Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big-Cats UK

Here's the very latest (thanks to The Anomalist) on Britain's big-cats:

February 5: 'Panther' Spotted Near Chorleywood Watford Observer. Workers widening a highway may have upset more than the local residents. A motorist said she was stunned to see a large black feline prowling just yards from the roadside at around 3pm last Thursday afternoon. Elsewhere, when a professional artist spotted a big black cat near his home in Montcoffer, he made a life-sized cardboard replica of the beast: The Beast is back! More on the subject of these mysterious felines in Big cats in Teesside? and Is this paw print proof of a big cat roaming in Derbyshire?

1 comment:

cryptidsrus said...

That sure looks like a BIG cat pawprint in Derbyshire to me, Nick.
The sightings and evidence go on...