Friday, January 9, 2009

From Today's Anomalist...

Where The Wild Things Are Boston Phoenix. A well-done article that asks: "Can it be a coincidence that the field of cryptozoology — literally, the study of "hidden animals" — has evolved from a discipline cloaked in shadows and pooh-poohed by science into a full-fledged pop-cultural explosion?" Loren Coleman, who is interviewed and profiled, corrects one minor detail in the story in a Cryptomundo post. And don't miss the Museum Mystery Tour.

The Natural History Of Unicorns Telegraph. A review of a new book by Chris Lavers, who, in a scholarly history of unicorns, traces our fascination with the idea of a one-horned horse back 2,000 years. "The last expeditions launched in search of the unicorn went to Africa at the end of the 19th century, inspired by Stanley’s mention of a donkey called an 'atti.' And while the final adventure didn’t find its quarry, it did reveal the okapi." A review of the same book in the Spectator calls it a "whimsical, scholarly and continually absorbing book."

If you don't regularly check-out The Anomalist, then I definitely recommend you do so; they are a great source for all the latest news on everything weird! Here's their link.

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