Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Interview

Neil Arnold has just interviewed me about my crypto writing and research, and which can be found right here. We cover a lot of ground, including the flesh-and-blood vs. the paranormal controversy; window-areas; how I got interested in cryptozoology; and much more.


cryptidsrus said...

Interesting that you became interested in Cryptozoology partly through Loch Ness, Nick. Ah, when will the Old Guy be finally found???

Interesting also that you mentioned the Big Thicket. I became interested in that area in Texas reading Gerhard's Big Bird book, which references the areas. I guess the area must be one on top of a "ley line" or power center. There's just so much strangeness coming out of there.

My family was stationed in Lawton, Ok when I was a youngster and occasionally there would be reports of stuff coming out of Big Thicket. Great interview overall.
I have an idea...maybe MOBY as YOU in a movie? :) :) :)

Nick Redfern said...

LOL, yeah Moby could do it! The Big Thicket is very odd. Have you read Rob Riggs' book "In the Big Thicket?" That's a good one: full of stories about Bigfoot, ghost-lights, and big-cats in the Thicket.

cryptidsrus said...

No, I have not read the "Big Thicket" book. Another one for my "future-reading-when-I-can" list.