Sunday, January 25, 2009

Over at The Anomalist...

As today's Anomalist tell us:

The Sinister Shadhahvar - Persia's Siren of the Sands ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker offers an excerpt from Unicorns: A Natural History, his work-in-progress that follows his acclaimed Dragons: A Natural History. The lovely image of the unicorn of myth and legend takes a different form in the Shadhavar, a mythical beast with none of the gentle nature so often attributed to the unicorn. Did this Persian legend arise from the sighting of an actual animal?


cryptidsrus said...

I have to get me a copy of that Unicorn book when it comes out, Nick. I have Shuker's Dragon History already. Still a classic. I have no doubt it will be as informative and thorough as the first one!!!

Nick Redfern said...

Yeah should definitely be a good one.