Friday, November 16, 2007

More On The Florida Ape

The controversy surrounding the Florida ape is continuing at a steady pace, with several new stories, including this one, this one, and finally this one hitting the Net. In a welcome move, instead of the poor creature being blasted into oblivion by marauding nutters with guns, an attempt is going to be made to capture it with the aid of that cop-loving food - a nice, tasty doughnut!


AWT said...

Thanks for the posts and the links. Funny how none of the articles mentioned the very orang-like "Myakka Ape" that was photographed in 2000 in Florida (albeit well to the south of where the recent "monkey-in-a-tree" sighting occurred).

Christopher Masiello said...

Cool article.
I wrote an article on my site about my fascination with Cryptozoology. I just posted an update with a link to your site for my readers.
Good work. Thanks

Nick Redfern said...


Yeah, the Myakka Ape was the first thing I thought of when this story surfaced. I did wonder if this new story may actually lead to vindication of the Myakka photos being shown to be genuine.


Cheers for the link!