Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mothman Updates

Andy Colvin - author of the Mothman's Photographer series of books - updates us on his work in the field of all things mothy:


I hope you are having a happy 2009.

I just returned from a field trip to the mound fields of southern Ohio, principally Cincinnati, and also to the TNT area of WV. I was traveling in Ohio with Dave Scott of Passing Lane Paranormal Investigations, who is well-versed in local Native history:


Dave and I investigated a number of haunted sites, including Buell Rd. (which has a ghost bicyclist who visage can potentially kill you within seven days of seeing it), Lick Rd. (where ghostly messages from a murdered woman appear on driver's windshields), Oxford's ghost light site (where the lights from the bike of motorcyclist killed at the scene appear), Pond's Run (where the "Hook Man" haunts drivers passing crossing a bridge where people were murdered), Hangman's Hollow (where the ghost of a murdered man haunts the woods), and the town of Amelia's formerly dangerous deadman's curve (where a ghost car and a hooded, faceless shadowman are seen). By coincidence, relatives of Dave recently saw what appeared to be Mothman, not long after Hurricane Ike.

You can hear Dave and I on episode 37 of Beyond the Grassy Knoll's Mothman series by clicking here and scrolling down to Jan. 22nd:


All in all, it was a productive trip. The videotape has been processed, too, so we now have another segment added to The Mothman's Photographer reality series, which now stands at 36 hrs. long (33 regular episodes, plus 3 hrs. of bonus material). Anyone wanting to add the 6th DVD to their collection can do so by emailing. The 6th disc will only be available as a standalone until the new packaging comes out, which will see the collection broken into two parts (2 sets of 3 DVDs). The two sets will correspond to The Mothman's Photographer II and III books, respectively.

Speaking of books, I am just finishing up the first editing pass on the fourth book in The Mothman's Photographer series, tentatively called The Mothman Code: The Politics of the Supernatural. This book features further visits and interviews with particular Ohio, WV, and West Coast witnesses. It will contain selections of artwork and writings by witnesses, along with the usual examination (in Grassy Knoll episodes 24-37, and on other radio programs) of links between parapolitics, spirituality, symbolism, and synchronicity.

On the media front, I just received a copy of RAI's Voyager special about Mothman and other American mysteries, which apparently showed all over Europe. The show featured Jim Marrs and Linda Moulton Howe as the main experts. The show was taped on top of a skyscraper in New York, and must have cost a lot of money to produce. It has lots of historical photos, dramatic reenactments, commentary, and glitzy effects.

The key mysteries investigated were: 1) What happened on 9/11 (which featured comparisons with an earlier NYC bombing plot by the Nazis in 1942), 2) Mothman, 3) Marconi and the fight over his radio patents (not sure what the mystery is since I don't speak Italian), and 4) the suspicious death of Marilyn Monroe. Although I am personally aware of a few odd connections between all these events, I'm not sure how much of a connection is made between them on the show. If anyone knows an Italian interpreter, please pass their name on.

Voyager is a very snazzy production. The trailer shows the host of show traveling the world. He is in a helicopter, then in a temple, trudging through snow, in the desert... He goes from climbing the pyramids to investigating Dracula's castle (right after reporting from the White House, no less). Very dramatic, visually... I appear for a minute or two in the Mothman section.

They chose to use the part of my (1hr.) interview that focused on the fact that Mothman seemed to be relaying prophecies about 9/11 as far back as 1967. They also did some reenactments, examined the photo below (which appears to show a birdman flying around the falling towers), and spoke with Jeff Wamsley (of the Mothman Museum) as well as famous witness Linda


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