Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Interview

You can find a new interview with me over at Alien Seeker News; and although it's chiefly not about cryptozoology, we do get into the subject, including the following on the controversy surrounding Bigfoot in Britain, and its undoubted paranormal qualities:

Paul Dale Roberts: "Do you think that Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional creature and that is the reason why we can't capture one?"

Nick Redfern: "Yep, that is definitely what I think - or, that at the very least, it is not flesh-and-blood, as we understand the term. The whole Bigfoot field has a lot of Fortean weirdness attached to it that a lot of researchers who focus more on the flesh-and-blood theories don't like to deal with, at all - because it opens some very problematic doors. But, as with UFOs, when it comes to Bigfoot I have no time for belief systems that are so rigid they can't be tampered with. To ignore the paranormal stories associated with Bigfoot actually means discarding a hell of a lot of material. And I won't do that just to bolster the simple idea that 'Bigfoot is a giant ape.' I have investigated a lot of British-based Bigfoot reports, and there is just no way a flesh-and-blood Bigfoot could live, hide, breed and die without detection in a country the size of Britain. But people see it - whatever 'it' is. And in Britain, most of the reports from there are of Bigfoot creatures appearing and vanishing in the blink of any eye, not leaving footprints, being seen near old prehistoric sites, etc."


cryptidsrus said...

Like I've said before---"Sasquatch" in England is probably a Tulpa-like creature.

In America and other similar countries to it, it is a flesh-and-blood creature who is AS (if not more) intelligent than us. Native Americans have actually interacted and spoken to it. Probably an element that is inter-dimensional to them too.

Cool interview, Nick. Thanks.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks C!

cryptidsrus said...

Oh, by the way----

"Nick: Just go through life being yourself. Do exactly what you want to do. Don't kiss-ass, don't grovel. Have dreams ands goals, and make them come true on your own terms. Avoid belief-systems: just follow the evidence if you are investigating things; and live life to the full. Try and always have a sense of humor about things, and avoid negativity. I hate negative people - they will always drag you down. Stay positive, and view life as an adventure."

Great advice. Beats Dr. Phil any day. Although the last thing about "staying positive" can't be achieved on a regular basis. I try, though. The world is too crazy right now. That's all that matters.

Maybe you should add "Life Coach" to your already impressive resume. Write a Deepak Chopra-like book. :)
I know I'd read it!!!

Keep safe, my friend!!!

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks, C, comments much appreciated! Frankly, I don't think I've got the time for a Chopra-style book on top of everything else! LOL.