Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Chupa In-Print - Nearly...

Without doubt, this is the weirdest book ever written on the subject of Puerto Rico's most famous blood-sucker, the Chupacabras - or, perhaps, specifically not written would be a far better description!

And the publisher’s blurb reads thus:

This cleverly titled BLANK BOOK is a perfect gift for tickling funny bones of believers and skeptics alike! The 8 ½” x 5 ½” trade paperback features 90 pages of quality white paper completely uncontaminated by printing! (Save for headers and footers.) It’s perfect for doodling, making notes, folding origami, or ranting about the other side. In emergencies, it also doubles as toilet paper. (Softness and efficacy not guaranteed for this use!) As an added bonus, if you buy today, you will receive an extra 7 pages of blank white paper bound in with the rest! Ninety-seven blank pages in all! (Along with three pages of pesky titles and legal information, for a not-so-grand total of 100 pages.) The book comes complete with a glossy, full-color cover suitable for framing. The back cover features sarcastic copy sure to drive home the paperback’s satirical intent. Be sure to look for other BLANK BOOKS in the From the Secret Files… series!

So, if you want a book about the Chupacabras that is completely and utterly blank, this is the one for you!!

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