Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wild Man of the Hall

The latest issue of TAPS Paramagazine includes a feature from me on the weird story of the hairy wild-man of the ancient Shugborough Hall, which can be found deep in the heart of Staffordshire, England. With stories of Bigfoot-like creatures on the loose, animal mutilations, and dark rites and rituals undertaken in local woods, it's truly one of the oddest "British Bigfoot"-style stories I've ever encountered. (That's me hanging out at Shugborough on a wintry day about 2 years ago.)


cryptidsrus said...

Didn't know TAPS had a magazine!!!
Thanks for the heads up!!!
Never heard of this "Wild Man" of Shugborough---looking forward to reading about it, Nick!!!

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah, it's a good mag, and covers a lot of areas: crypto, ghosts, UFOs, etc. Good quality too with glossy cover and color pages.