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Bigfoot Heebie Jeebies

The Blogsquatcher on Bigfoot and high-strangeness...

The Feet Of Bigfoot Are.... the news.

Big Cats In Britain Yearbook 2008

I received in the mail yesterday a copy of the CFZ's latest book: Big Cats in Britain Yearbook 2008, edited by mystery big-cat authority Mark Fraser. I'll be reading it fully over the weekend and will have a complete review of the book posted here next week.

Having already had a quick scan of its contents, I can say for certain that if you are in any way interested in the stories of large, wild and mysterious cats roaming the British Isles, this is a book you will not want to miss at all.

Big Cats is packed with essential data on the many and varied sightings of such beasts made in the British Isles last year; it contains papers from the leading lights of British big-cat research; intriguing and seldom seen photographs; and much more.

The book will be officially launched at next weekend's Big Cats in Britain Conference. For full details of where the conference will be held, the speaker line-up (which includes CFZ head Jon Downes), and much more, click on this link.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tonight on the Radio

I'll be discussing my crypto research tonight (12.3o AM Central Time) on the Peter Anthony Holder show.

Crypto in the News

Courtesy of The Anomalist:

Bigfoot Casts A Philosophical Shadow: UC Berkeley News. Looking to engage visitors, the Hearst Museum displays some plaster casts of alleged Sasquatch footprints — and ponders the nature of evidence and truth. The plaster casts were made by the late anthropologist Grover Krantz, a one-time Berkeley grad student. The casts haven't been publicly displayed in a decade. Draws comparison between Bigfoot and meteorites. Also, Elections through the eyes of Bigfoot, Bones Found near Pike Place Not Human, and There may be monsters.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Bigfoot-UFO connection is again in the news...

The Ankle-Biting Beast Of Bray Road Is No More...

Here's Linda Godfrey's update on the ankle-biting beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin. As you'll see from Linda's post, we can definitely put this case to rest as a fabrication.

Linda says: "This is about what I expected. The man, 'Nathan,' who claimed in a local chat site that he had been bitten by a wolf on Bray Road, is now saying online that the story was typed up by a friend on his computer as he lay passed out from drinking too much. Whether that is true or he submitted the hoax himself, the whole thing was rather stupid and a prime example of a 'red flag' report. I think it is good to always remember there are people out there brainlessly seeking attention, and I offer it as both a cautionary tale and the reason I don't 'bite' on everything presented to me. As anyone who has read my books knows, it's not the first Bray Road hoax and I'm sure it won't be the last."

Snaking Around the Chase...

As readers of this blog will be aware, I am always interested to hear of (and report on) sightings of weird and exotic beasts in the woods of Britain's Cannock Chase - situated only a few miles from where I grew up.

Indeed, over the last few years, as my previous posts here have shown, it seems that the Chase has been literally invaded by everything from Bigfoot to werewolves, from big cats to ghostly black dogs, and from wild boar to wallabies.

And now there's this out of place critter too. Of course, this new, and unfortunate, story of a Cannock Chase beast has a very down-to-earth explanation: it's called an irresponsible owner. If you can't look after them, don't buy them - it really is that simple!

The Beast of Bray Road Takes a Bite...

Over at her Were-Blog, Hunting the American Werewolf author Linda Godfrey gets her teeth into a newly surfaced encounter with the Beast of Bray Road. Or, rather, the Beast supposedly gets its teeth into somebody's ankle!

The Spitsbergen Monster

Check out this monstrous critter found on the island of Spitsbergen. For such a small island, Spitsbergen has an intriguing history. It was the site of an alleged (very alleged!) UFO crash in 1952; while in 1995 events on the island came perilously close to causing a major international incident. What next? Is Bigfoot going to come looming out of the shadows too?!

Barton Nunnelly on "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter"

Bart Nunnelly, author of Mysterious Kentucky, reviews my Memoirs of a Monster Hunter. Cheers, Bart!

"Nick Redfern is the Elvis Costello of monster hunting. One of only a handful of true, authentic monster hunters in the world today, his latest literary effort, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter affords the reader a glimpse behind the scenes of the experiences which were later chronicled in 2004's instant classic, Three Men Seeking Monsters.

"Indeed Memoirs works well as a companion volume, or sequel, to this excellent work. Redfern's fearless approach to both his occupation and his craft makes for a unique and interesting read the likes of which is seldom seen from his counterparts who hail from this side of the Atlantic.

"In Memoirs Redfern shows that he is also equally adept and at ease discussing off topic subjects such as his love life, or fellow Brit buddy Jon Downes, as he is speaking about his monster hunting exploits. But, never fear, monsters abound inside this book's covers as well as other unexplained phenomena.

"From El Chupacabras to Bigfoot. From Goatman to ghost lights. Werewolves, vampire bats, HIV infected mosquitoes. It's all in here! Redfern, with his affinity for punk rock music, zombie movies, black tee-shirts and good, strong ale, and armed with little more than a drink in one hand and his decidedly British sense of humor - almost casually finds himself repeatedly thrust into the most remote, isolated locations experiencing hair-raising adventures.

"This book leaves no stone unturned in its quest for answers concerning some of the world's strangest cryptids and comes highly recommended to anyone interested in Fortean phenomena. Humorous and interesting. Excellent! 5 stars..."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sporadic Posts

I'll be traveling shortly for the next 24-hours or so; and so there will probably be no more posts from me until late tomorrow night or possibly Wednesday morning.

Bigfoot - The Classroom Connection

Loren Coleman comments further on Bigfoot in the classroom.

Jacko Reconsidered

Most people with an interest in the Bigfoot issue will be acquainted with the strange, and now very old, tale of Jacko. While many are content to dismiss the case as a hoax or of no real consequence, the Blogsquatcher brings it to our attention again and says:

"I’m not on the fence about this, I’m pretty sure that this story is legit, just taking the consistency of the story with what we think we know about Sasquatch today, and taking into account the factual content which could be checked at the time, and also the elements of style and the tone of the report, all of which argues against it’s being a hoax. So the question becomes, if the story of the capture of the creature was real, what happened to Jacko?"

For the rest of Blogsquatcher's intriguing post, and (for those not conversant with the story) background on the affair, click here.

Regan Lee on Bigfoot and Orbs

The controversy of Bigfoot and Orbs...

A Ufological Bigfoot?

Lisa Shiel delves into the controversial world of Bigfoot and UFOs: here and here.

Bigfoot and BlogTalkRadio

The South East Sasquatch Association reviews my appearance on last night:

"This was a great show, with guest Nick Redfern, who discussed such things as Sasquatch reports in England, as well as other cryptids, such as Dogmen, flying cryptids and other subjects.

"JC and Darin also asked Nick about Bigfoot and other cryptids, as well as whether there is a paranormal aspect to cryptids (Nick doesn't really believe that), as well as whether Bigfoot was connected to aliens or UFOs or things like that.

"It was a great show, full of great info. Next week, Darin and JC will have the lovely Melissa Hovey, beginning at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central at

"As always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research."

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great Birds!

Does the legendary Thunderbird lurk in West Virginia? A breaking story, concerning a close encounter with such a huge bird late last year, suggests the answer could well be: Yes!

Lake Monsters In The News

Say hello to Normie - the monster of Lake Norman, North Carolina...

The "Texas Frightmare Weekend" and "The Wild Man of the Navidad"

If you're in Dallas, Texas over the next few days, check out the Texas Frightmare Weekend. On Friday night, at 6PM, there will be a screening of the new film, The Wild Man of the Navidad - which tells the story of a strange, cryptozoological man-beast seen in South Texas in the 1800s. I wrote an article on the film for the current issue of Fortean Times magazine, and a highly entertaining and atmospheric film it is, too - click here for details.

On the Radio: Bigfoot Talk

This coming Sunday, Feb. 24, at 6PM Central Time, I'll be appearing on Bigfoot Talk radio, where I'll be discussing my research into British-based Bigfoot-style reports, as well as my States-side investigations. Here's the link for more data on the show.

Protecting The Chase

Britain's Cannock Chase woods have had a long reputation for being the domain of mysterious beasts, including big-cats, wild-boar, out-of-place giant snakes - even Bigfoot and werewolves. If you live local to the Chase, now is your chance to air your views on how this rich and diverse location can best be protected.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lake Ray Roberts, DAPS and Bigfoot

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Lake Ray Roberts, Texas with fellow researcher Lance Oliver of the Texas-based group Denton Area Paranormal Society. Lance had told me previously that there had been Bigfoot activity in the area some years before, and so we decided to spend a day checking out the place (as well as the Old Alton Bridge at Denton - the haunt of a classic "Goatman" type character).

While we were out at Lake Ray Roberts, we found some intriguing things in the woods: classic "Bigfoot Teepee"-type structures; rock-piles; and more.

Take a look at the DAPS site; they're a good, enthusiastic bunch of people who do a lot of field-work.

Here's the link to the photos. Scroll down to the section titled "Lake Ray Roberts" and you'll see them.

Bigfoot, Water and the Paranormal

Over at Backyard Phenomena, Lisa Shiel delves into issues relating to Bigfoot, the paranormal and water.

Man-Monkey: The Uncanny Radio Podcast

On February 13, I was interviewed by Linda "Hunting the American Werewolf" Godfrey and Steve Sullivan for their new Uncanny Radio show. The subject of the interview was my book Man Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot. A podcast of the interview is now available on-line and can be found right here.

And be sure to check out tonight's episode of Uncanny Radio.

As the dynamic duo of Linda and Steve reveal: "Take a trip on the Weird side with UncannyRadio as we pick the eerie brains of Mark Moran, who together with Mark Sceurman started the Weird New Jersey newsletter that morphed into the whole Weird series of books published by Barnes & Noble, the Weird US TV show on History Channel, a Weird US YouTube channel and much, much more. We will ask him about the ultimate Weird thing, his own experiences with Weirdness, the best-kept Weird secret, and find out what he's learned about the Jersey Devil. A rare conversation with this man of many talents...not to be missed!"


This has nothing to do with cryptozoology; but it perfectly demonstrates the unique bond that exists between us and the animal kingdom.

Cryptozoology/"Three Men..." in the Classroom

Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman has an interesting new post on Bigfoot in the classroom. As Loren says:

"Today, Wednesday, February 20th, I journey north to give a 1:10 pm to 2:00 pm lecture in a classroom at the DP Corbett building at the University of Maine at Orono. This event serves as a contemporary example of how cryptozoology and Bigfoot studies are being used in colleges, universities, and, yes, in secondary and elementary settings.

"Do you think this college class is being given in the anthropology or zoology department? Actually, neither.

"The course involving the subject of 50 years of my passionate research interest is English 101, an introductory composition course required of all first year UMaine students.

"Instructors Nick Mohlmann and Michelle Allen have designed this class so students will become involved in critical thinking. The students are required to read two books that present different view points on an issue.

"For their classes they are using my book Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, Jeff Meldrum’s Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science and Nick Redfern’s Three Men Seeking Monsters."

Here's the link to the rest of Loren's article. It's certainly going to be interesting to see the response of the students!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Britain Under Monster Attack! (Well...nearly...)

Check out this mean looking monster found lurking in the usually calm waters of my home country of jolly old England! "Ugly" doesn't even come close!

Holy Giant Sea Spiders!!

H.P. Lovecraft would be foaming at the mouth with excitement at the sight of these things...! And see this related story, too for more data.

Dallas Media on Monster Lecture

The Dallas Morning News reviews my lecture four days ago at the Dallas Public Library - a lecture that focused heavily on Texas-based reports of Bigfoot; giant, mystery birds; lake-monsters; werewolves; and the Wild Man of the Navidad.

Alert! Armored Frogs the size of Bowling Balls!

The Frog-Monster rises... Shame they died out. They would make nice pets. Much better than those scrawny little dogs that the equally scrawny girls of Hollywood carry around in their handbags.

Keeping Abreast of the Yeti

How to escape ftom the Yeti, courtesy of the good folks at Cryptomundo!

Kithra on Creatures of the Circles

I always look forward to reading a new article from paranormal researcher and writer, Kithra. And her new one does not disappoint at all. As you'll see, the subject matter is a highly intriguing one: it deals to a significant degree with strange beasts seen in the vicinity of both crop circles and ancient stone circles in the county of Wiltshire, England.

As I mentioned to Kithra when she told me she was planning to write the article, I am working on a couple of chapters for my next book that tackle these very same areas. The gods of synchronicity are at work, it seems.

Here's the link to her article.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

From what I've seen and heard about this intriguing, forthcoming film - titled Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie - it's as much a story of human-interest as it is a quest to find Bigfoot.

As the synopsis for the story states at the film's official website, it's "...a look at the trials and triumphs of life in the Appalachian foot hills. Through the experiences of Dallas and Wayne, two amateur Bigfoot researchers in southern Ohio, we see how the power of a dream can bring two men together in friendship and provide hope and meaning that transcend the harsh realities of life in a dying steel town."

I'm guessing the film may split the Bigfoot-seeking community into two camps: those who think that on-screen Bigfoot-related profiles should be done in a more traditional fashion; and those who think that a change from the typical formula-driven shows that dominate our TV channels is a welcome breath of fresh air.

I'm in the second category.

Californian Monsters

A Californian lake-monster surfaces! Sadly, it only surfaces on the Net, not in person. Maybe one day...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crunchy Creatures

You will probably have noticed that the posts at this blog appear crunched together. Mac Tonnies has been experiencing the same thing. It's not me trying to save space: it appears to be something to do with Blogger. Hopefully, it will rectify itself in time.

The Kraken Lives!

Oh, yes it does. He's looking a bit pale and frosty, mind you. As is the Michigan Yeti. Someone needs to get them a hat, scarf and gloves - quickly...

Bigfoot Goes On Display

Bigfoot goes on display - or, rather, its footprints do. Catch 'em quick: they won't be around for long.

The Tasmanian Tiger: In The News Again

Another critter that refuses to roll over and go quietly - the Tasmanian Tiger - is still the subject of debate. Maybe one day we'll really know if it still continues to quietly thrive. It would be cool if it did.

Monsters of the Saraha

You wouldn't want to cross path with these characters on a dark and lonely night - or indeed at anytime! Luckily, you won't have to as they croaked years ago. But check them out: "number two" is a particularly ugly "son of a gun" - as I've come to learn they say here in Texas. Although when I say it in my central-England accent, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it...

China: Not A Monster-Friendly Place

A warning to all you cryptid creatures out there: keep the hell away from China!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Extraordinary Animals and the Government

Although it doesn't deal with unknown animals as such, an article that I have in the current issue of Taps Paramagazine certainly focuses on extraordinary animals.

The subject of the article is an examination of how, in the 1950s, the U.S. Army undertook secret research to determine if animals could locate landmines on the battlefield via the use of ESP.

The results were intriguing, to say the least...

Man-Monkey: On the Radio Tonight

As a reminder, I'll be speaking about my book Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot on tonight's episode of the new Uncanny Radio show with Linda Godfrey and Stephen D. Sullivan.

Here's the link where you can find details.

Check out Uncanny Radio's new blog, too.

Linda tells me that the interview should also be available online soon. You can expect much on British-based Bigfoot reports, the history of the subject in Britain, sightings, encounters and much more.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Romanian Bigfoot?

These photos are currently doing the rounds and purport to show a Romanian Bigfoot who just happens to pose nicely for the picture. Right....

Robert Rines and Nessie

The Boston Globe on legendary Loch Ness Monster seeker Robert Rines.

The White Stag of the Highlands

This is a very cool story about a rare white stag living in the Scottish Highlands - a creature that ancient man viewed as a messenger from the afterlife. Let's hope it doesn't finish up the same way as the last white stag in Britain did: namely shot and decapitated by idiot poachers on the Devon-Cornwall border last October.

And while we're on the subject, check out this white moose in Montana that's currently in the news.

The Rampage of the Lizard

Is a marauding Komodo Dragon rampaging around the Papua New Guinean city of Lae? Or is it all a case of misidentification and a hoax? Here's the story.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Texas Monsters: A Reminder

As a reminder, if you are in the Dallas, Texas area this coming saturday afternoon, I'll be lecturing on mysteries of Texas at the Dallas Public Library. The lecture will contain a lot of material on Texas cryptids, including (a) Bigfoot reports from Texas; (b) the "Goat-Men" of Lake Worth and Denton; (c) the Texan Gargoyles and Big Birds; (d) the latest movie news on the Wild Man of the Navidad; and much more. This PDF link provides all of the information (location address, time, etc).

Bigfoot: Lisa Shiel On The Downplaying Of Sightings

Over at Backyard Phenomena, Lisa Shiel says:

"According to most UFO researchers, the best method for deriving UFO statistics is to pick a number at random, say 80. Then use it in a sentence like this: 80% of UFO sightings are nothing. 'Nothing' means hoaxes, misidentifications, or total loons wasting everybody's time. Don't forget to speak in an authoritative voice when quoting your statistic. Bigfoot researchers like the out-of-thin-air approach for statistics too, though they rely on statistics less than UFO researchers. Yet Bigfoot researchers also like to say x% of the sightings are nothing. I've heard Bigfoot researchers state that 90% of the sightings are outright hoaxes. Why do they say that?"

For the rest of Lisa's article, click here.

Trailing Bigfoot

Bigfoot makes the news again.

A Tasmanian Tiger Sighting

The Tasmanian Tiger is in the news again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bigfoot on the Net

A couple of new media stories for Bigfoot fans: story one and story two.

The Wildman of the Navidad - On-Screen

The new issue of Fortean Times magazine (issue 233) includes an article from me on the subject of a famous Texan monster legend: namely that of the Wild Man of the Navidad.

Debate rages as to whether or not this was some sort of feral person, a Bigfoot-like entity, or something stranger. But whatever it was, it caused a hell of a fuss "down yonder" (as my Texan grandmother-in-law is fond of saying) in the 1800s.

And the reason for my article on this two-centuries-old case? Well, it has just become the subject of a brand new fictional film titled, not surprisingly, The Wild Man of the Navidad.

I recently had the opportunity to view the film and interview the crew, and had a "mighty fine time" (as my Texan grandmother-in-law is also fond of saying!) doing so.

Hopefully this Texan monster will be coming to a cinema near you soon.

Note: Fortean Times has not yet updated its website with the details of the new issue (issue 232 is still shown on its homepage); however, it should be updated over the next few days.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Cats of the North

The cougar returns to Wisconsin. And while we're on the subject of Wisconsin: spare a thought for Hunting the American Werewolf author, Linda Godfrey, who tells me they are currently swamped with massive snow-falls. Mind you, if things of a distinctly hairy and wolfish kind are out and about right now, it might result in some good footprints being found in the snow. Time to dig out those boots, gloves, jacket and camera, Linda! Just in case...

Bigfoot and the Mormons

What's the truth behind the Bigfoot-Mormon connection? Read on...

Loch Ness Latest

Well, I didn't fall victim to the Goat-Man of Denton yesterday, so I'm back, blogging a-plenty. Over at Cryptomundo, here's the latest news on arguably the world's most famous cryptid: the Loch Ness Monster.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On The Road

I'll be on the road all day tomorrow (Wednesday) - wandering the woods as I delve into the murky story of the Goat-Man of Denton, Texas. Unless I become the victim of a fatal attack by the eerie critter, I'll be back on-line on Thursday...

The Navajo Bigfoot

Regan Lee on the Navajo Bigfoot.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The "Big Cats in Britain" Conference

Here's the details of the forthcoming "Big Cats in Britain" conference that is going to be held in March:

Big Cats in Britain Conference

It is over 40 years since the first public spate of sightings hit the headlines with the Surrey Puma, yet we are still no closer to solving the mystery. Experts from all over the country will be gathering to discuss if these cats really are all black leopards? Hybrids? or a relic, indigenous species that we never knew existed alongside us, ever since the Ice Age?

The Big Cats in Britain group average three sightings daily from all over the countryside including Ireland, in fact people these days are more likely to see a big cat rather than a pig. The conference will be held at Tropiquaria near Watchet, Somerset, on the weekend of the 7th of March.

Conference organiser Mark Fraser said: “Each year the BCIB group hold a conference with guest speakers, focusing on the ever increasing reports of apparent large cats in the British Isles. This years speakers include Merrily Harpur, Richard Freeman, Jonathan Downes, Chris Moiser, and Dr Darren Naish. Also in attendance will be local researchers, and Nigel Brierly will be making a guest appearance. It is now generally accepted that there are large cats in the British countryside, the question is, what are they?"

BCIB logged 37 big cat reports for the county last year, and are interested in hearing from witnesses who believe they may have seen a big cat in the area. We are especially interested in any hard evidence such as photographs, casts etc. Complete anonymity will be given to witnesses.

Everyone is welcome to attend the conference and it should be a weekend to remember. There is so much interest in big cat sightings now and this will a chance for people to hear from experts, as well as the many people who have actually seen them with their own eyes. The conference starts on the Friday until the Sunday evening. There will be book stalls, debates, quiz, raffle, stalls and a tour of Tropiquaria.

Full details can be found on the website or contact organiser Mark Fraser on 07940 016972.

Over four decades, the Surrey Puma of the 1960s has been joined by the Exmoor Beast, the Beast of Bodmin, the Fen Tiger, the Beast of Ongar, the Pedmore Panther, the Beast of Gloucester, the Thing from the Ling, the Beast of Borehamwood, the Wrangaton Lion, the Beast of Shap, the Beast of Brentwood, the Lindsey Leopard, the Lincolnshire Lynx, the Wildcat of the Wolds, the Beast of Roslin, the Kilmacolm Big Cat, the Beast of Burford, the Chilterns Lion, the Beast of Castor, the Beast of Sydenham, the Shooters Hill Cheetah, the Beast of Bucks, the Plumstead Panther, the Beast of Bexley, the Beast of Barnet, the Nottingham Lion, the Durham Puma, the Horndon Panther, the Beast of Cricklewood, the Beast of Bont, the Beast of Gobowen ... and many more.

Big Cats in Britain 99 South Dean Road Kilmarnock KA3 7RG Ayrshire Scotland Tel: (01563) 551710 Mob: 07940 016972 Email:
Mark Fraser

Mothman and Tourism

Mothman: helping to boost the economy!

Ghostly Events at CFZ-HQ

Spooky goings-on are currently afoot at the Center for Fortean Zoology HQ at Myrtle Cottage, Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England.

Corinna Downes - wife of CFZ Director Jon Downes - reveals the eerie story:

"I witnessed my third Myrtle Cottage apparition last week. Graham, Jon and I were sitting in the office when I heard the back door slam, followed by footsteps on the gravel rushing down past the office door. I was actually sitting facing the door and saw a shape run past.

"I said to Graham something along the lines of, 'Goodness, where is Oll off to at such a speed?' I had assumed that he was maybe checking something out with the chickens. Jon didn’t hear or see anything, but Graham heard it too.

"However, it was not Oll as he was in his room. Hmmm. I am not sure that I actually recorded the first and second instances. The first was the year before last, before I had moved down here permanently. I was visiting for the weekend and, one night, saw a glowing orb at the foot of the bed for about half a minute.

"I was really chuffed, as I had heard so much from Jon and the others about strange noises and visions, and was feeling left out at never having witnessed anything myself. I was beginning to think these ‘residents’ didn’t like me lol.

"The second was last year, when Shosh [Corinna's daughter] was staying with us for a fortnight on one of her veterinary stints at the local practice. It was around the time that she used to get back – 5.30 ish. Again, I was in the office sitting at the computer in the corner, when I heard the gate open and saw Shosh walk past the office door towards the kitchen.

"The hair colouring was hers down to a ‘T’ and the shape was so vivid that I got up, and went into the kitchen to make the ‘welcome home’ cup of tea, only to find that there was absolutely no-one in the kitchen. Upon asking, no-one had seen her. Well, they wouldn’t have done, as she didn’t arrive back until about half an hour later!"

Click here for Corinna's full posting.

Friday, February 1, 2008

"On The Track" Online

The latest edition of the CFZ's on-line magazine, On the Track, has just been posted and can be found right here.

"Monster Memoirs" - Radio Interviews

Next Wednesday I'll be discussing my Memoirs of a Monster Hunter book on World of Weird radio. Here's the link for details, time etc.

Also, you can find online another interview I recently did - on Johnny Anonymous's and Dave Rabbit's ATSMix show. We got into a lot of areas, including werewolves and Puerto Rican vampires.

Here's their website link:

The mp3 download is located here:

And the stream can be found here:

Amazingly Cool!

Take a look at this - great stuff!


In the past, and particularly in my book Three Men Seeking Monsters, I have suggested that at least some mystery animals may very well be Tulpas. Here's a new look at the Tulpa issue.

Madagascar Mystery Animals

In the new issue of Beyond magazine, Dr. Karl Shuker details the strange and exotic animals of Madagascar.