Monday, February 4, 2008

Ghostly Events at CFZ-HQ

Spooky goings-on are currently afoot at the Center for Fortean Zoology HQ at Myrtle Cottage, Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England.

Corinna Downes - wife of CFZ Director Jon Downes - reveals the eerie story:

"I witnessed my third Myrtle Cottage apparition last week. Graham, Jon and I were sitting in the office when I heard the back door slam, followed by footsteps on the gravel rushing down past the office door. I was actually sitting facing the door and saw a shape run past.

"I said to Graham something along the lines of, 'Goodness, where is Oll off to at such a speed?' I had assumed that he was maybe checking something out with the chickens. Jon didn’t hear or see anything, but Graham heard it too.

"However, it was not Oll as he was in his room. Hmmm. I am not sure that I actually recorded the first and second instances. The first was the year before last, before I had moved down here permanently. I was visiting for the weekend and, one night, saw a glowing orb at the foot of the bed for about half a minute.

"I was really chuffed, as I had heard so much from Jon and the others about strange noises and visions, and was feeling left out at never having witnessed anything myself. I was beginning to think these ‘residents’ didn’t like me lol.

"The second was last year, when Shosh [Corinna's daughter] was staying with us for a fortnight on one of her veterinary stints at the local practice. It was around the time that she used to get back – 5.30 ish. Again, I was in the office sitting at the computer in the corner, when I heard the gate open and saw Shosh walk past the office door towards the kitchen.

"The hair colouring was hers down to a ‘T’ and the shape was so vivid that I got up, and went into the kitchen to make the ‘welcome home’ cup of tea, only to find that there was absolutely no-one in the kitchen. Upon asking, no-one had seen her. Well, they wouldn’t have done, as she didn’t arrive back until about half an hour later!"

Click here for Corinna's full posting.

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