Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mothman Synchronicity?

Well, I was surfing Amazon earlier, looking to see if the third volume in Andy Colvin's series of "Mothman Photographer" books had been posted. And, sure enough, it has. Andy had asked me to write the foreword to his brand new volume, which I was pleased to do (here's the link for those who may want to purchase the book).

Anyway, after seeing that the book was now available, I went into our garden to clean out the filters in our pool, and what did I find? A large moth struggling to stay afloat in the filter-system. I did, of course, give the moth its freedom, placed it an area where the sun was guaranteed to quickly dry out its wings, and finally watched it take to the skies.

Coincidence, synchronicity, or some type of bizarre symbolism? I have no answer. I can only tell it as it happened. But there's no doubt that Mothman seems to attract more than its fair share of synchronicities...


cryptidsrus said...

If one wants to get "New Age" about it, Nick, no, there are no "coincidences." Somebody up here in the Great Beyond wanted to give you a "Heads Up"!!! Mothman maybe??? I'll look out for the book as well !!! :)

Nick Redfern said...

Agreed re coincidences - no such thing!