Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Ghost Woman of the Cannock Chase

Readers of this blog will know from previous entries that I have a deep interest in tales of werewolves and lycanthropy; and I have been keeping you informed of the recent wave of sightings of werewolf-style entities seen at the German Cemetery on Britain's Cannock Chase, a large area of forest situated only a couple of miles from where I used to live.

Well, not only has the Chase been home to diabolical werewolves, mysterious big cats and even alleged Bigfoot-like creatures over the last few years, but now it seems that ghostly, spectral figures are also putting in an appearance, as this story below - from this week's edition of the local Chase Post newspaper demonstrates.

This particular incident apparently occurred last November; however, it was the recent publicity afforded the unusual and ever-present activity on the Chase that prompted the witness to come forward.

Whatever is afoot, it seems to me that the Cannock Chase is rapidly becoming one of those classic "window areas" that seem to attract such a high-level of extreme strangeness.

Here's the latest from the Chase Post:

Mysterious figure spotted on Chase
Jun 20 2007

A mysterious apparition confronted a local woman on a lonely stretch of road.
The unearthly figure has been dubbed 'The Lady of the Chase'.

In recent weeks there has been a rash of sightings of mysterious beasts on Cannock Chase.
If these reports are to be believed werewolves, cavemen, panthers and wolves could all be lurking on the Staffordshire beauty spot.

And as paranormal investigators from around the globe prepare to converge on the Chase, another eyewitness, 'Linda', has come forward to tell us her disturbing ghost story.
"I had what I can only describe as a totally surreal experience whilst driving across Cannock Chase last year," she said.

"I had not been able to tell anyone about this apart from my partner.

And he encouraged me to contact you following some of the reports you have made in your paper."

Linda was returning home after visiting a friend in Pye Green, near Cannock, last November when she was confronted by 'the lady'.

"It was about 11.30pm and I decided to cut across the Chase. As I neared Spring Slade Lodge I had to brake hard as a person suddenly stood in the road."

After Linda recovered from the shock of the near collision she turned her attention to the figure in front of her car.

"In my headlights the form was of a tall female, pale grey in colour. She appeared to be naked but with no visible breasts or genitalia.

"Immediately, I was drawn to her eyes - large hypnotic eyes that totally transfixed me. I was in dread and unable to move a muscle. I was aware I was being 'mentally examined' and there was nothing I could do to prevent this."

After a couple of minutes the figure turned and walked away into nearby woodland.

"It was only when she had disappeared that I could move again," Linda said. "I accelerated away in panic."

She told us she has not been able to drive across Cannock Chase since the incident and added: "Sometimes, after a dream, I can see a vivid image of the woman's face with those staring eyes. I'm not a very good artist, but felt compelled to draw the face of this figure. I call her 'The Lady of the Chase'. Has anyone else seen anything like this?" Have YOU seen The Lady of the Chase? Call the Post on 01543 501763 or email

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davyb said...

as a teenager in the sixties there were many strange tales of the chase,one being the tale of the nine foot german,a guy travelling by cycleover the chase on his way back from work in sttafford on approaching the german cemetary saw a tall figure,headless and dressed in what appeared to be a german uniform crossed in front of him and disappeared into the trees. also the dog with the human head of huntington/cock sparrow lane area reported seen by severall people who died suddeny shortly afterwards