Friday, November 16, 2007

The Guyana Five: Still M.I.A.

Well...the mystery of the missing adventurers (a.k.a. the "Guyana Five") continues at a steady and mystifying pace.
A frantic, just-received phone call from CFZ director Jon Downes worriedly informed me that there is still no word from our intrepid explorers.
Jon asked me if I would try and contact their satellite phone myself, given the fact that - here in Dallas - I'm much closer to Guyana than he is in ye olde England.
I was happy to oblige, of course; but had to ominously advise an ever more panicky and sweaty-palmed Jon that the only voice I heard was a recorded one: namely that of a posh English bird uttering the robotic words: "There is a fault, please try later. There is a fault, please try later. There is..." Well, you get the picture.
Should we now seriously consider the possibility that Richard and Co. really are nothing but a series of fragmentary and nostalgic memories to us, and the remains of a tasty morsel to the monstrous beasts of deepest Guyana?
Probably not!
In reality, I'm quite sure that the expedition is continuing at a fine pace, and the gang is merrily roaming around, blissfully unaware of the fact that their fate - and their potential digestion by giant snakes - is being debated in slightly-more-than-half-serious words on this very blog.
Will we ever see the Guyana Five again? Will they make it out of the lair of the beasts in one piece? Will Jon ever get to utter those immortal words again: "Richard, make me a nice cup of Earl Grey Tea, dear boy"?
Or will Jon be forever doomed to cry out late at night when the wind howls and the driving rain beats down on the windows of the ancient cottage in which he and his beloved Corinna live: "Richard, Richard! Wherefore art thou, Richard?"
There's only one way to find out: stay tuned for the next exciting and enthralling (well, okay, mildly intriguing) episode of what I like to call "Welcome to the Jungle."
And for all the latest news, information and background on the Guyana Expedition, click on the official website here.

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