Photographer series of books is now among us!

This is one for which I wrote the foreword, and a real mind-bending and wild experience the book is, too.

For Mothman devotees everywhere!

Here's the Amazon link; and here's what the publisher says about the book:

Spurred in 2001 by the realization that the 9/11 attacks were accurately predicted - in 1967 - by a friend who was seeing Mothman, Seattle artist Andrew Colvin began filming a reality series, "The Mothman's Photographer," documenting his experiences growing up in Mound, WV.

"The Mothman's Photographer III" is a book of oral history based on the 2nd half of that series, where Colvin travels afield in search of Mothman-related avatars like Thunderbird, Bigfoot, and Garuda.

As the synchronicities pile up, Colvin shocks listeners to one of America's top conspiracy shows, The Grassy Knoll, by explaining that Mothman is not a demon but an avenging angel - an archetypal protector deity sending dreams, visions, and prophecies to psychically enhanced experiencers.

In his interviews and encounters with these experiencers, Colvin uniquely blends historical research, parapolitical theory, and spiritual wisdom to reveal valuable techniques for increasing one’s happiness, creativity, and self-knowledge.

And the write-up is spot-on about the synchronicities: here's one that happened to me the other day while focusing on the book.

Thursday: Uncanny Radio

I'll be on Uncanny Radio this coming Thursday night at 8PM Central Time with hosts Linda Godfrey and Steve Sullivan. We'll be discussing my recent chapter - on the many and weirdly varied mysteries of Loch Ness - in Volume II of Greg Taylor's Darklore series of books.

Here's the link to the Uncanny Radio show.

And here's a link to my chapter in Darklore.

Hope to see you Thursday!

Spooks R Us Radio: Tonight

I'll be on Spooks R Us radio tonight, discussing my crypto work - and which will likely cover the usual suspects of Bigfoot, lake-monsters, the Chupacabras, werewolves, and much more.

Here's the link to the live show.

And here's the link to where the podcast will be archived.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monsters Abound

Today's Anomalist has a great selection of crypto material, and here it is:

2008 Summary Report: Unusual "White Animals" CPTR. A Special Investigation Unit (SIU) project at the site code-named "Marley Woods" took a definitely cryptozoological path in the last quarter of 2008. Beginning last September and continuing through December 22, large white dog- or bear-like animals began to appear to the various property owners whose holdings make up the Marley Woods. Analysis of hair samples has not yet been able to match the hairs collected at Marley Woods with any animal species. Meanwhile, the phenomena that initially led the SIU to investigate the area continues, as shown in Marley Woods Update January 3, 2009. With many sighting investigations and photos in both reports. What is causing the mysterious phenomena at Marley Woods?

Shock Number of Big Cat Sightings WalesOnline. Big cats in the United Kingdom continue to garner press attention, even as we creep into the New Year. Scores of ABCs (Alien Big Cats or Anomalous Big Cats) reports are jamming law enforcement files across the UK countryside. Meanwhile, the proliferation of out-of-place large felines has led to the anouncement of the Cryptid Cat Conference: March 2009. Elsewhere, Darren Naish at Tetrapod Zoology presents some interesting photos while trying to solve The Mystery of Pete the Purple Squirrel.

Local Bigfoot Investigation WHIZ-TV. At the Crossroads Branch Library in Cambridge, OH, a meeting last night brought to light the continuing Bigfoot experience in that state. The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation takes tales of the creature seriously, and meets regularly to discuss the evidence. With photos. Meanwhile, in Canada where Sasquatch/Bigfoot reports are not uncommon, at least one columnist is saying Better that Bigfoot Doesn't Exist.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mothman Synchronicity?

Well, I was surfing Amazon earlier, looking to see if the third volume in Andy Colvin's series of "Mothman Photographer" books had been posted. And, sure enough, it has. Andy had asked me to write the foreword to his brand new volume, which I was pleased to do (here's the link for those who may want to purchase the book).

Anyway, after seeing that the book was now available, I went into our garden to clean out the filters in our pool, and what did I find? A large moth struggling to stay afloat in the filter-system. I did, of course, give the moth its freedom, placed it an area where the sun was guaranteed to quickly dry out its wings, and finally watched it take to the skies.

Coincidence, synchronicity, or some type of bizarre symbolism? I have no answer. I can only tell it as it happened. But there's no doubt that Mothman seems to attract more than its fair share of synchronicities...

Today's Monstrous Anomalies

From today's Anomalist:

Lair of the Beasts - A Menagerie of Monsters Mania. Nick Redfern reviews Linda S. Godfrey's newest book, Strange Wisconsin: More Badger State Weirdness. Godfrey covers many different cases of high strangeness in her newest effort at defining the weirdness of Wisconsin, including such "Freaky Fauna" as the "Mangy Werewolf" of Black River Falls, the "Pig-Men" of Brussels and the Beast of Bray Road. Meanwhile, there's more cryptozoological lore in the latest video issue of the Centre for Fortean Zoology's On the Track: Episode 16 (January 2009), and at the popular Cryptomundo website, Loren Coleman has gotten a significant number of responses to a recent survey, allowing him to post Who You Are: Cryptomundo's Reader Profile.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hollywood Monsters

Loren Coleman gives us a good taster of what we can expect to see on-screen this year (and maybe next) of all-things of a monstrous nature.

Beyond the Edge: Tonight

Just in is the following from Eric Altman about tonight's episode of Beyond the Edge radio. Here's Eric to tell you all about it:

Join Eric and Sean for our first show of 2009 tonight at 9:00 pm est.

We welcome Oregon Bigfoot investigator/researcher Todd Neiss. Our good friend and colleague, Todd hails from Oregon and is affectionately known by his friends as "Toddzilla!" Todd has been investigating the phenomenon ever since his fateful sighting in the Pacific Northwest in 1993.

Bigfoot witness-turned-researcher, Todd M. Neiss has been an active investigator for more than 15 years. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he grew up hearing of these legendary creatures, alternately known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but gave it little credibility beyond that of Native American lore or a good old-fashioned campfire tale designed to frighten young campers. All of that changed for Todd in the spring of 1993.

As a Sergeant in the Army's 1249th Combat Engineer Battalion, he came face to face with, not one but, three of the elusive beasts in the temperate rain forest of Oregon's Coast Range while conducting high-explosives training. His sighting was independently corroborated by three fellow soldiers who also witnessed the creatures.

Since that fateful day, Neiss has conducted numerous investigations including several long-term expeditions in the Coastal, Cascade and Blue Mountain Ranges of Oregon & Washington, as well as Northern California.

Todd believes that, in the tradition of Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey, the best way to obtain credible evidence of the existence of these fascinating creatures is to infiltrate a small research team into the heart of prime Bigfoot habitat for an extended period of time.

Ideally for 45 to 60-day rotations. In doing so, he hopes to acclimatize the creatures to their presence and eventually overcome their inherent apprehension of humans. It is his opinion that these creatures possess a relatively high IQ in comparison to recognized great apes. Neiss’ current theory focuses on that presumed intelligence which he believes fosters an irresistible sense of curiosity...a curiosity which Neiss intends to exploit.

By presenting a variety of baits as well as an array of unconventional, non-threatening lures within a pre-designated area, he hopes to successfully collect irrefutable evidence of these creatures existence.

"It is my goal to entice these animals by presenting a non-threatening posture and piquing their curiosity, thereby luring them into a specified area where irrefutable evidence can then be obtained," says Neiss.

Once the creatures are officially recognized, his ultimate goal is to establish a management program to ensure their perpetual existence for future generations to appreciate.Over the years, his research has garnered him international attention.

He has been the subject of numerous documentaries and TV programs from the US and Canada to the UK and Germany. He has been featured on such programs as: "Unsolved Mysteries," "Strange But True," "Encounters," "To the Ends of the Earth," and both the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel." He has also appeared on a number of radio & TV talk shows, local newscasts and newspapers. He is currently wrapping up work with director Blake "Buck" Eckard on a documentary (four years in the making) for Stonehill Pictures.

He has been a featured speaker at colleges and universities, and a regular contributor to the Annual Sasquatch Symposium series held in British Columbia, Canada. Neiss has instructed classes on Bigfoot for the Audubon Society as well as the Campfire Boys & Girls Society; the former involving both classroom and field work and culminating with an overnight working camp in the "Dark Divide" of Washington State's Gifford Pinchot National Forest. He was a featured speaker at the 14th Annual Bigfoot Conference held in Newcomerstown, Ohio in April of 2002.

Todd has investigated a multiple sighting in Oregon's Coast Range, as well as the infamous Ape Canyon (Mt. Saint Helens, Washington), the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, and numerous forays into the Mt. Hood National Wilderness.Currently, Neiss is hoping to establish a nonprofit research organization whose sole mission is the discovery, observation, recognition, and protection of the Sasquatch.

He is also in the process of authoring an adventure novel based, in part, on his encounter in 1993 and entitled, "The Cape Apes of Saddle Mountain." When not working on the project or writing or conducting research, he enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 2004, after a nine year break in service, Todd reenlisted in the Oregon Army National Guard and is currently serving as a Staff Sergeant on Active Duty orders with the 82nd Brigade (Combined Arms) in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Todd is currently lives on the about 40 miles due east of Portland, on the western flanks of the Cascade Mountain Range, in the small town of Sandy, Oregon. This provides an ideal location for which to conduct his research and respond quickly to reports in the northwest Oregon and southwest Washington areas. He encourages anyone with a legitimate sighting to contact him immediately.

Todd Neiss can reached by e-mail at