Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More on Mothman 3

As you'll recall, over the last few days, I have been promoting Andy Colvin's third-volume in his Mothman's Photographer series of books. Well, Andy has today put out his own release on the book. which I have pasted below my text. This is definitely one I recommend - as well as volumes I and II, of course!

And here's Andy:

Dear Skywalkers:

My latest, The Mothman's Photograper III: Meetings With Remarkable West Coast Witnesses Touched by the Anomalous Activities of Interdimensional Entities, Archetypal Avatars, and the Eerie Yet Enlightening Phenomenon Known Infamously as "Mothman," is now available on Amazon:

Here's the blurbage from the back of the book:

Spurred in 2001 by the realization that the 9/11 attacks were accurately predicted - in 1967 - by a friend who was seeing Mothman, Seattle artist Andrew Colvin began filming a reality series, "The Mothman's Photographer," documenting his experiences growing up in Mound, WV. "The Mothman's Photographer III" is a book of oral history based on the 2nd half of that series, where Colvin travels afield in search of Mothman-related avatars like Thunderbird, Bigfoot, and Garuda. As the synchronicities pile up, Colvin shocks listeners to one of America's top conspiracy shows, The Grassy Knoll, by explaining that Mothman is not a demon but an avenging angel - an archetypal protector deity sending dreams, visions, and prophecies to psychically enhanced experiencers. In his interviews and encounters with these experiencers, Colvin uniquely blends historical research, parapolitical theory, and spiritual wisdom to reveal valuable techniques for increasing one’s happiness, creativity, and self-knowledge.

“One of the most compelling takes on the Mothman story…” –Greg Bishop, UFO Mystic
“Interesting and complex...” –James Moseley, editor, Saucer Smear
“Riveting, unusual, and thought-provoking...” – Nick Redfern,
“Intelligent… Sensitive… Uniquely genuine…” –Eugenia Macer-Story, The Magick Mirror
“The premiere voice on Mothman…” –Phil Reynolds, Invisible College Press
“Inspired...” –Allen Greenfield, author, "Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts"
“Awesome work…” –Joan D’Arc, editor, Paranoia Magazine
“Alluring and mysterious… Dizzying… Immense…” –Vyz, The Grassy Knoll
“Carries John Keel’s torch into the 21st Century…” –Bill Darmon

Thanks to all the West Coasters who gave their time to make this book happen. Thanks to Nick Redfern for writing an awesome introduction. Here is a recent clip of Nick giving a talk about the Men in Black:

In addition to interviews with experiencers in the West, the book also includes transcripts of shows 11 through 24 that I did on Grassy Knoll, as well as interesting interviews with Charles Manson, David Lynch, and the late Walter Bowart, author of the famous book Operation Mind Control, which informed the world that our military had perfected the art of creating assassins. In this recent interview, Bowart alludes to the possibility that the UFO "abduction" phenomenon may have come from the military as well, which is something we have been discussing in The Mothman's Photographer series for some time.

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