Monday, November 5, 2007

The Face of a Gargoyle?

Some might argue that stories of gargoyles have no place within the realms of cryptozoology. I would disagree. The subject is packed with tales of menacing beasts with large wings that, in some cases, sound very much like the classic gargoyle imagery with which we are all familiar. Indeed, I have investigated several gargoyle-like sightings myself - one near the town of Glastonbury, England, and the other in West Texas, the details of which can be found in my books Three Men Seeking Monsters (for the Glastonbury story) and Memoirs of a Monster Hunter (for the Texas account).
And now we have this.
Keep watching the skies - you never know what vile creature may be circling above you, beating its leathery wings by the light of a full moon...

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