Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday's Crypto

Well, for a change, I thought I'd do one big-post of what has been afoot in the crypto world over the weekend and today, rather than a bunch of small posts. So, here goes:

1. It's late-notice, but I'll be on X-Zone Radio tonight. We'll be talking about a wide-range of subjects, but crypto will be included.

2. The main CFZ office seems to be running on steroids right now, as the number of blog-posts they have been writing over the last week or so has been reaching ridiculous levels! New posts include: Richard Freeman on Thunderbirds; the sad passing of a character that I briefly got to know a couple of years ago and with who Jon Downes worked closely; another one from Richard Freeman: on Killer-Crocs; Oll Lewis's take on the Kraken; mystery cats; and the newest addition to the CFZ: Derek Grebner, who is doing great thing on both a research level, and to highlight the work of the CFZ in Illinois.

3. From today's Anomalist: Akkorokamui Cryptomundo. "Mystery Man" pens a guest blog: The striking red marine cryptid is said to be an enormous octopus-like or squid-like creature, reaching sizes of up to 110 meters in length. With multiple images. Meanwhile, from Australia, there's the report, Big Cat Mystery Latest in State's Creature Sightings. And, at Tetrapod Zoology, Darren Naish discusses many little known animals from a mystery steeped portion of India, including The Pogeyan, a New Mystery Cat. With multiple images and a link to view the BBC documentary Mountains of the Monsoon.

4. This from yesterday's Anomalist: New Nahuelito Mystery Photo Cryptomundo. The legendary South American lake monster dubbed "Nahuelito" has surfaced once again, after a reader submitted a photograph reportedly taken on Argentina's Mascardi Lake. The creature draws its name from where legend says it lives, Nahuel Huapi Lake in Argentina. Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Monsters of the Deep by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe outlines the history of this South American legend. With photos. In other cryptozoology news, the third season of a popular television show is set to get underway soon, as explained in MQ3, and there will soon be a new item for collectors and small fry on the shelves of the nation's toy stores, as shown in Cryptozoological Gift Toy Set.

5. And from Friday's Anomalist: Big Cat Terrorizes Tweeddale Peebleshire News. Attacks on sheep in the Tweed Valley of Scotland have led some to believe the perpetrators were dogs. But the discovery of a sheep carcass Monday with large prints in the snow only a couple of miles away have turned attention to the possible presence of a large cat in the area. Meanwhile, the subject of big cats in the United Kingdom countryside will fill the agenda at the upcoming Big Cats in Britain: 3rd Annual Conference. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman has good words for a new appointee in Friend of Cryptozoology Named PMA Director. With images.

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