Friday, January 2, 2009

Beyond the Edge: Tonight

Just in is the following from Eric Altman about tonight's episode of Beyond the Edge radio. Here's Eric to tell you all about it:

Join Eric and Sean for our first show of 2009 tonight at 9:00 pm est.

We welcome Oregon Bigfoot investigator/researcher Todd Neiss. Our good friend and colleague, Todd hails from Oregon and is affectionately known by his friends as "Toddzilla!" Todd has been investigating the phenomenon ever since his fateful sighting in the Pacific Northwest in 1993.

Bigfoot witness-turned-researcher, Todd M. Neiss has been an active investigator for more than 15 years. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he grew up hearing of these legendary creatures, alternately known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but gave it little credibility beyond that of Native American lore or a good old-fashioned campfire tale designed to frighten young campers. All of that changed for Todd in the spring of 1993.

As a Sergeant in the Army's 1249th Combat Engineer Battalion, he came face to face with, not one but, three of the elusive beasts in the temperate rain forest of Oregon's Coast Range while conducting high-explosives training. His sighting was independently corroborated by three fellow soldiers who also witnessed the creatures.

Since that fateful day, Neiss has conducted numerous investigations including several long-term expeditions in the Coastal, Cascade and Blue Mountain Ranges of Oregon & Washington, as well as Northern California.

Todd believes that, in the tradition of Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey, the best way to obtain credible evidence of the existence of these fascinating creatures is to infiltrate a small research team into the heart of prime Bigfoot habitat for an extended period of time.

Ideally for 45 to 60-day rotations. In doing so, he hopes to acclimatize the creatures to their presence and eventually overcome their inherent apprehension of humans. It is his opinion that these creatures possess a relatively high IQ in comparison to recognized great apes. Neiss’ current theory focuses on that presumed intelligence which he believes fosters an irresistible sense of curiosity...a curiosity which Neiss intends to exploit.

By presenting a variety of baits as well as an array of unconventional, non-threatening lures within a pre-designated area, he hopes to successfully collect irrefutable evidence of these creatures existence.

"It is my goal to entice these animals by presenting a non-threatening posture and piquing their curiosity, thereby luring them into a specified area where irrefutable evidence can then be obtained," says Neiss.

Once the creatures are officially recognized, his ultimate goal is to establish a management program to ensure their perpetual existence for future generations to appreciate.Over the years, his research has garnered him international attention.

He has been the subject of numerous documentaries and TV programs from the US and Canada to the UK and Germany. He has been featured on such programs as: "Unsolved Mysteries," "Strange But True," "Encounters," "To the Ends of the Earth," and both the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel." He has also appeared on a number of radio & TV talk shows, local newscasts and newspapers. He is currently wrapping up work with director Blake "Buck" Eckard on a documentary (four years in the making) for Stonehill Pictures.

He has been a featured speaker at colleges and universities, and a regular contributor to the Annual Sasquatch Symposium series held in British Columbia, Canada. Neiss has instructed classes on Bigfoot for the Audubon Society as well as the Campfire Boys & Girls Society; the former involving both classroom and field work and culminating with an overnight working camp in the "Dark Divide" of Washington State's Gifford Pinchot National Forest. He was a featured speaker at the 14th Annual Bigfoot Conference held in Newcomerstown, Ohio in April of 2002.

Todd has investigated a multiple sighting in Oregon's Coast Range, as well as the infamous Ape Canyon (Mt. Saint Helens, Washington), the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, and numerous forays into the Mt. Hood National Wilderness.Currently, Neiss is hoping to establish a nonprofit research organization whose sole mission is the discovery, observation, recognition, and protection of the Sasquatch.

He is also in the process of authoring an adventure novel based, in part, on his encounter in 1993 and entitled, "The Cape Apes of Saddle Mountain." When not working on the project or writing or conducting research, he enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 2004, after a nine year break in service, Todd reenlisted in the Oregon Army National Guard and is currently serving as a Staff Sergeant on Active Duty orders with the 82nd Brigade (Combined Arms) in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Todd is currently lives on the about 40 miles due east of Portland, on the western flanks of the Cascade Mountain Range, in the small town of Sandy, Oregon. This provides an ideal location for which to conduct his research and respond quickly to reports in the northwest Oregon and southwest Washington areas. He encourages anyone with a legitimate sighting to contact him immediately.

Todd Neiss can reached by e-mail at

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