Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Crypto-UFO?

Over at The Gralien Report, Micah Hanks has a very intriguing article that places a new UFO incident in England possibly in the realm of cryptozoology. And very interesting Micah's ideas are, too!

As Micah says: "...this new description of the UFO seen over Lincolnshire, England, has been described as something very similar to a 'real' Sky-Squid; or perhaps more appropriately in this case, an 'Unidentified Flying Octopus'. Could this object have been something bizarre along the lines of Trevor James Constable’s 'critters', which he long ago supposed might inhabit our atmosphere? Would the late Ivan Sanderson, with his notions of 'atmospheric lifeforms' that could inhabit the skies, approve of the same?"

Here's the link for the full story.

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Neil A said...

Interesting report. In my upcoming MYSTERY ANIMALS OF KENT book, I've spoken about a local account of a flying jellyfish/UFO, and these kind of reports tally up with the 'sky serpent' theory I've read numerous times, the possibility that some of these unidentified flying objects are in fact real creatures, or certainly aerial phenomena as yet to be observed scientifiaccly.