Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bray Road Beast

Here's the latest news on the notorious Beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin from fearless werewolf-hunter and good friend, Linda Godfrey:

"Here's a weird Bray Road incident that happened last night, an unseasonably warm Feb. evening about 40 degrees F. and a clear sky, good visibility. Two men were driving along Bray Road near a farm where past sightings have occurred, when they saw a wolf-like animal that was much larger than a coyote standing in the road. They said it just didn't look right, although it was on four legs. It ran off into a field as they approached, and they went home for a camera. When they returned it was nowhere to be seen. But they did see a man walking barefoot down the road. (!?!) Could have been just a coydog hybrid and some teenager celebrating the February thaw, but the oddity of it all intrigues me. I'm in the processing of begging more details. I hope they at least snapped Shoeless Joe."

And for all the latest on the hairy whatsit itself, be sure to check out Linda's blog right here.

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