Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's Anomalist

Once again, The Anomalist cites some good new crypto material:

Surgeon's Photos, Again Cryptomundo. The "secretive" nature of two Loch Ness Monster photos comes under scrutiny by Loren Coleman following some aspersions being bruited about the Internet. What did gynecologist Kenneth Wilson's tryst with his mistress at Loch Ness have to do with these two photos? Elsewhere, a report from a California newspaper, supposedly originating with United Press International, takes you back 74 years for Sasquatch, 1935.

Schreber's Cat of Many Colours ShukerNature. Dr. Karl Shuker examines the histories of some very colorful cats, comparing the serval with the servaline, the golden cat with the silver cat,Temminck's golden cat with Fontanier's cat and the jaguarundi with the eyra. The serval and servaline are the same cat, and in each of the other pairings, the two species turned out to be one and the same, differing only in color or markings. Elsewhere, the February 2009 edition of Fortean Times reviews two books from Dr. Shuker's archives, Dr. Shuker's Casebook and Extraordinary Animals Revisited, in Cryptozoological Inexplicable.

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