Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beastwatch Seeks The British Werewolf

Well, the quest for the truth concerning the werewolves of Britain's Cannock Chase woods shows no sign of stopping, as the following story from this week's edition of the Stafford Post newspaper demonstrates:

Chase Search for weird and wonderful Jun 13 2007

A team of investigators from an organisation called Beastwatch could be setting up camp on Cannock Chase to search for creatures 'real or surreal'.
Following a catalogue of reports in recent months about all kinds of bizarre sitings on the Chase, the Leicestershire-based team has offered to investigate the area.
They hope to establish once and for all if anything unusual - mammal or mystical - is stalking the area.
Recent reports have included a panther, caveman, werewolf, UFOs and even a floating ghost in the cemetery.
But in order to carry out the research they need your help.
Beastwatch, a voluntary organisation, relies on public donations to pay expenses. And as the investigators hope to set up camp for several days and nights they will need travel and subsistence expenses. The rangers have also informed the team they will be charged for staying on the Chase.
Beastwatch co-ordinator Chris Mullins told The Post: "We would be looking for footprints and laying sand traps. We put bait in the middle of the sand to see what comes. We will also look for underground entrances at various parts of the Chase.
"If it looks as if we are onto something we may be there longer."
Chris, aged 55, described himself as 'a person with an open mind who walks with his feet firmly on the ground'. He will be bringing infra red cameras and sound equipment.
Chris's team has already visited Sherwood Forest looking for 'a bigfoot-type, eight foot hairy man-beast with glowing eyes' said to live in the many underground caverns.
They didn't find him. Beastwatch has already visited our patch to investigate claims a crocodile is living in waters in Bridgtown.
That investigation did not find the croc' - but did not dismiss its presence either.
Chris has been involved with looking for everything from wild boar to tarantulas and the more mystical beings for six years.
If you would like to sponsor the vigil, or help in any way, contact Chris on 01509 551621 or 07769 693 459.
But any volunteers will be interviewed first.
"The last thing I want is someone who runs screaming out of the wood," Chris added.
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Unknown said...

I have seen this beast and it was years ago when i was only 4 maybe 5. I was at a caravan site and i went to play in the nearby woods and as the sun was setting i saw it high up in the tree hanging by one arm with its glowing red eyes.It scared the hell outta me I dropped my plastic sword and ran but I never forgot that.It was the encounter that got me into cryptzoology.For years I searched in documents and books and found nothing fitting what I saw.
I didn't tell anyone that day neither had I till i met my Fiance as I didn't think anyone would believe me. She ended up seeing something from a show called the secret saturdays and the beast fit the description. The Fiskerton Phantom aka the british werewolf and upright beast.
I wish I could join you on the hunt although it would be hard for me to get up there. I hope you find it.please contact me on how it goes.