Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Animal Anomalies

Today's crypto-posts at the always-reliable Anomalist:

Mystery Creatures, UFO Sightings Baffle Pennsylvanians During 2008 SGUFOAZ.
Pennsylvania UFO and paranormal researcher Stan Gordon releases a compendium of weird sightings that took place across Pennsylvania last year.

Wivenhoe: Policeman Bumps Into 'Beast of Essex' Braintree and Witham Times. The large panther-like cat dubbed the "Beast of Essex" has been spotted by a policeman next to the Wivenhoe police station in England. Meanwhile, following a story last week that a robbery suspect had turned himself into a goat, a follow-up report says Kwara Police Refute Report on Robber-turned Sheep. There must have been an error in translation.

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cryptidsrus said...

Great story about the policeman, Nick. I "love" the "attitude" of the posters to that article. I guess the mountains of sightings doesn't pick their interest. Hey, at least consider SOME of the evidence, Ok? :)