Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monsters Abound

Today's Anomalist has a great selection of crypto material, and here it is:

2008 Summary Report: Unusual "White Animals" CPTR. A Special Investigation Unit (SIU) project at the site code-named "Marley Woods" took a definitely cryptozoological path in the last quarter of 2008. Beginning last September and continuing through December 22, large white dog- or bear-like animals began to appear to the various property owners whose holdings make up the Marley Woods. Analysis of hair samples has not yet been able to match the hairs collected at Marley Woods with any animal species. Meanwhile, the phenomena that initially led the SIU to investigate the area continues, as shown in Marley Woods Update January 3, 2009. With many sighting investigations and photos in both reports. What is causing the mysterious phenomena at Marley Woods?

Shock Number of Big Cat Sightings WalesOnline. Big cats in the United Kingdom continue to garner press attention, even as we creep into the New Year. Scores of ABCs (Alien Big Cats or Anomalous Big Cats) reports are jamming law enforcement files across the UK countryside. Meanwhile, the proliferation of out-of-place large felines has led to the anouncement of the Cryptid Cat Conference: March 2009. Elsewhere, Darren Naish at Tetrapod Zoology presents some interesting photos while trying to solve The Mystery of Pete the Purple Squirrel.

Local Bigfoot Investigation WHIZ-TV. At the Crossroads Branch Library in Cambridge, OH, a meeting last night brought to light the continuing Bigfoot experience in that state. The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation takes tales of the creature seriously, and meets regularly to discuss the evidence. With photos. Meanwhile, in Canada where Sasquatch/Bigfoot reports are not uncommon, at least one columnist is saying Better that Bigfoot Doesn't Exist.

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