Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guyana: Today's News Is In!

Jon Downes has heard from the team in Guyana.
Here's the first part of what Jon has to say:

We heard from the increasingly beleaguered expedition, or, as Nick Redfern has dubbed them ‘the Guyana five’ just before 10 this evening GMT. Richard gave such a graphic description of the problems with which they have had to deal, that when he culminated his account with the quote that we have taken for the headline of this bulletin, we couldn't bring ourselves to reprimand him for having split an infinitive.
After all – although I can feel my late father rolling in his grave as Corinna types this, there are worse things than massacring the Queen’s English. They reached the swamps late yesterday, and they have spent most of today exploring them.
In Richard’s words they have been ‘going through hell’. “No shade, no trees – it’s a nightmare … the Gobi desert was a breeze compared to this”, said Richard, and he described how the intense heat was causing a series of spontaneous bush fires.
One of the biggest for the expedition is that, whereas on other expeditions they have started work at 7.00 in the morning and carried on to dusk, because of extreme conditions they just cannot do this. Richard described how he spent a large part of the hottest part of the day standing knee deep in a muddy swamp, in the inadequate shade of a crumbling tree, in a vain attempt to keep cool.

And for the rest of Jon's piece, click here to go to the official website of the CAPCOM-sponsored Guyana expedition.

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