Monday, November 26, 2007

Kid Power!

In a very encouraging and welcome move, the kids of the Devonshire village of Woolfardisworthy - which is home to the Head Office of the Center for Fortean Zoology - have been enthusiastically following the CAPCOM-sponsored Guyana expedition, as is evident from these photos and accompanying drawings.

As I know from visiting Jon's place, the three boys shown at the link above, Ross, David and Greg, are avid fans of all things cryptozoological and are destined to one day be monster-hunters in their own right.

And while we live in an age when so many kids seem far more content to sit at home playing computer games, the "Woolfardisworthy Three" have boundless enthusiasm for cryptozoology - and long may that continue, too.

Both myself and Jon got interested in mysterious creatures when we were kids (see my book Man-Monkey for details of my earliest excursions into the world of monster-hunting), and it's good to see that this tradition continues in the 21st Century.

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