Friday, February 8, 2008

The Wildman of the Navidad - On-Screen

The new issue of Fortean Times magazine (issue 233) includes an article from me on the subject of a famous Texan monster legend: namely that of the Wild Man of the Navidad.

Debate rages as to whether or not this was some sort of feral person, a Bigfoot-like entity, or something stranger. But whatever it was, it caused a hell of a fuss "down yonder" (as my Texan grandmother-in-law is fond of saying) in the 1800s.

And the reason for my article on this two-centuries-old case? Well, it has just become the subject of a brand new fictional film titled, not surprisingly, The Wild Man of the Navidad.

I recently had the opportunity to view the film and interview the crew, and had a "mighty fine time" (as my Texan grandmother-in-law is also fond of saying!) doing so.

Hopefully this Texan monster will be coming to a cinema near you soon.

Note: Fortean Times has not yet updated its website with the details of the new issue (issue 232 is still shown on its homepage); however, it should be updated over the next few days.

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