Friday, January 23, 2009

A Nigerian Goat-Man?

In my book, There's Something in the Woods, I describe my January 2008 quest to seek out the truth about the bizarre Goat-Man of the old Alton Bridge at Denton, Texas. Could this be the Nigerian equivalent?


Neil A said...

Now that's a goatman...literally ha! Imagine the faces of the vigilante's, although surely capturing a goat is probably easier than getting hold of a human!Why didn't he change into a bear or something!!

Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

Far cry from Goat boy on the SNL skits,eh? lol

But seriously,very interesting article.
Ive always been intrigued by how much black magick/voudoo ties into sightings and encounters with creatures.
We're back to a part of the age old tulpa question.
If we believe strongly enough that ourself(or someone else) is a goat,could he in fact begin experiencing goatlike "symptoms"?

cryptidsrus said...

Hey, one never knows, ah, Nick??? Creepy, too. Thanks for the story. I love shapeshifting stories.
I wonder how this is related to the GoatMan of (among other places) Texas, Raven???