Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ankle-Biting Beast Of Bray Road Is No More...

Here's Linda Godfrey's update on the ankle-biting beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin. As you'll see from Linda's post, we can definitely put this case to rest as a fabrication.

Linda says: "This is about what I expected. The man, 'Nathan,' who claimed in a local chat site that he had been bitten by a wolf on Bray Road, is now saying online that the story was typed up by a friend on his computer as he lay passed out from drinking too much. Whether that is true or he submitted the hoax himself, the whole thing was rather stupid and a prime example of a 'red flag' report. I think it is good to always remember there are people out there brainlessly seeking attention, and I offer it as both a cautionary tale and the reason I don't 'bite' on everything presented to me. As anyone who has read my books knows, it's not the first Bray Road hoax and I'm sure it won't be the last."

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Paul Robinson said...

This reminds me somewhat of a story that comes from my own old stomping ground. There's a pub called the Wistaston Manor on the between Crewe and Nantwich. It's know to have it's hauntings.

One of these is that people at one of the bars would experience the sensation of getting pecked on the ankle / lower leg by what was presumed to a ghost duck! It was thought to be that of a witch's familiar.

The problem was finally solved by raising the floor of the entire area.