Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monster Anomalies

Here's all the latest crypto-news from The Anomalist over the weekend:

Pikas, Sasquatch, and Snowmen Cryptomundo. Decades ago Ivan T. Sanderson noted that pikas seemed to be a food source for Sasquatch/Bigfoot and Yeti/Abominable Snowmen. So when Loren Coleman was younger, he thought about keeping pikas. But now, he wonders, does a change in their populations signal a shift in the numbers of Bigfoot and Yeti? Also, the mystery carcass that washed ashore in Chile is, in all probability, a dead goat: Chilean Carcass: Non-Mystery.

Halleluyah, It's Raining Fish Cryptozoology Online. Back in July of 1983, Jon Downes had a near encounter with a fish fall. They were pipefish. Three of them. All desiccated. The subject changes to oarfish in Video: The Original 'Sea Monster'.

408 Mammal Species Discovered Since 1993 Cryptomundo. The title says it all, based on a new study by Paul Ehrlich and Gerardo Ceballo. With photos. A cause for celebration with a touch of bad news as well. Also, Breaking Ropen & Mokele-Mbembe Expedition News.

Yet Another Mystery Creature From Falmouth Bay Cryptozoology Online. In the middle of Owlman country, something like a small kangaroo is seen in the UK. "It was a little bigger than a dog and had the face of a cat with eyes that were glazed over and luminescent like a lion’s at night. It left when it saw me but appeared to only walk on two hind legs much like a kangaroo would and had behind it a bushy tail like a fox.” Elsewhere, a report by Tania Poole on the cryptozoological wonders of her home in Australia in Plenty To See In Central Victoria and the post Megalo-who? questions whether the creature reported in megalodon sightings are as big as claimed, or whether they are sharks at all.

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cryptidsrus said...

Tania Poole strikes me a cool, level-headed chick. Long may her interest in cryptids continue, Nick. Hopefully her home in Victoria was spared the horror of the brand-new fires.
Good-looking, too. :)