Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Derek Grebner: CFZ Illinois

Last night, I had a lengthy chat with Derek Grebner, who is the newly-appointed CFZ rep for the state of Illinois. Derek has a deep passion for cryptozoology, and has a lot of good plans, ideas, and articles looming on the horizon. For those who may want to check out Derek's new CFZ-Illinois blog (titled Cryptozoology Online: The CFZ Illinois Project), here's the link.

And on the issue of CFZ reps in the US, I'll have news over the next couple of days of other newly-appointed regional reps. Keep watching this space!

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Raven's Mysterious Haven said...

Its a great post.
I definitely agree with him about the wendigo and sasquatch not being the same creature/entity.

I tried to comment on his post but it wouldnt post for some reason.
I'll try again another time.