Monday, February 2, 2009

Monster Anomalies

From today's Anomalist:

Dragon Tales and Monkey Business Cryptozoology Online. Alan Friswell, who does stop-motion animation special effects, tells us how a cryptozoological expedition that led to the discovery and classification of a new species was subsequently responsible for the creation of the most famous fantasy film in cinema history--King Kong. Zorro Captured On Trailcam Cryptomundo. Cryptids, or at least rarely seen animals, do occasionally appear on trailcams. Here is proof. Elsewhere, Karl Shuker presents the Riddle of the Buru and the Lungfish Link, in an excerpt from his book, Extraordinary Animals Revisited. And lastly, the new internet cryptozoology series "Cryptid Hunt" has produced it's 4th episode on YouTube called Mothman.

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