Monday, February 25, 2008

Jacko Reconsidered

Most people with an interest in the Bigfoot issue will be acquainted with the strange, and now very old, tale of Jacko. While many are content to dismiss the case as a hoax or of no real consequence, the Blogsquatcher brings it to our attention again and says:

"I’m not on the fence about this, I’m pretty sure that this story is legit, just taking the consistency of the story with what we think we know about Sasquatch today, and taking into account the factual content which could be checked at the time, and also the elements of style and the tone of the report, all of which argues against it’s being a hoax. So the question becomes, if the story of the capture of the creature was real, what happened to Jacko?"

For the rest of Blogsquatcher's intriguing post, and (for those not conversant with the story) background on the affair, click here.

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