Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anomalies of the Monstrous Kind

There's some very good crypto stuff over at The Anomalist today:

Córdoba’s Giant Snake Cryptomundo. A couple of weeks ago the international media was agog with the news of the discovery of a giant fossil snake. Now comes word that a real giant snake is terrifying farmers in northern Colombia. They say it's 39 feet long and 8 inches thick. Also, Detroit River: First Beaver in 75 Years and Men in Cryptozoology: Brent Swancer.

Mermaid’ Found in Neg. Or. a Hoax Daily Star. People flocked to the marine laboratory of Silliman University in the Philippines hoping to get a glimpse of a mermaid after hearing the news on the radio that one had allegedly been found in San Jose. It was a hoax, of course. Was it a way to increase the the number of visitors paying an entrance fee?

Henry Bauer and the Loch Ness Monsters HIV/AIDS Skepticism. What does Nessie have to do with the HIV/AIDS controversy? Very little, actually, unless you are critic of the HIV skeptics, in which case the link goes by the name of Henry Bauer. In this post, professor Bauer discusses guilt by association and character assassination, and sets the record straight concerning his belief in the Loch Ness monster.

Same Species Found at Both Ends of Earth LiveScience. How can apparently identical species, 235 of them actually, live in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, which are 8,000 miles apart? Since distance and habitat divisions are two of the factors that can separate creatures and lead to new species, a DNA analysis is underway to confirm if the like species are in fact identical. Elsewhere, Obama, Bigfoot, and Bond, James Bond.

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