Monday, January 12, 2009

Monstrous Anomalies

Once again, it's to The Anomalist we must turn for all the latest news in the field of cryptozoology:

New Cryptozoology Journal Cryptomundo. Lausanne, Switzerland's Musee Cantonal de Zoologie, the museum that displays the archives and collections of famed cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, has released a new journal dedicated to cryptozoology. Here Loren Coleman, who sits on the editorial board of the new publication, reviews the journal Kraken. Meanwhile, one of our favorite birds, while not being a "cryptid," certainly seems to be having a "cryptic" experience as Pelicans Fall Out of Sky From Mexico to Ore.

Luminous Feline Creature Seen in Northern Venezuela Inexplicata. The witness described the feline like being, "which stood at approximately two or 3 meters tall, was brilliant white and transparent like a hologram. It ran swiftly over the water's surface..."

Strange Rats Invade Ondo Morgue, Feast on Corpses The Punch. Akure, capital of Ondo State, Nigeria, is the center point of a macabre report. The governor and commissioner of health have tried to allay fears among the populace after a body in the morgue of the State Specialist Hospital was discovered to be missing parts. Did rats nibble Nigerian Deaconess Grace Ebun Gbiri? A better question might be, what makes this sort of activity by one of the world's most reviled vermin "strange"?

Big Cat Tale Giving Us Paws for Thought The Gympie Times. Evidence of a large animal, thought by some to be a panther-sized cat, has supposedly been found near Glenwood in Australia's Queensland. A cast of large tracks ave not yet been identified and could actually be from a large canine. Are panther-sized felines occupying the territory's national park forests?

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