Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Werewolves!

What is it with werewolves today? Dunno; but there's another new story on the subject (as well as an interesting article from Dr. Karl Shuker) highlighted at The Anomalist today. Here you go:

A Brazilian Werewolf - is Back Forgetomori. Friday the 13th reports from the police blotters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, include a report by 20-year-old Kelly Martins Becker claiming she was attacked by a bipedal doglike creature...and she had scratches to her face and arms to prove it. With photo and illustrations. Elsewhere, Dr. Karl Shuker reviews the history of reports from South America, particularly from Brazil, of a cryptid known as the "minhocao" as he goes Seeking Mega-Caecilians.

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Neil A said...

So many werewolf-type beasts in South America. The Lobizon being the most known. It's amazing how centuries old 'myths' such as werewolves and vampires still remain in our culture as 'real' and not just the bad produce of Hollywood.