Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here Be Monsters

Once again, there's plenty oif news of monsters and weird beasts over at The Anomalist:

Russia: University Expedition to Find Siberian Yeti All News Web. A dozen credible witnesses have reported seeing a Yeti or Bigfoot type Snowman in a mountainous area known as the Azzaskoy Caves in south-west Siberia. The sightings are being taken seriously enough for the University of Kemerovo to organise a full scientific expedition to finally confirm or deny their existence. But the story sounds fishy to Loren Coleman, who notes that there is no “University of Kemerovo" and asks Siberian Snowman: Hot Story or Hoax? Elsewhere, a review of The Yowie in Ambiguous Australian Anomalies and MonsterQuest: More of Season III.

As the (White) Crow Flies Niagara This Week. Niagara photographer captures image of rarely seen bird on film: the elusive white crow. Is it a true albino? Elsewhere, Crazy Croc in Oz and why are seal pups turning up in bizarre locations in Scotland? Mystery of seal pups turning up in strange places.

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