Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monsters of the Weekend Kind

Well, I figured that as there have been more than a few developments on the crypto-front this weekend, I would update them all in one big blog-post. So, here it is!

1. CFZ-Oregon representative Regan Lee has a new blog-post titled Newport, Oregon: A "New" Port(al)?

As an introduction, Regan says:

"Some UFO events include the appearance of strange entities that don't seem to be extraterrestrial, but they don't appear to be cryptozoological either. Of course, we don't know what extraterrestrial is or what it should look like, not really, so we can't assume something is, or, isn't, from outer space. But if some of these weird beings aren't from outer space, and they don't seem to be 'animals' what are they? One UFO case that has seemingly one of a kind, 'not quite animal / not quite alien' entities is the Oregon Reeves case."

And what, you may ask, is the Oregon Reeves case?

Well, read on!

2. Thanks to Kithra for the latest on the Cornwall Creature.

3. Check out my latest Lair of the Beasts column at - on monsters down-under.

4. Another "big black cat" story surfaces from Britain - thanks again to Kithra for the lead.

5. The latest from The Anomalist this weekend: Are Photos of Borneo's Monster Snake Real? Scientific American. Computer science professor Hany Farid of Dartmouth University is an expert on digital photography forensics, but he has some problems putting down the photos cryptozoologist Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo hints are fakes. Commentary by readers of this article add to the confusion. Recent publication of the photos in offline media have said the photos were snapped last month, but have these photos actually been on the Internet since 2007? In other coverage of the same photos: Two Pictures Show the 100-Foot 'Borneo Monster'; Borneo Monster, a Giant 100-Foot-Long Snake, Haunts the Baleh River; and Are Photographs a Fake of a Giant Snake? Meanwhile, as the debate concerning these photos and some other stories of cryptids continues, Cryptomundo offers a look at the role of the professional naysayers in Short-Sheeting by Skeptics. Meanwhile, those recent tales of Yetis in Siberia may not be as believable as first reported, as Loren Coleman notes in Siberian Yeti Story: "Sorry, It's a Mistake".

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