Monday, December 31, 2007

Monster Review

My Memoirs of a Monster Hunter book gets the thumbs-up at My Strange Blog.

Giganto News

Gigantopithecus, the largest ape ever known to have existed, is one of the candidates that has been offered to explain the mystery of the Yeti, Bigfoot and a myriad of other giant, hairy man-beasts. Here's the latest on the creature.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Winged Mystery

Yet another report to add to the already-bulging case file on claimed encounters with still-surviving pterosaurs.

British Werewolves Online

Fate magazine has just posted a PDF version of one of its issues online that includes an article from me on British werewolf reports. The issue can be found here.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Monster-Hunting on Binnall of America

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Binnall interviewed me for his highly successful Binnall of America on the subject of my most recent book, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter. Here's the link. Note that the show should be available online from Sunday onwards.

"Backyard Phenomena" Updates

Check out Backyard Phenomena, the new blog of Lisa Shiel, author of the book Backyard Bigfoot, for the latest updates on the high-strangeness and trickster-style events in Lisa's life:
Update One;
Update Two.

Bigfoot In the News Again

Bigfoot is in the news again, as these four stories amply demonstrate:
Story One (man meets Bigfoot and it wasn't friendly...);
Story Two (Bigfoot and the people who see the beast...);
Story Three (Stinky Bigfoot...);
Story Four (I Spy Bigfoot...).

"Memoirs of a Monster Hunter" Lecture

For those of you within driving distance of Denton, Texas, I'll be lecturing on my book Memoirs of a Monster Hunter for the Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS) on the night of 16 January. Click on this link and go to "Meetings and Events" for details of time, location, etc. The lecture is also open to the public.

The Gable Film - The Latest

Some of you will doubtless be aware of the controversy surrounding the so-called "Gable Film" - a seemingly old piece of film-footage that appears to show a strange, shape-shifting beast that perhaps falls into the category of "Dogman" or "werewolf."
Many have suggested the film is nothing but a hoax.
However, as this latest development in the saga shows, the controversy is still very much alive.
If you aren't aware of the film and its history, the link above also provides the background to the film.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Sheepish Pig

A monster, it's not. But an animal story of strange proportions, it most definitely is.

Britain's Black Dogs

Dark tales of the ghostly black dogs - or hell-hounds - of old England can be found in abundance in many old towns and villages all across the nation. And now they're in the news again.

So, what are the black dogs? In his definitive book Explore Phantom Black Dogs, English author and researcher Bob Trubshaw wrote: “The folklore of phantom black dogs is known throughout the British Isles. From the Black Shuck of East Anglia to the Mauthe Dhoog of the Isle of Man there are tales of huge spectral hounds ‘darker than the night sky’ with eyes ‘glowing red as burning coals.’ The phantom black dog of British and Irish folklore, which often forewarns of death, is part of a worldwide belief that dogs are sensitive to spirits and the approach of death, and keep watch over the dead and dying. North European and Scandinavian myths dating back to the Iron Age depict dogs as corpse eaters and the guardians of the roads to hell. Medieval folklore includes a variety of ‘Devil dogs’ and spectral hounds.”

You can also find more on the mystery black dogs in this recent article I wrote for Fate magazine.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Benefits of the Mothman

The Daily Press reveals how the West Virginia town of Point Pleasant has benefited from its most famous Fortean inhabitant: Mothman.

Spare A Thought...

Spare a thought for Jon and Corinna Downes, at the CFZ HQ in England, who received some tragic news over the holiday period. Our thoughts are with them.

The LA Times on Bigfoot

The Los Angeles Times profiles Bigfoot hunter (and publisher of Bigfoot Times) Daniel Perez. Also: see this UPI post.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and good 2008 to all of you that visit the blog. I'm signing off now until Wednesday.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nessie News

As a result of the forthcoming film, The Water Horse, the media continues to latch onto the puzzle and mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, with this story and this one.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Monsters of Ireland

For anyone and everyone interested in learning about the mysterious animals of Ireland, this is a very cool and informative site. Big cats, lake-monsters and tales rich in folklore and history can be found in abundance. A great site.

Bigfoot Art

Frame 352 on Bigfoot artwork...

Tales of the Trickster

Lisa Shiel's stories of the Trickster element of cryptozoology and Forteana make for intriguing reading. Here's the first post; and here's the latest.

Animals & Men

A couple of days ago I received in the mail the new issue of Animals & Men: The Journal of the Center for Fortean Zoology.
I always look forward to receiving a new A&M, as it's a publication that is guaranteed to both entertain and inform anyone and everyone with an interest in cryptozoology, Forteana and all-things-weird.
And the new issue most certainly doesn't disappoint. You will find in its pages a wealth of stories on newly discovered creatures; the latest news on sightings of mysterious Big Cats in the UK; an in-depth report (including numerous photos) on the CFZ's recent expedition to Guyana in search of a wealth of strange beasts; a fascinating article by Neil Arnold titled The Bennington Triangle that details the unknown animals in one particular part of Vermont; a review of the CFZ's 2007 Weird Weekend gig; and details of a previously-unreported sighting of the British equivalent of Mothman - namely, the Owlman.
But there's something else, too.
As much as the Internet has revolutionized our lives for the better, as well as giving us the ability to access masses of information online at the touch of a button, I still think there is something exciting about receiving an in-print magazine via the postman, and as in the days of yore.
And when - as is the case with Animals & Men - it has been put together by a dedicated team (Jon, Corinna, Mark, Richard, Graham and Ollie) that often by the midnight-oil tirelessly edits the mag, does the artwork and design, prints it, and ensures that copies of the glossy, color-covered 60-page magazine are mailed to hundreds of like-minded souls across the world, it creates an image of admirable dedication to the task in-hand.
It also - for me, at least - is a firm indication that passion, vitality and boundless enthusiasm are all still alive and kicking in the world of cryptozoology.
Long may Jon and the team continue to publish Animals & Men.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blogsquatcher on Bigfoot and Infrasound

Check out this multi-part report from the Blogsquatcher on Bigfoot, infrasound and high-strangeness (the link is to part one, and the subsequent parts can all be found at the blog). There's some good, intriguing data here.

Jon Downes On This Year And Next

Jon Downes rounds-up the year with a look back at what the CFZ has been doing in 2007, and what - in terms of books, conferences and expeditions - 2008 will bring.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Werewolves of Texas

The new issue of TAPS Paramagazine includes an article from me on encounters with, and sightings of, werewolf-style beasts in the state of Texas. If you're interested in sightings, both old and new, of lycanthropes, giant wolves and more of a related nature in the Lone Star State, check it out. The "Converse Werewolf;" the "Wolfman of Paradise;" the "Devil's River Wolf-Girl;" and the "Beast of Waco" all feature prominently.

Shiel and the Trickster

This looks to be interesting: Lisa Shiel, author of the book Backyard Bigfoot, is planning a series of posts at her blog on the "Trickster" element of those strange things we seek.

Frame 352 on Bigfoot Skeptics

Over at Frame 352, Regan Lee delves into the world of Bigfoot skeptics.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Naish on Nessie Imagery

Darren Naish delves into the controversial issue of photographic evidence alleging to show evidence of the Loch Ness Monster.

Bigfoot Hunters in the News

Sasquatch-seekers make the news...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Holy Armadillos!

I've seen a few dead armadillos on the roads of Texas since moving here in 2001; however, this is one armadillo-like beast I would not want to collide with on the road at 70MPH. Doubtless, I - rather than it - would end up as road-kill!

Bigfoot Pranks: US and UK Parallels

This new story from the US, of a Bigfoot prank that nearly ended in tragedy, is eerily reminiscent (in some ways, at least) of this incident from the Cannock Chase woods of England in early 2006.

Mystery Predator...

A new story worth keeping an eye on...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Richard Freeman: An Exclusive Interview on the Beasts of Guyana

A couple of days ago, I interviewed the Center for Fortean Zoology's Richard Freeman about their recent CAPCOM-sponsored expedition to Guyana in search of a whole range of strange, diabolical and vicious beasts. As you'll see, Rich (the Zoological Director of the CFZ, and who can be seen in this photo, hanging out with a pal) had much to say about the trip and the new discoveries, tales and witnesses that the team unearthed.

Nick Redfern: NR

Richard Freeman: RF

NR: So what was it like out there, Rich, coming from blustery, cold England?

RF: In terms of the heat, it was the most difficult expedition I’ve ever been on. The temperature was well over 100 degrees. And as we were mainly in the Savannah, there was no shade at all. I actually got sunstroke once and passed out. It's difficult to describe how hot it really was; but at one point I couldn't take it any more and I waded into a swamp full of mosquitoes and hid under a tree, just to get out the heat and sun. But in terms of what we uncovered, it was worth the heat-stroke, the broken thumbs and infected feet that some of us got!

NR: So, what sorts of evidence and accounts did you uncover?

RF: Well, we had gone out there with the intention of looking for several different, specific creatures that we were told lived in the Savannah and the mountains of Guyana. And we were lucky enough to uncover information on all of them - and other stories on different creatures we didn't even know about. We'd heard in advance about giant snakes, giant ground sloths and a couple of other things. But we were surprised and pleased to get much more too.

RF: One of the most interesting people we spoke with was a guy named Ernest. He was a former chief, but had retired to run a fish farm. He had seen a weird creature that everyone who lived in the villages in the Savannah called the "Red-Faced Pygmies". Wherever we went, we heard stories about these creatures, and met lots of witnesses to them, too. They all said the pygmies were about three-to-three-and-a-half-feet tall and had red faces. Ernest had met one when he was nineteen in the Savannah and it had grabbed his tobacco off him!

RF: Another man, Kennard, said there was one these pygmies that haunted a certain stretch of the Savannah, and it would jump out and scare people. Although, apparently, it never actually hurt anyone. They were described as having a weird grin on their faces; they walk erect, and have brown skin, rather than fur. All the people we spoke with were adamant they were some type of small human, rather than an animal. Personally, I think they might be something similar to Homo floresiensis.

RF: Our guide, Damon Corrie, saw one once. He said he was in a tent one night and woke up to see one of these things looking down at him. And there are still sightings to this day in the Savannah. I'd say they are probably a very primitive and very ancient tribe.

NR: What about the giant anacondas?

RF: Well, Ernest had seen a very big anaconda about ten years ago, and that was around thirty feet long. This was actually the skin of the snake; and apparently it had been shot by a British chap. From what we were told, if the story is true, then the snake was clearly transported back to England illegally.

RF: We were also told of huge anacondas, more than forty feet long, that were said to live in the caves at a place called Corona Falls. The problem for us was that this was seventy miles or more from where we were; and with the savage heat and the river water being too low to travel by boat, this was one area we weren't able to get to in person.

NR: And what about this river-monster you went looking for?

RF: Yeah, this thing is called the Water Tiger. We spoke with several witnesses about this. One was an old man called Joseph, who had seen a skin of the thing after it had been killed by hunters some time in the 1970s. He said it was definitely a mammal and about ten feet long. It was white with black spots, and had a head still attached that was kind of like a tiger's head. He also said something very interesting: that the creature hunts in packs.

RF: Someone else, a guy named Elmo, told us a similar story: that there is a "Master Water Tiger," as he calls it, that sends the young ones out to hunt in the waters. Elmo is adamant they’re not jaguars or giant otters, but are something very different. I wondered if it might be some sort of mustelid, but much, much bigger than known ones. And it's very aggressive, too. Ernest told us he was on a boat with his uncle once, when something grabbed the boat, shook it violently, and they had to hang onto the overhanging tree branches to avoid getting thrown into the water. Ernest's uncle said it was a water tiger.

NR: And what about this hairy man-thing: the Didi?

RF: Well, before we went out there, we heard about this thing called the Didi, which was described as being enormous, covered in hair, and having large claws. This made me think it could actually have been some sort of surviving giant sloth. But when we got out there, everyone was adamant that the Didi is some sort of man, but covered in hair, and very similar to the Yeti or the Sasquatch.

RF: One story told to us dated from the 1940s, and was of a girl who got kidnapped by a Didi, lived with it, and apparently even had a half-breed child with it. Now, if that's true, that would imply the Didi is a hominid rather than an ape. The story was she eventually escaped on a hunter’s canoe, and when the male Didi saw her leave, he supposedly ripped the half-breed child to pieces in a rage. We heard a couple of stories like this - of the Didi supposedly kidnapping people.

RF: But, I do think it's possible that some of the Didi stories could well be mistaken sightings of giant sloths that have become confused with the real Didi. So, the legends and stories might be based on two real creatures, rather than just one.

RF: We also heard tales of dragons living up in the mountains; and although we didn't find the dragons, we did find a cave in the mountains where a burial had taken place and where there were a number of human skulls in an old pot. There was also a story from the 1950s we investigated of a group of cowboys who had tethered their horses near a lake one night and woke up to hear this loud breathing and the sounds of something big moving from the water towards the horses. Of course, they shot in the direction of whatever it was, and quickly untied the horses and left. But this area had dragon legends attached to it, too. But I wonder if some of these dragon tales might actually be mistaken sightings and legends of giant anacondas.

NR: And what are your thoughts on how the expedition went?

RF: It was very good to get lots of eyewitness testimony and stories. But it was incredibly frustrating not to be able get to the lair of the giant anaconda. But we uncovered loads of information never uncovered by Westerners before; and we have to thank both CAPCOM, our sponsor, and Damon Corrie, our guide for all his work and help. Damon runs an excellent tour service out there that I recommend to everyone.

NR: And what's coming next for you?

RF: We have a book coming out on the Guyana expedition very soon, and this will include detailed sections from each of us who took part in the expedition: me, Lisa Dowley, Dr. Chris Clarke, Jon Hare and Paul Rose. Then, we're planning to go back to Guyana next year too, and investigate more of these stories and leads on all the creatures we were told about. Late next year, we're going to the Caucasus Mountains in search of the Almasty. And very soon now I'll have a new book published titled The Great Yokai Encyclopedia, which is a definitive study of Japanese cryptozoology, and their legends of monsters and weird creatures. So, the CFZ has a huge amount of projects and work in front of us, which will take us well into 2009.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Press Association on Nessie...

The Loch Ness Monster Surfaces Again - On Film...

Weird Australian Creature...

Something lurks down under...

The Richard Freeman Interview Update

Hopefully, I'll have the interview with Richard Freeman - on the CFZ's expedition to Guyana in search of a whole assortment of weird beasts - posted here tomorrow; or at the very latest on Friday.

Big Cats on TV

Tonight, the History Channel's Monster Quest series digs deep into the controversy of mysterious big cats. Definitely one to watch!

Lisa Shiel on a Tennessee Bigfoot Encounter

Here's an interesting new article from Lisa Shiel on a Tennessee Bigfoot encounter. Lisa says: "In May of 1998 John J., an ex-Army man, and five of his environmentalist colleagues set out to examine a logging site in Tennessee. They carried with them a bionic ear, a range finder, and a laser motion sensor. The time was dusk. After setting up the bionic ear and laser 'trip line,' the group sat on a ridge overlooking the logging road, taking a break to enjoy a snack and a smoke.Then something tripped the laser sensor..."
Here's the rest of the story, at Lisa's new Backyard Phenomena blog.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monsters in the Media

Despite the opening line of this article referencing the Loch Ness Monster, it actually has nothing to do with Scotland's most famous monster. Nevertheless, it's still an interesting piece.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Backyard Phenomena

Check out the new blog - Backyard Phenomena - from Lisa Shiel, author of the book, Backyard Bigfoot. As you'll see, it promises much on the links between Bigfoot and the paranormal. This looks to be a great new blog well worth reading.

Regan Lee on Bigfoot

A thoughtful and insightful Bigfoot post from Regan Lee at her Frame 352 blog...

"Cloverfield": An American Monster...

Click here for details of a forthcoming monster-film titled Cloverfield that has been the subject of much interest, Net debate and that is couched in secrecy.

The Sun-Journal On All Things Monstrous

The Sun-Journal delves into the world of cryptozoology.

The Weird Cats of Wisconsin

The new issue of Fate magazine contains an interesting and insightful article on big cats in Wisconsin. An extract from the article can be read online by clicking here.

Richard Freeman: The Guyana Interview

I just got off the phone with Richard Freeman, having interviewed him about his recent expedition to Guyana. Rich related to me some fascinating witness testimony the team secured on hairy man-beasts; giant snakes; dragon legends; and much more.
He also told me of his plans to return to Guyana next year, and divulged details of his forthcoming book on Japanese monster legends, tales and stories.
The full interview will be posted here later this week.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster

If you have young children that are interested in cryptozoology and you're still looking for Christmas presents for them, you may want to get them a copy of this recently-published book: The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster: A Tale of Picky Eating.
A copy was sent to me a few days ago and I can say for certain that it will definitely entertain young kids. Who knows: it may prompt them to become fully-fledged cryptozoologists when they grow up.
As the publisher's blurb for the book states: "Once upon a time, on a long, slow trip to Scotland, a little girl named Katerina-Elizabeth tossed her oatmeal overboard—again, and again, and again. She was a picky eater, and oatmeal was her least favorite food. And once upon a time, a small worm, no bigger than a piece of thread, swam alongside an ocean liner bound for Scotland and ate bowl after bowl of tossed oatmeal. He had never tasted anything as wonderful as oatmeal in his whole life. A. W. Flaherty and Scott Magoon unravel the Loch Ness legend in this whimsical picture book for the picky (and not-so-picky) eater in all of us. "

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Blogsquatcher on Bigfoot...

Check out the Blogsquatcher's fascinating "The Bleating of the Goats" articles for some seriously weird Bigfoot info. Very intriguing stuff here.

Bigfoot in the Media

There are a couple of new stories concerning Bigfoot out right now:
Story One;
Story Two;
Story Three.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bigfoot Caught on Film...

Coming early next year is this new book: Bigfoot Caught on Film. Keep a look out for it.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Monster Quest - Spotlighted

Monster Quest's Doug Hajicek is profiled.

Yeti or Not?

Well, is the mysterious footprint that has been creating so much controversy over the last few days really that of the Yeti? There seems to be a high degree of differing opinions on the matter. Has evidence of the beast's continued-existence been found? Some might say yes, others might say not yeti...yes, I know: a terrible joke!
Anyway, here's the latest on the story.

British Big Cats Are News Again

Britain's mystery big cats are in the news again - as this report amply demonstrates.

The Mutant Canines are Coming...

The controversy surrounding the proliferation of "mutant canines" continues to, well, proliferate! See this story, and this one.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big Cats in Kent, England: The Latest News

Check out Neil Arnold's Kent Big Cat Research blog for the latest news on 2007 Big Cat sightings in Kent, England. As you'll see, there has been a truly phenomenal number of reports...

The Return of the Yeti

The Abominable Snowman Perhaps...?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lovecraft On-line

If, like me, you are a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft, you're definitely going to want to check this out: the master's work now all online! (Thanks to Cabinet of Wonders for highlighting this)

Guyana On Film

Jon Downes has posted a great video that reveals some of the startling discoveries and interviews from the Guyana expedition. Click here to view it.

Hairless Weirdness (No I'm Not Talking About Me...)

Those weird hairless dogs/coyotes are back...

Guyana: The Book

Here's the latest from Jon Downes re the forthcoming book on the Guyana expedition:
The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is the only professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - the study of unknown animals. Since 1992, the CFZ has carried out an unparalleled programme of research and investigation all over the world.

In November 2007, a five-person team - Richard Freeman, Chris Clarke, Jon Hare, Lisa Dowley and renowned humorous journalist Paul Rose, probably better known as 'Mr Biffo' went to the South American country of Guyana, in search of a number of mystery animals.

They have obtained a wealth of anecdotal evidence for the existence of the three animals that they went there to investigate: the Didi, the Giant anaconda and the Water tiger.

They have secured this evidence in the form of filmed interviews with eye-witnesses in this remote part of rural Guyana. Amongst these are two chilling accounts of young women being abducted by the Didi (pronounced ‘die die’).

Kenard, one of their guides, introduced the team to a local man called Elmo. Elmo is very familiar with the water tiger and the giant otter. He says that the water tiger is a spotted animal with markings similar to those of a jaguar.

They are aquatic, hunt in packs, and – somewhat peculiarly – he claims that the pack is led by an alpha animal that he refers to as ‘the master’, who orchestrates the hunting which is done by the younger members of the pack. Kenard apparently confirmed this statement, which – to the best of our knowledge – has never been published in Europe or the United States before.

None of these stories have been published in Europe or America before.

Perhaps the most important results so far are evidence for two completely hitherto unknown animals: a tiny brown crocodile, and a three-foot high hairy creature that walks upright like a man, and has a bright red face.

They also have secured the first video footage of a living specimen of a recently discovered species of green scorpion.

As part of our commitment towards sharing our findings, the CFZ will be publishing the results on the expedition in book form early in the New Year.

This is your chance to pre-order it at a special low price. Orders received before the end of the year will be post free.....Expect the book early in 2008.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guyana: The Photos, Part 1

Here, just uploaded to the main Guyana blog are the first batch of photos from the expedition.

Shuker on Furry Fakes...

Check out the new issue of Beyond Magazine, in which Dr. Karl Shuker delves into the strange world of furry fakes...

The Blogsquatcher on Monster-Quest

Comments from the Blogsquatcher...

Hammerwich Weirdness.

Over the course of the last few months, I have highlighted at this blog the many and varied reports of Big Cats, Bigfoot-like entities and even Werewolves in the mysterious and dark woods of England's Cannock Chase.
And now comes this, from nearby Hammerwich. It's not crypto; but it's further evidence that overwhelming weirdness is still ever-present in the area.

Creating Creatures...

The "creatures" shown in this video aren't cryptozoological in nature, but "they" are so infinitely weird and hypnotic that I had to share them with you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Guyana Report

The Guyana Five are back home - tired and exhausted, but armed with hundreds of photos. This is the provisional design for the cover of the official report on the expedition that you will be able to order from tomorrow.

Paul Rose on Guyana

Click here to read Paul Rose's account (or part of it, at least) on his adventures in Guyana...

The Chinese Wildman - The Latest...

On the track of the Chinese wildman...

Guyana: They Think It's All Over...It Is Now!

I won't even try and explain the heading above, aside from saying if you're British you'll understand it. If you're not, you probably won't!
Anyway, to the point of this post: the Guyana Five are now on their way back to cold and blustery England after their time spent in the steaming hot jungles of Guyana, and it's time to look back on the excursion.
First, I think it's fair to say that the team, Richard Freeman, Dr. Chris Clarke, Jon Hare, Lisa Dowley and Paul Rose had more than their fair share of obstacles to overcome - such as broken thumbs, infected feet and the super-intense, and ever-present, temperatures.
Being a Brit and living in sunny Dallas, Texas, where the temperature reaches extremes in the summer, I have an inkling of how the Guyana Five felt. I know from experience that it can't have been easy to go from cold and frosty England to a never-ending wall-of-heat. So congrats on completing the feat without dying!
And we should also note that the expedition is one that Jon Downes, everyone at CFZ-HQ, and not forgetting the Guyana Five of course, can be very proud of.
Back in the early 1990s, the CFZ was merely a fragmented idea in Jon's mind. Today it is a worldwide organization that embarks on yearly expeditions to places as diverse and different as Guyana, the Gambia, Mongolia, Loch Ness, Puerto Rico and Thailand. And it's now getting funding from companies such as CAPCOM, who have helped enormously to make the Gambian expedition a success.
I know from speaking with Jon that the Guyana Five are returning home with a wealth of testimony, interviews, data, new leads and more on the mysterious beasts (water-monsters, hairy man-beasts and giant snakes) that they sought out.
I also know from speaking with Jon that when you get to read the details of their findings and discoveries, you will be amazed at the startling amount of progress they made in such a short period of time and while up against the odds.
So, congratulations to the Guyana Five, to Jon and Corinna, and to all at CFZ-HQ and CAPCOM for making the expedition a success.
Getting out there, into the field, and doing the work so that others might learn something from it, as well as furthering our overall knowledge, is what it's all about, and it's what the CFZ does best.
I raise my glass and I toast the next expedition (and hopefully it will be one without broken bones and heat-stroke!).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bigfoot News

Bigfoot in Ohio...

Weird Creature? No!

Over at my UFO blog earlier today, I referred to a bizarre photograph mailed to me anonymously back in 1994 and that was purported to be an alien. Well, someone just emailed me off-blog to ask if, rather than an alien, it might be an "unknown reptile."

Well, so as there can be no mistaking my opinion: no I do not consider this to be an "unknown reptile" of cryptozoological proportions! Nor do I consider it to be an alien.

I do, however, consider it to be a lighthearted prank on the part of someone and nothing else.

But, for a bit of light relief, I thought I'd at least share with you - and there it is, above, in all its low-budget-special-effects glory!

Frame 352...

Over at Frame 352, Regan Lee highlights a book that looks well worth getting...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Richard Freeman Contacts CFZ-HQ

We're very pleased to have just been contacted by Richard Freeman, who writes with respect to the Guyana expedition:
"We are now in Georgetown. Prior to flying back we met an old rubber tapper in the tiny airport at Lethem. He told us that he too had see one of the little red faced men or 'bush men'. He was a boy and was out hunting with his father (he is 59 now) when he saw a tiny red faced man looking at him through the undergrowth. He, unlike the other witnesses, thought that it had hairy skin. This may indicate it might have been wearing something rather than going naked as the other witnesses said. He also said it ran off on all fours."
Click here for the rest of Richard's email.

Kid Power!

In a very encouraging and welcome move, the kids of the Devonshire village of Woolfardisworthy - which is home to the Head Office of the Center for Fortean Zoology - have been enthusiastically following the CAPCOM-sponsored Guyana expedition, as is evident from these photos and accompanying drawings.

As I know from visiting Jon's place, the three boys shown at the link above, Ross, David and Greg, are avid fans of all things cryptozoological and are destined to one day be monster-hunters in their own right.

And while we live in an age when so many kids seem far more content to sit at home playing computer games, the "Woolfardisworthy Three" have boundless enthusiasm for cryptozoology - and long may that continue, too.

Both myself and Jon got interested in mysterious creatures when we were kids (see my book Man-Monkey for details of my earliest excursions into the world of monster-hunting), and it's good to see that this tradition continues in the 21st Century.

Bigfoot High-Strangeness...

Cabinet of Wonders on the day Bigfoot went "zorbing"...

Paranormal Bigfoot: Frame 352

If, like me, you are of the opinion that Bigfoot is not a mere lumbering, hairy ape; but that it has some distinctly Fortean - and perhaps even paranormal - overtones to it, you should definitely regularly check out Regan Lee's Frame 352 blog for all the data on this aspect of the Bigfoot controversy.

The Guyana Five On Their Way Home...

The Guyana Five should soon be back in the UK, at which point we should have more information to impart: thoughts on the expedition, new discoveries and findings, interviews, revelations and more. Keep watching...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Guyana Five" Updates...

Things are afoot in deepest Guyana...
I'm now back home and have regular Net access; so there will be lengthier postings from Monday...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guyana - Finally, More News...

Jon Downes reports that the Guyana Five have phoned again. As this new, and lengthy, report from Jon demonstrates, the team has uncovered some interesting new accounts, leads and witnesses to pursue...

Guyana Silence...

Nothing but silence from Guyana for the last 2 days...

More On The Florida "Thing"

Whatever roams the woods of Florida, it's still stirring up a controversy...

And...Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guyana: Today's News Is In!

Jon Downes has heard from the team in Guyana.
Here's the first part of what Jon has to say:

We heard from the increasingly beleaguered expedition, or, as Nick Redfern has dubbed them ‘the Guyana five’ just before 10 this evening GMT. Richard gave such a graphic description of the problems with which they have had to deal, that when he culminated his account with the quote that we have taken for the headline of this bulletin, we couldn't bring ourselves to reprimand him for having split an infinitive.
After all – although I can feel my late father rolling in his grave as Corinna types this, there are worse things than massacring the Queen’s English. They reached the swamps late yesterday, and they have spent most of today exploring them.
In Richard’s words they have been ‘going through hell’. “No shade, no trees – it’s a nightmare … the Gobi desert was a breeze compared to this”, said Richard, and he described how the intense heat was causing a series of spontaneous bush fires.
One of the biggest for the expedition is that, whereas on other expeditions they have started work at 7.00 in the morning and carried on to dusk, because of extreme conditions they just cannot do this. Richard described how he spent a large part of the hottest part of the day standing knee deep in a muddy swamp, in the inadequate shade of a crumbling tree, in a vain attempt to keep cool.

And for the rest of Jon's piece, click here to go to the official website of the CAPCOM-sponsored Guyana expedition.

Going Offline...

I may be off-line from tomorrow for a few days. If I am, be sure to keep checking out the official website of the CAPCOM-sponsored CFZ expedition to Guyana for the latest news on what's afoot in the "Guyana Five's" continuing quest for the Didi and giant anacondas...

New Sightings of the Chinese Wild-Man...

News on Chinese wild-man encounters...

All Quiet On The Guyana Front

All is quiet on the Guyana front so far today. Soon as we hear more, I'll post it here...

Hunt The Dogman

I recently interviewed cryptozoologist Bart Nunnelly about his new book Mysterious Kentucky (an excellent title that is full of stories of a monstrous nature), as well as a new DVD titled Hunt The Dogman that profiles Bart's quest for the truth about a weird - and vicious - Kentucky man-beast; or as some call it: "The Beast of the Land Between the Lakes." I'll have the interview with Bart posted in the near future. In the meantime, here's a link to where you can obtain copies of Hunt The Dogman.

Monster Memoirs - On The Radio

I'll be on the Scooter McGee radio show tonight discussing my book, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.


If you're reading this in the US, check out the History Channel's Monster Quest episode tomorrow night. Titled Birdzilla the episode features fellow-monster-hunter, good friend and author of the book Big Bird!, Ken Gerhard.

The Daily Grail on the Guyana Five

The Daily Grail comments on the Guyana Expedition...

Monday, November 19, 2007

The "Guyana 5" Push On...

There's news from the Guyana 5 - and things are taking a toll on our adventurers, as Jon reveals below:

After nearly 48 hours of silence, Richard telephoned us at about 5.45 GMT, and – in order to conserve their dwindling resources of credit – we telephoned them back. They are having a particularly rough time with the heat; and Richard has once again suffered from heatstroke today. Lisa fell off a mountain and broke her thumb yesterday, and the other expedition members are also finding the terrain particularly gruelling.“The heat is dreadful, I’ve never known heat like this”, says Richard, who went on to say that they had seriously under-estimated the heat, the dryness, and the lack of shade. “It’s relentlessly dry and hot with hardly any shade”, he said, and his voice sounded fatigued and drawn.

And, as Jon also relates, the team is continuing to uncover intriguing data:

They have received reports of a very small human-shaped animal; only two and a half feet tall, and with a bright red face....The local people who told them of this believe that the red colouration had been painted on. They also heard of similar creatures seen nearby at a place called Trebang’s Rock. Trebang are allegedly humanoid creatures, short in stature, which are – according to Richard – “supposed to touch children and transmit deadly diseases to them”. He went on to say that when the children die, the Trebang is supposed to take their bones and make them into flutes.

Click here for the full story and the latest on the Guyana 5...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sasquatch? Orang-utan? Squirrel??!!

Is the Florida ape really just a squirrel??!!

Linda Godfrey reviews Neil Arnold's "Monster!"

Beast of Bray Road author Linda Godfrey reviews Neil Arnold excellent Monster! book.

More From Guyana

Here's the latest from Jon Downes on the Guyana expedition - looks like all is going great, with new witnesses and cases to investigate:

Back at the CFZ headquarters in rural North Devon we are in a peculiar state of limbo. Our whole day’s activities revolve about waiting for one garbled two or three minute ‘phone call. After a long and fairly dull day, Richard ‘phoned just before 10.00 this evening GMT.
It has been another long and eventful day for the five-person expedition. First of all we want to reassure you that everybody is alive and well, although they are finding the heat very difficult. After all, they are not that far from the Equator.
It is a mark of quite how hot it is out there that Richard – who is usually pretty good in tropical climes – collapsed with heat stroke this afternoon. When he ‘phoned, he sounded dreadful, and we would like to stress that the satellite ‘phone link-up is of spectacularly poor quality, so although we guarantee that the gist of what is in this and future reports is correct, we are not certain that names of people or places are necessarily accurate. Yesterday, we told how the team visited the home village of their guide and mentor Damon Corrie.
We told how the ‘phone cut out for a few seconds so we could not tell you the name of this village, but we asked Richard today and as far as we are able to ascertain, Damon’s home village is called Pakuri (or something like that anyway).Because communications are so difficult, we tried to have two or three people on the line listening every time a call comes through. This has been particularly irksome at times this evening when three of us answered the telephone at once, agog with anticipation, only to find that it was my beloved younger step-daughter wanting help with renewing her mobile ‘phone contract.
This is just one of the mildly amusing aspects of running the world’s largest mystery animal research group from a family home.Jon and Graham listened intently as the weak and garbled voice struggled through the ether. Hisses and pops punctuated the gems of information, which were, however, well worth the wait.

And to find out what, exactly, was worth the wait, click here for more on the Capcom-sponsored Guyana expedition.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Richard Freeman Phones Home!

Well, after all the concern that the Guyana Five had been devoured by marauding beasts, Jon just phoned me, in excited fashion, to say that Richard had just called them.
The lack of communication was indeed due to technological issues, rather than anything more serious.
Jon has just written a blog-post on Richard's call - which, as you'll see, contains details of an intriguing, and disturbing, new story concerning the Didi man-beast that the Five are actively pursuing.
Click here to read the details of what's going on.

Freeman, Fawcett, Monsters and Lost Cities

Without wishing to whip-up the controversy too much, I have to wonder: are the Capcom-sponsored Guyana Five about to go down in history as the 21st Century equivalent of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, who mysteriously vanished on an expedition to Brazil in 1925, while searching for an ancient "lost city"?
Or will we see them miraculously striding out of the jungles carrying the remains of a giant snake?
I hope the latter...
By the way: this photo shows Fawcett not Richard (as if you had to ask...).

The Guyana Five: Still M.I.A.

Well...the mystery of the missing adventurers (a.k.a. the "Guyana Five") continues at a steady and mystifying pace.
A frantic, just-received phone call from CFZ director Jon Downes worriedly informed me that there is still no word from our intrepid explorers.
Jon asked me if I would try and contact their satellite phone myself, given the fact that - here in Dallas - I'm much closer to Guyana than he is in ye olde England.
I was happy to oblige, of course; but had to ominously advise an ever more panicky and sweaty-palmed Jon that the only voice I heard was a recorded one: namely that of a posh English bird uttering the robotic words: "There is a fault, please try later. There is a fault, please try later. There is..." Well, you get the picture.
Should we now seriously consider the possibility that Richard and Co. really are nothing but a series of fragmentary and nostalgic memories to us, and the remains of a tasty morsel to the monstrous beasts of deepest Guyana?
Probably not!
In reality, I'm quite sure that the expedition is continuing at a fine pace, and the gang is merrily roaming around, blissfully unaware of the fact that their fate - and their potential digestion by giant snakes - is being debated in slightly-more-than-half-serious words on this very blog.
Will we ever see the Guyana Five again? Will they make it out of the lair of the beasts in one piece? Will Jon ever get to utter those immortal words again: "Richard, make me a nice cup of Earl Grey Tea, dear boy"?
Or will Jon be forever doomed to cry out late at night when the wind howls and the driving rain beats down on the windows of the ancient cottage in which he and his beloved Corinna live: "Richard, Richard! Wherefore art thou, Richard?"
There's only one way to find out: stay tuned for the next exciting and enthralling (well, okay, mildly intriguing) episode of what I like to call "Welcome to the Jungle."
And for all the latest news, information and background on the Guyana Expedition, click on the official website here.

More On The Florida Ape

The controversy surrounding the Florida ape is continuing at a steady pace, with several new stories, including this one, this one, and finally this one hitting the Net. In a welcome move, instead of the poor creature being blasted into oblivion by marauding nutters with guns, an attempt is going to be made to capture it with the aid of that cop-loving food - a nice, tasty doughnut!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Florida Ape...

The Skunk-Ape it's not; however, there is apparently a confirmed report of an ape on the loose in Florida...

The Guyana Expedition - It Begins

Well, the guys have arrived in Guyana and are deep within the depths of the jungles as I write these words.
We heard from them earlier today - Richard (Freeman) called on his satellite phone to announce they were making their intrepid way towards one rumored beast-infested which point the line went dead.
Unfortunately - and somewhat mysteriously - they have not been heard of since.
We sincerely hope they have not become lunch for some giant, marauding snake or hairy man-beast, and we anxiously await their next communication.
Hopefully, this is all due to the effects of man-made satellite technology and nothing more sinister.
When we hear more, so shall you...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Guyana Expedition

Hopefully, from tomorrow onwards, we will be receiving regular updates from the CFZ's expedition-team to Guyana, who are searching for a whole variety of unknown creatures (see this link for details). As and when we receive the updates, I'll be posting them here, so keep watching!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crypto Stories - Various

There was a wealth of crypto-related stories in the media while I was gone for the last 5 days; so rather than make separate blog-posts on each, I have linked them all below. Enjoy!

1. Bigfoot News;
2. More Bigfoot;
3. And More!;
4. Is There No Stopping The Giant, Hairy Whatsit?;
5. A Truly Bizarre Cryptid;
6. How Monsters Are Made;
7. The Hunt For Bigfoot.

Big Cat "Family" in UK?

Not one, but a whole group of big cats seen roaming the UK.

News From The CFZ

Well, I'm now back after 4 days of mystery and mayhem in Las Vegas at Ryan Wood's "Crashed UFO" conference. Things have been busy on the cryptozoological front while I've been away, so I hope to post quite a few stories over the next few days.
And to begin with, here's the new newsletter from Jon Downes at the CFZ Head Office in England.


Dear friends,

This is a particularly exciting time for the CFZ.


There are only two days to go until the Guyana expedition leaves for South America. We spoke to Richard this morning, and all the equipment has now arrived, and they are ready to go. Expedition member Paul Rose, also known to his legions of fans as Mr. Biffo, has invested in a satellite ‘phone, and so we hope that we shall be able to give daily updates on the expedition blog site: We urge you to log in daily to see the updates of news from the team.

We have been receiving a lot more intelligence from our contacts in Guyana. They have found us a number of eye-witnesses and also tell us of some caves where – in fairly recent years – the didi was supposed to dwell. We shall be exploring these caves, and as far as we are aware, we will be the first Europeans ever to have done so.

We are very grateful to Capcom – one of the world’s leading publishers of video games – for sponsoring this expedition. There have been accusations from some quarters that this expedition is merely a publicity stunt by Capcom. Well der! Of course is it – from their point of view. Capcom are in this purely to sell more copies of their rather excellent new video game Monster Hunter 3. And why shouldn’t they be? This is what they do. We, however, are only grateful that, for once, we are able to carry out an expedition which otherwise we would not be able to afford. So viva la publicity stunt. May there be many more in the future. Thanks guys.


We are also pleased to announce a new monthly project from CFZtv. This is a monthly web TV show called On the Track which gives a monthly run-down on news from the world of cryptozoology and the CFZ, presented by yours truly, in what I sincerely hope is an entertaining and informative manner.

The first edition, which was basically a pilot, came out in October and the second edition, last week. We have paid quite a lot of attention to the comments and criticisms which arrived for the first edition, and the second edition is – we feel – much slicker, and much better. It now has live narration, rather than interminable subtitles, and is shot partly on location.

This month’s edition features scenes shot at Drusilla’s Animal Park in Sussex and includes a round-up of cryptozoological bats, new and rediscovered species, and an interview with Richard Freeman about the forthcoming Guyana expedition, as well as other CFZ news. We hope that you like it. The service is free, but both the Guyana blog and the On the Track blog: include Paypal donate buttons. If you feel generous, please do not hesitate to donate, because running the CFZ is a ridiculously expensive business. When my father died last year, I inherited some money – most of which I put straight into CFZ funds. Nearly all of it has gone now, and so, if we are to continue with our planned programme of events, then all donations are gratefully received.


Issue 41 of Animals & Men is now available. It has already been sent to all current members, but if you would like to read it, please send £3.50 or $10.00 to us via our Paypal account:

The contents are: 3 Editorial 4 Faculty of the CFZ 6 Newsfile 14 Newsfile Xtra - weird war tales 17 Obituary - Jim Cronin 18 Bigfoot notebook 20 Mystery cats diary 25 Aquatic monster study group 31 Eel of Fortune 45 The legend of Goatman 52 Chesapeake cadaver 51 Letters 54 Reviews 56 CFZ News 59 The Sycophant 60 Cartoon by Mark North We are now working on Issue 42, and are confident that it will be available before Christmas. It will, of course, feature an expedition report from the South America team, as well as articles on the mystery animals of Vermont, giant pike, lake monster news, big cat news, BHM news and Weird Weekend 2007 report. Watch this space.


The 2008 Yearbook is practically complete. We are waiting for the return of the Guyana team, so I can finish my annual report, and then – in early December – it will be published. It includes articles on the Mongolian Deathworm by Michael Woodley, Nick Malloy’s Orang pendek Expedition Report, Dr. Karl Shuker on the Mystery Cats of London Zoo, Neil Arnold on the Big Cats of Greater London, Lisa Dowley with an expedition report from Loch Morar, Richard Muirhead with a round up of fortean excerpts from a Victorian magazine called Science Gossip, some reprints of classic articles on the singing mice, Tony Lucas on the Mystery Animals of New Zealand, and Nick Redfern with an intriguing article called Planet of the Apemen.

If you want to pre-order a copy, post free, send us £12.50 ($25) via Paypal for non-members. CFZ members will have already been contacted with an even more preferential rate.


We also have several more books due out in the next few months. These include Ethna’s Journal – a remarkably gruesome piece of fiction by my beloved wife. It reminds me of some of the best of Michael Moorcock, although – according to Corinna – compared to some other women’s fiction it is not gruesome at all. Thank God I am a bloke I say. Seriously, however, it is highly recommended.

Also coming in the next month or two – Island of Paradise – my long awaited, and hopefully exhaustive, book about my researches into the chupacabra and other mysteries of Puerto Rico. It tells the story of my 2004 expedition there with Nick Redfern, together with flashbacks and re-examines my earlier 1998 expedition with Graham Inglis. It contains much information that has never been published before, and though I say it myself, I am rather pleased with it. It is 90% finished now, and I hope that it will be published by the end of the year.

Also in current preparation is the first volume of our monumental multi-volume set of mystery animals in the UK and Ireland. The first volume is the Mystery Animals of Tyneside and Northumberland by Michael J. Hallowell. Several other volumes have been commissioned including Staffordshire (Nick Redfern), Kent (Neil Arnold), South Wales (Oll Lewis), Devon (Jon Downes), Cornwall (Jon Downes), Greater London (Neil Arnold), West Midlands (Dr. Karl Shuker), Dorset (Jon McGowan). We hope that the entire set, in about 30 volumes, will be available by the end of the decade.

The Guyana Expedition Report will be published in book form in a similar format to the Gambia book that we published in 2006. Expect this early in the New Year, roughly concurrently with The 2008 Big Cats in Britain Yearbook.

In preparation for the early part of next year, there are new books by Dr. Karl Shuker, Richard Freeman and Michael Woodley.


I stopped being a professional musician in 1996, when my ex-wife buggered off with my keyboard player. Things like that tend to cloud one’s enthusiasm for the rock and roll lifestyle. However, I have made the occasional forays into the recording studio since, but mostly for my own enjoyment. I am tremendously touched, eleven and a half years after I finished touring, that I still receive kind comments about my music. I have, therefore, decided to follow in the estimable footsteps of Radiohead and make my own back catalogue available for download from the CFZ site. Eventually, all my albums will be up there, but to start with I have posted:

The Case 1995
Contractural Obligations 1996
Hard Sports 2002
Lost Weekend 2003

And my new album, Twilight Over England, which is being released today.

You can download them all from I am not charging for this service, but would be grateful if anybody downloading would be kind enough to make a donation for as large or as small an amount as they like using the Paypal donation button which is on the page.


This will be held once again at Woolsery Community Centre, on the third weekend of August – 15th- 17th. Currently the following speakers have been confirmed:

Adrian Shine: Re-examining of the 1963 Tim Dinsdale footage from Loch Ness;
Geoff Ward: Spirals in action from crop circles to DNA;
Lee Walker: Newferry after midnight: true horror stories from a suburb of Liverpool;
Richard Freeman et al: Guyana expedition report;
Nick Redfern: TBA;
Ronan Coghlan: TBA;
Jon Downes: The Owlman and Mawnan
Matt Salusbury: Water elephants in the Congo
Matthew Williams: TBA

Tickets will be on sale early in the New Year. We urge you to book early to avoid disappointment.

That’s about it for this issue. As many of you know, Corinna and I were in a very serious car crash in September, followed immediately by a financial crisis caused by the idiocy of my bankers. As a result of which, I am not feeling in the best of health, and have spent most of the time ill in bed. Even today, I am in bed and dictating this newsletter to Corinna.

Please bear with us, therefore, if we are not quite as efficient as usual, and if I – in particular – take longer to answer my emails than I would normally do.

Thank you for your continued support.

Onwards and upwards,

Jon Downes
Director, CFZ
Editor, Animals & Men Magazine; Editor, Exotic Pets Magazine; Center for Fortean Zoology [CFZ], Myrtle Cottage, Woolfardisworthy, Bideford, North Devon, EX39 5QR, England.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1237 431413


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On The Road...

I'm now on the road until late next Monday night, so my next posting here will be next Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Ghost With Trembling Wings

Here's a book I was alerted to today: The Ghost With Trembling Wings. Click on the link and then see what Publisher's Weekly has to say. From PW's comments, it looks interesting. It's not a new book, but I've heard very little about it until now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A New "Bearwolf" Encounter From Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey alerts us to a new "Bearwolf" sighting in Wisconsin. This case is quite literally brand new.

A Texas Chupacabras? Nope...

The recent furore and fuss that surrounded the discovery of a weird-looking creature in Texas has been laid to rest. A Chupacabras? Nope: a coyote with an unfortunate skin condition.

The Face of a Gargoyle?

Some might argue that stories of gargoyles have no place within the realms of cryptozoology. I would disagree. The subject is packed with tales of menacing beasts with large wings that, in some cases, sound very much like the classic gargoyle imagery with which we are all familiar. Indeed, I have investigated several gargoyle-like sightings myself - one near the town of Glastonbury, England, and the other in West Texas, the details of which can be found in my books Three Men Seeking Monsters (for the Glastonbury story) and Memoirs of a Monster Hunter (for the Texas account).
And now we have this.
Keep watching the skies - you never know what vile creature may be circling above you, beating its leathery wings by the light of a full moon...

Shrinking Sherwood and the Spectral Sasquatch...

This story - concerning the decline of Nottingham, England's fabled and magical Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame is a real tragedy. Let's hope this once-mighty area of woodland can be saved and returned to its majestic glory of centuries-past.

And while there is no doubt that the aforementioned Robin Hood was (and arguably still is) the most famous resident of Sherwood Forest, according to some people the woods have been home to far stranger things, too - and of a distinctly cryptozoological nature even.

Some Thing in the Woods was the headline that appeared in the November 28, 2002 issue of the Nottingham Evening Post newspaper. It transpired that Chris Mullins, a British-based mystery-animal researcher, had been given details of an "eight-foot, hairy man beast with red glowing eyes" seen within the legendary forest.

It was this story that prompted a man to contact Chris on December 4, 2002 with details of his own sighting of a seven-to-eight-foot-tall ape-like creature in the vicinity of Sherwood Forest late at night in 1982.

Accounts like these fascinate me.

As I revealed in my book, Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot, there are countless stories of large, hairy man-beasts roaming the British Isles. The problem - as the new story on the decline of Sherwood Forest amply demonstrates - is that Britain simply does not have enough forestland to adequately support - and hide, too - a colony of giant, ape-like creatures.

And yet, people see them.

In my view, this is yet more evidence suggesting that the big hairy man is a paranormal entity (and I use that as a simplistic, catch-all term for something of which we have a poor understanding), rather than a straightforward flesh-and-blood beast.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Here at the CFZ we're pleased to announce that we have entered the realm of Web TV. Yep: there is a now a monthly Web TV-style "CFZ Newsletter" that aims to inform you of the latest news, views, comments and developments in the world of cryptozoology.
Episode 1 surfaced just recently, and the new episode has just hit the Net and can be found by clicking here.
In future episodes, you'll see various and sundry CFZ members out and about, on location, and seeking out strange beasts, both large and small.

Monstrous News From Linda Godfrey

Over at her Beast of Bray Road blog, Linda Godfrey (author of The Beast of Bray Road; Hunting the American Werewolf; Strange Wisconsin and several other fine titles) has some interesting news to impart.
As Linda states:
"I'm back after the appearance marathon that resulted from Halloween coinciding with the release of Strange Wisconsin. Some of the highlights included signing all my books for two days at the Milwaukee Public Museum last week, with almost all of the 1500 daily participants dressed as trolls, beasts, fairies and other fabulous personae, and speaking at Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk's Eau Claire Unexplained Conference which drew a crowd of 375 on the Saturday before Halloween."
She continues: "With Strange Wisconsin now officially on both online and brick-and-mortar bookshelves, I want to point out one story that has not been printed elsewhere of interest to all students of crypto-related culture. In West Bend, Wisconsin, the Washington County Courthouse has a new mural painted last winter that contains, to my knowledge, the only purposely included cryptid in a courthouse mural in the country, excluding classic griffins, chimeras, etc."
And for the rest of Linda story, plus details of Linda's involvement in the new Monster Quest series on the History Channel, click here.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"The X-Files" Returns

For fans of The X-Files: It's baaaaack!!
Here's the latest news, which confirms that a new film based on the hit series of the 1990s will be released next year, starring both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Note that the article states that the film will have a "supernatural" theme.
That description would seem to suggest that the script-writers may be moving away from the alien angle of the first film. Could it be that it will be ghosts and the paranormal that the world's most famous fictional FBI agents will be pursuing? Or will we possibly even see them on the trail of strange creatures and fantastic beasts of a cryptozoological nature?
We'll see...

More on "Darklore"...

I mentioned a few days ago that I had contributed a chapter to the first edition of a new publication titled Darklore, which includes a couple of cryptozoological-driven articles.
Well, I'm pleased to announce that an official website for the publication has been set up by the man behind the project, Greg Taylor, and which can be found by clicking here.
Not only that: the website gives you the opportunity to download several of the articles in PDF format that appear in Darklore.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Intermediate States" - Crypto, UFOs and More...

I’m very pleased to announce that the latest issue of The Anomalist (No. 13) has just been published. Titled Intermediate States it covers a wide range of subjects and includes a chapter from me on the strange tale of an old Hollywood movie called The Flying Saucer that attracted the attention of the U.S. Air Force.
And as you'll see (below) it also has a couple of chapters that cover cryptozoology. Recommended reading, even if I say so myself!
Here’s the publisher’s summary of the book’s contents:
“In a mix of the comic and the tragic, John Reppion searches for the truth behind an 1845 bridge collapse said to be caused when spectators rushed to see a clown in a tub drawn by six white geese in the river below.
“Cliff Willett wonders why UFO aliens would traverse deep space to borrow salt, sample our pizza, or offer us pancakes in his delightful examination of alien eating habits.
“Technology buffs in the afterlife? Mark Macy traces his involvement in our half-century long history of attempts to use technology to communicate directly with the dead – and them with us.
“Researcher Ulrich Magin tracks down the oft-repeated story of ‘the first ever sea serpent sighting’ by the Assyrian King Sargon nearly three millennia ago and gets to the slimy truth of it all.
“As protosciences proliferate, David Hricenak makes the case for a new interdisciplinary field of study called bioanomalistics that overlaps with cryptozoology, UFOlogy, and parapsychology.
“Pennsylvania geologist Sharon Hill tackles the reports of anomalous lights, sounds, weather, and animal behavior that are said to occur before earthquakes, explains why science has been reluctant to accept them as useful precursors, and suggests a possible mechanism to explain such phenomena.
“Modern science may finally be shedding light on the paranormal. Biologist Dwight Smith and researcher Gary Mangiacopra look at how recent developments in neuroscience may help unravel the physical and physiological mechanisms that lead to out-of-body experiences.
“With an obvious passion for her subject, Victoria Alexander reviews the extreme ecstatic practices of medieval saints and mystics and finds a close relationship to the modern use of ayahuasca as a visionary tool.
“Researcher Theo Paijmans makes use of digital newspaper archives to get to the truth about the Black Flash – not the 1990s fictional comic book character from DC Comics but the phantomlike creature that plagued Provincetown in the 1930s and held its inhabitants in an ice-cold grip of fear.
“Bad sci-fi movies are a dime a dozen, but there’s something special about The Flying Saucer. Nick Redfern wonders if there is any substance to the claims of its star/director, who spread the word that the movie would feature footage of a real flying saucer over Alaska. The U.S. Air Force was certainly interested.
"What does Mitt Romney think of the Nephites? Fortean researcher LorenColeman examines the Mormon belief in this race of beings who live in aworld between the known and unknown, who once existed and may still walkamong us, saving lives and doing good deeds."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Media Monster Coverage Continues...

The absolute deluge of crypto stories in the media continues. Is this the start of a trend? Or is it largely based upon the fact that we are right now celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Patterson Film, and the media has briefly picked up on it? I would hope the former. But I suspect the latter...
Here's the latest items:

1. A 1977 Bigfoot encounter;
2. Even more on Bearsquatch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Even More Goat-Men...

And even more on Goat-Men! What's going on?

And More On Bearsquatch

One more for you...

More on the Bearsquatch Photos...

The Pennsylvania Bearsquatch controversy continues at a steady pace.

Goat-Men Everywhere

As some of you will know, my new book Memoirs of a Monster Hunter includes a chapter on the controversial story of the Goat-Man of Lake Worth, Texas. Well, there are Goat-Man legends all across the US - indeed, a friend of mine named Bart Nunnelly wrote about the Goat-Man of Kentucky in his recent book, Mysterious Kentucky. And now comes another book that features the cloven-hoofed one! Keep a look out: if this trend continues, the Goat-Man will be coming to the woods near just about everyone!

Darklore Among Us...

I recently contributed a chapter to a great new venture - Darklore - that is the brainchild of Greg Taylor of the Daily Grail. While my contribution is on the subject of UFOs (specifically so-called Flying Triangles); my research also features in a chapter on Roswell and, for those with an interest in cryptozoology, in a chapter on high-strangeness Bigfoot cases, too.

Here's the Amazon link to the book, and here's what Greg has to say about it:

"The collector's edition of the new Daily Grail anthology, Darklore Volume 1, is now available for purchasing from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Remember, there are only 66 copies of this hardcover collector's edition, so if you want a copy get in fast (I know already of 3 book collectors who have asked for a copy, which probably shows that the value of the collector's edition will only ever increase).

"Considering that purchasing Darklore also helps support future operations of the Daily Grail, and numerous other researchers and writers (such as Robert Schoch, Nick Redfern, Loren Coleman, Michael Prescott, Picknett and Prince and many more), and that the book is a great read to boot, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

"Please note that the shipping time of 4-6 weeks on (1-2 weeks on UK) is likely incorrect - this is due to it being a new book, with no copies in the distributor's warehouse (and therefore not in their computer system). Once the first order is processed by the distributor, this will probably drop to 1 or 2 days.

"Support good research and writing on Daily Grail topics by getting yourself a copy of Darklore Volume 1."