Friday, June 8, 2007

Further Cryptozoology by Ronan Coghlan - A Review

I recently received from Fortean, researcher and author Ronan Coghlan copies of his two latest books: Sherlock Holmes and the Heir of Albion; and Further Cryptozoology. I am half-way through reading the former, and a highly entertaining read it is, too. Expect a review here next week.

But for now, I am going to focus my attention on Further Cryptozoology. I have met Ronan on a couple of occasions at Fortean events in the UK and consider him to be one of the wittiest and most entertaining people in the field of Forteana; and certainly one of the finest lecturers, and someone who can hold an audience spell-bound for hours.

Ronan (who after meeting him at Jon Downes' Weird Weekend event last year, my wife Dana described as "a precious hoot" - which is a good term, for those who don't understand Texan) has done the field of cryptozoology a great service with his new title.

Basically a follow-on from his earlier books A Dictionary of Cryptozoology and Cryptosup, Further Cryptozoology is an A to Z style title that lists countless strange beasts said to inhabit the wilder (and sometimes not so wild) parts of our world.

So, under "A" we get to learn about the Alabama Goatman, the Alaskan Big Cat, and the mysteriously named Alom-Bag-Winno-Sis. And under "Z" you will find details of the hairy Zoobie of California and the dragon-like Zimitra, to name but just two. And, of course, the rest of the book is filled with similar entries of an equally entertaining, intriguing and monstrous nature.

Click on this link to a complete listing of Ronan's books (including both Further Cryptozoology and Sherlock Holmes and the Heir of Albion), or for more details contact Xiphos Books, 1 Hillside Gardens, Bangor, Northern Ireland, BT19 6SJ.

You will not be disappointed.

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