Friday, February 13, 2009

Navidad Wild Man News

Early last year, I wrote an article/review for Fortean Times on a new independent film titled The Wild Man of the Navidad - which was based upon an old Texas-based monster legend; and a very good film it is, too!

Well, there's some good news about the production, courtesy of Duane Graves, who is one the brains behind the production. And with that said, here's Duane to tell you more himself:

Hello all. Duane Graves here. It has been a three your journey, but our lo-fi 70's drive-in style horror flick "The Wild Man of the Navidad" is FINALLY available NATIONWIDE via all major cable outlets.
If you have cable, check your movies on demand/pay per view area and look for it in the IFC In Theaters/IFC Festival Direct section. It will be available for ordering until May 11.

To find out if your provider offers it, visit this link:

If you don't have cable and can't get somewhere that does before May 11, don't fret! The movie will be on Blockbuster shelves/online store later this year after its run on demand. So keep an eye out for it!

To check out the brand spanking new IFC Films trailer for "Wild Man," visit their page:

And, to watch a recent interview with us on the small screen, go here:

Thanks and enjoy the film!

Best, Duane

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