Wednesday, January 28, 2009

British Beasts On The Rise?

Here's a very interesting new article on the possible reintroduction of a whole batch of beasts that have long been absent (officially, at least!) from the British countryside, including the Lynx.

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AWT said...

Interesting indeed! Thanks Nick. Am always keen on the occasional intersection of cryptozoology, a field in which I am pretty much a spectator, with wildlife ecology and conservation. Perhaps the strangest aspect of all was the topic of reintroducing beaver to Britain! As you probably know, that animal has become pretty much ubiquitous in Eastern North America.
Back in the 90's and occasionally still today, media will report intentions of wildlife agancies for reintroduction programs for various large carnivores. With the Eastern cougar, I suspect that there's an undercurrent of emotion among locals to the extent of, "why bother? They're still around!"