Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big Cats on TV

Tonight, the History Channel's Monster Quest series digs deep into the controversy of mysterious big cats. Definitely one to watch!


ChuckJ said...

I was disappointed that the program did not talk to Dr. Patrick Rusz, of the Michigan Wildlife Habitat Federation who has been tracking big black cats in Michigan. Although he has not photographed the cats, he has seen paw prints and collected scat. The scat contains some cell wall material from the big cats and they turn out to be mountain lions in Michigan. Dr. Rusz believes that big cats start showing up black as a result of severe inbreeding. He has samples from 24 individuals identified by DNA, collected in Michigan. The Michigan DNR claims these must be abandoned pets. Dr. Rusz does not believe this. He has said that the DNR by claiming these are abandoned pets doesn't have to create programs to protect this endangered species. This is an economic decision for them.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks for the comment. Yeah: I can definitely understand how the admittance that these big cats exist could be perceived as problematic by the official world in terms of having to create programs etc.