Friday, December 21, 2007

Animals & Men

A couple of days ago I received in the mail the new issue of Animals & Men: The Journal of the Center for Fortean Zoology.
I always look forward to receiving a new A&M, as it's a publication that is guaranteed to both entertain and inform anyone and everyone with an interest in cryptozoology, Forteana and all-things-weird.
And the new issue most certainly doesn't disappoint. You will find in its pages a wealth of stories on newly discovered creatures; the latest news on sightings of mysterious Big Cats in the UK; an in-depth report (including numerous photos) on the CFZ's recent expedition to Guyana in search of a wealth of strange beasts; a fascinating article by Neil Arnold titled The Bennington Triangle that details the unknown animals in one particular part of Vermont; a review of the CFZ's 2007 Weird Weekend gig; and details of a previously-unreported sighting of the British equivalent of Mothman - namely, the Owlman.
But there's something else, too.
As much as the Internet has revolutionized our lives for the better, as well as giving us the ability to access masses of information online at the touch of a button, I still think there is something exciting about receiving an in-print magazine via the postman, and as in the days of yore.
And when - as is the case with Animals & Men - it has been put together by a dedicated team (Jon, Corinna, Mark, Richard, Graham and Ollie) that often by the midnight-oil tirelessly edits the mag, does the artwork and design, prints it, and ensures that copies of the glossy, color-covered 60-page magazine are mailed to hundreds of like-minded souls across the world, it creates an image of admirable dedication to the task in-hand.
It also - for me, at least - is a firm indication that passion, vitality and boundless enthusiasm are all still alive and kicking in the world of cryptozoology.
Long may Jon and the team continue to publish Animals & Men.

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