Friday, January 27, 2012

Mothman's 10th

Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman notes that 10 years have passed since the movie of The Mothman Prophecies hit the big-screen. What has happened in that decade since John Keel's classic book got the Hollywood treatment? Read on!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neil Reviews...

Neil Arnold reviews a new movie on one of the most famous of all Cryptozoological sagas. And...he hates it! So, what's the movie, and what's the story? Read on...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nessie: The Underwater Sightings

There are many reports of people seeing the Loch Ness Monster, very often with a noticeable neck and hump breaking the surface of the ancient loch.

There are even a number of intriguing reports of people seeing the creature on land.

But, what about those few reports where people have been in a position to see it under the water?

Granted, there aren't many such reports on file, but as this excellent new article on the subject demonstrates, they certainly do exist!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something in the Sewers...

NEIL ARNOLD WRITES: For those of you interested in strange tales of UFOs, monsters, and other weird esoteric phenomena may I draw your attention to the release of 'Darklore' volume 6, edited by Greg Taylor. Over the years Greg has done a fantastic job of compiling extraordinary articles into book form.

Since its inception Greg has featured the work of people such as Nick Redfern, Nigel Watson, Jon Downes, Richard Freeman and Regan Lee. I've been fortunate enough to contribute articles to several volumes including the new tome. My entry, 'There's Something Strange In The Sewers' looks at bizarre, and mostly obscure stories concerning strange phenomena associated with sewer systems, drainage pipes etc. The article mainly looks at weird and wonderful animals found in such subterranean networks, covering reports of alligators, snakes, giant rats and even a lion and a cow!! You couldn't make it up!

Sewers have also harboured monster legends too, whether it's been the discovery of prehistoric remains in storm drains or reports of Bigfoot and other unexplainable monstrosities crawling through the dank tunnels. Ghost stories and a few urban legends also get a mention.

Elsewhere in the book Nigel Watson looks at a strange tale of alien contact, Cat Vincent looks into the sinister legend of the Slenderman, and Jack Hunter explores the darker side of anthropology.

And here's where you can find all about the new volume of Darklore.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Werewolves at 100

It occurred to me last night that this year, 2012, marks the 100th anniversary of the original publication of Elliott O'Donnell's classic book on lycanthropy, Werewolves.

If you are into werewolves, but haven't read the book, then you really should! Packed with numerous cases of encounters with werewolves from all across the globe, and a wide variety of theories offered to explain what may be afoot, Werewolves is as essential today as it was exactly 100 years ago.

To find out more about O'Donnell and his work, click on this link.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Update

This just in from Eric Altman:

Just a quick announcement that the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society has a new website that is up and running. The old site was out of date and difficult to update being that it was built with Microsoft Office Front Page, and difficult to keep updated. A new website has been launched and it has more features and functions than the old site did. The URL is still the same as the old site That has not changed. But I'd like you to stop by and check out the work done so far.

This new website will feature updated and added sighting reports broken down by Counties, there will be a page dedicated to older archived reports. There is a new photos page from investigations and outings along with any evidence we may have found. The site will also feature a newly added video and audio page to view and listen to any potential evidence collected by the Pa Bigfoot Society. A news page that features a daily rss feed to numerous blogs and crypto news sites. Plus a whole lot more.

If you would like to have your website link posted on the page or a banner, please send me the link r banner jpg or gif and I will post it. In return, I would ask that you would post a link to our site if you haven't already.

This will be a huge undertaking in getting the site fully functional and updated, and will be under construction with updates daily. So we invite you to keep checking back.

I am trying to make the site as user friendly as possible and any suggestions, updates, comments or criticisms on the site are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and consideration;

Warmest Regards
Eric Altman
member/ Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

Update on Unbelievable

Just recently, I wrote a post on Simon Wyatt's excellent graphic-novel: Unbelievable: The Man Who Ate Daffodils, which will be of deep interest to all of you interested in Cryptozoology!

And, on the back of the publication, there's this good news from Simon. He says:

I just had to share this with you, voting for The Eagle Awards 2012 has just launched and I have just found out I've already been nominated in three different categories for Unbelievable: The Man Who Ate Daffodils!

Favourite Writer/Artist;

Favourite British Comicbook: Black and White;

Favourite 2011 Original Graphic Novel.

Named after the fondly remembered 1950s comic title Eagle and originated in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry’s longest established awards. Acknowledged as the preeminent international prizes, they have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years. Unique in that they reflect the people’s choice.

I'm smiling so hard I think my ears are going to meet at the back of my head!



The British Baboon

Yes, you did read that heading correctly!

Of course, Britain is most certainly not home to wild colonies of Baboon - or, at least, it shouldn't be!

And yet, people see them, and have done so for many a year, from England to Scotland.

That some are of flesh and blood, and others seem decidedly spectral in nature only adds to the controversy - as this new post from me at Mysterious Universe demonstrates.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

London's Mystery Animals

This just in from Jon Downes at the Center for Fortean Zoology:

The Centre for Fortean Zoology’s Mystery Animals of the British Isles series continues to put out detailed guides to the weirder side of Britain’s zoology, and Neil Arnold’s latest book, Mystery Animals of the British Isles: London is no exception.

Every aspect of the capital’s strange fauna is analysed, with sections on Alien Big Cats, the Highgate Vampire, sky and water beasts, as well as a look at the weird goings on in Harrods and the Tower of London, making this book an extremely detailed reference guide to the strange goings on throughout the years in London.

Though still a sprawling metropolis, London is still a hub for odd happenings. Take for instance, the vultures in the parks, the London Goatman, the beast of Ruislip, giant catfish in the canals, scorpions in the supermarkets, huge rats in the sewers, the Brentford Griffin, fish-falls, Spring-Heeled Jack and spectral horses, and you end up with a city far stranger than one would expect!

Elegantly written in an engaging style, Arnold manages to weave together the complicated zoological mysteries surrounding London into a comprehensive volume vast in scope, but still prefect for bedtime reading. You will never walk the streets of London in quite the same mindset ever again…

Mystery Animals of the British Isles: London by Neil Arnold is available from CFZ Books at

Neil Arnold is available for interview.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Flying Humanoids: A History

It's fair to say that sightings of so-called "Flying Humanoids" straddle various aspects of the Fortean world, including that of Cryptozoology.

And, if such aerial entities are of interest to you, then you should definitely check out an excellent new article from Kithra that provides a good chronological history of sightings.

As Kithra's list and descriptions demonstrate, there are some eerie similarities between certain cases that span not just the decades, but the centuries too.

Here's the link to the complete article.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monkey Chimera

This is all sure to end in Rise of the Planet of the Apes-style disaster.

How long before we see the Statue of Liberty half-buried in the sands of an irradiated world?

Go ahead, laugh!

You won't be laughing when you're caged in Ape-City, screaming: "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

Okay, I jest - to a degree anyway.

But, surely, things like this - even if they do achieve some significant scientific breakthroughs - need to be addressed with caution, closely regulated, and carefully monitored to ensure that a bunch of power-crazed Dr. Moreau types don't turn a degree of science-fiction into science-fact...

The Coming of Bigfoot (Literally!)

In 2010, I wrote an article for Penthouse magazine titled Sex and the Supernatural, which covered such wacky issues as human-alien sex, hot action of the ghostly variety, and the sex life of Bigfoot.

And, on this latter point of what Sasquatch likes to do when it is not out foraging for food or scaring people on lonely stretches of road late at night...

There's a new series of fiction books available - penned by author Virginia Wade - that offer the Bigfoot student a wealth of fun and entertaining tales on Bigfoot and its monstrous Mojo.

The overall title of the series is (wait for it...) Cum for Bigfoot! Yes, really! Brilliant!

And, hot on the heels of the newly-published first volume, there's another one, ahem, coming soon!

As the blurb below from the publisher demonstrates, while undeniably fun to read, they may not make the best present for Granny (that is, unless Granny has a thing for animalistic sex of the hairy-giant variety, in which case the old lady will absolutely love it!).

Talking of the publishers' blurb, here it is:

If you go into the woods today…

On a weeklong outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of teen girls with the purpose of procreating with them.

This story contains oral sex, fingering, forced consent, penetration with a large object, and ménage à trois. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

Well, who knew that Bigfoot ever had such fun??!!

All I can say is: bring on Volume 3!

To find out more about the Cum for Bigfoot series, check out Virginia Wade's website, which also includes info on a forthcoming title that may be of interest to the fan of all things weird - Cum for Frankenstein!

In fact, I can see a whole range of additional titles surfacing - Cum for Nessie: Lust in the Loch; Cum for the Chupacabra: Sucking on a Goat; and Cum for the Michigan Dogman: Doing it Doggy-Style!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bigfoot: A Creature of Controversy

Lisa A. Shiel's new Sasquatch-themed book, Creature of Controversy: Forbidden Bigfoot, Part One, is now available.

It contains an extensive Q&A with me on my thoughts on what Bigfoot is (and isn't!), the paranormal/Fortean aspects of certain Bigfoot encounters, and much more that will probably not endear me (not that I am already! LOL) to the mainstream field of Cryptozoology!

As an example of the interview with me, here's a taster from it:

Lisa A. Shiel: "What is the biggest controversy in Bigfoot research?"

Nick Redfern: "In my personal opinion, without any doubt, it's why we haven't been able to catch Bigfoot or find a body or any hard evidence—which flies in the face, in my view, of any other animal that doesn't fall in the realm of cryptozoology. When it comes to bears, lions, and tigers, we may find them dead occasionally in the wild or we might find a bear occasionally hit by a truck, but the important thing is that even though it's just occasionally, it does happen. I think this is the biggest controversy with Bigfoot research. Bigfoot, even when it reportedly gets shot, never crumples to the ground and dies. If it unfortunately gets hit by a car, it always manages to escape. Photographic evidence is interesting but never conclusive. Hair samples are interesting but never conclusive. It's this overwhelming, almost eerie elusiveness with Bigfoot that to me is the most controversial aspect. The reason it's the most controversial aspect is because, by default, being so elusive to me implies there's something more—or paradoxically less—to Bigfoot than just being an unclassified animal that science hasn't found or doesn't recognize."

And if that has caught your attention, here's the publisher's blurb on the book:

Is Bigfoot real or a hoax?

For most people, this is the most controversial question surrounding Bigfoot. But to the folks who study Bigfoot—interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and analyzing the data—there's no question about Bigfoot's reality. Yet behind the closed doors of Bigfoot research, arguments boil over into feuds worthy of the Wild West.

Now, Lisa A. Shiel invites you to step through the door and learn about the controversies that both enliven and hinder the quest for this mysterious creature:

• What should we call Bigfoot?
• Is Bigfoot paranormal, flesh and blood, or both?
• What on earth is Bigfoot?
• Should we shoot a Bigfoot in order to prove they exist?
• How much do we really know about Bigfoot?
• And much more!

Creature of Controversy exposes the feuds in a no-holds-barred look at the secret world of Bigfoot research, enhanced by interviews with other well-known Bigfoot researchers:

• Eric Altman
• Melissa Hovey
• Regan Lee
• Thom Powell
• Nick Redfern
• Kathy Strain

Will the Bigfoot mystery ever be solved, or will infighting block the search? Buy Creature of Controversy today to find out!